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Voice of Assenna: Successful Unity Meeting in Frankfurt & Kolon by Wedi Vacaro

Review overview
  • daniel February 20, 2014

    Amaneul jigna ajoka ketslo. Kelbi ynebh gemel dma guiezo yktsl…….eyu negeru.

  • Dahab February 21, 2014

    ybel, Asena! your contribution speaks for itself. Eritreans trust Asena. they know what Asena represents and we stand by you! long live the oppressed people of Eritrea! Long live Asena!!!!

  • Geje February 21, 2014

    Thank you wedi Vacaro. You are very honest and descent person to talk about the weaknesses and crimes within your old organization – the Hgdefites.

    Other many Eritreans like you need to come out and speak up. There are many others hiding in diaspora who call themselves “opposition” but never talk about the crimes and atrocities committed or that they witnessed in Jebha or Hgdef camps. One of these criminals still hiding is Ali Abdu, the former minister of Hgdef’s minister of information, who sent hundreds of Eritreans to the gulags of Era Ero, Adi Abeito, Mai Husa, Serejaqa, Mai Edaga, Aderser, Primakantri Barentu and Mai Surwa …

    Ali Abdu is responsible for the death and disappearance of many state and non-state journalists.

    Ali Abdu, you can run but you can not hide.

    • EYENSN February 22, 2014

      You are brother, Ali abdu can run but can’t hide. One of the people who claim to be opposition web site owner know where Ali abdu is and what kind crimes he committed but he can’t talk about it because he is his brother but he tries to tell us about others so those are the kind people we should never trust or think they are opposition. This kind people even if the oppose the hgdef but still we have to know that they can have hidden agenda. We need to be carefull about those who called them self opposition but got hidden agenda because they are dangerous people. Those are unknown enemies. It’s easy to fight your enemy if you know who they are .

  • rahwa February 22, 2014

    Wedo Vacaro is a HERO. he is one of those whose heart burns with love for our people and our country. he is also humble and honest. Unlike medrek, his efforts are uniting Eritreans wherever they may be. and he reminds us we Eritreans are wise people.

  • Robi February 22, 2014

    Hey guys, we need justice especially for the criminals who are hiding out side of Eritrea like Ali Abdu,Mesfin Hagos and others who involved to our people silent genocide for the past 23 years after our independence. We need all of them to bring for justice, we missed 100 th thousands our family’s and friends because of them so world must stand with eritrean people to hand them to international court like Ruwanda,Congo….etc also I want to appreciate for the people who are asking forgiveness like Wedi vacation,Pilot,Brhane afro,and other people who want to change for this dicatotar regime. We will give you especial place after we kill Issayas with in few months, Democracy will win in Eritrea no matter we pay, I believe 100%change will come soon under Wedi vacaro latest strategy. All ygdef will go to garbage, we need fundamental change not reform.ygdef kab meseretu kbunkor alewo atum sebat ezi chefchafi sriat.Thanks.

  • ahmed omer February 24, 2014

    Hi jeje I am not Ali Abd’s supporter ,but Ali Abdu is Asiyas’post man or you can say he a MANJOS still he is in a criminal circle with others .
    Important NOTE about him is he did not involve him as opposition to his x-master .other thing some commentators are blaming Awate’s writer Salih or Ali’s brother this is reasonable asking Ali’s brother looks like SHABIA’S FIFTY THOUSANDS NAKKFA ,The main basic in SHABIA is every single is brain washed and committed in crimes against annacen people in ERITREA .with others