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Voice of Assenna: SPECIAL PROGRAM – 1st Anniversary, 21 January – Commemoration, Forto Operation & Wedi Ali

Review overview
  • halengi January 25, 2014

    jeganuaitkonun ikumkemigerkum jeganu kitfetru selam zeitebwo nwedi ali

  • sarah January 26, 2014

    waw, what are you talking about? Wedi Ali cheated his soldiers saying that they have a mission to protect the ministry of information and once he arrived in forto, the soldiers understand what he is cooking and refused to obey him.
    Wedi Ali had an Islamic agenda and it’s not tolerable. How can assenna support Islamic Jihad calling Wedi Ali a hero. Eritrea is a secular state with pfdj in power. Pfdj have the right to rid out islamists and their supporters like assenna’s editor Amanuel Eyasu.
    Who is Amanuel Eyasu? he was sent to South Africa through scholar ship tostudy by the money of Eritrean people. Once in south africa he joined the woyane and with the help of woyane and the west he get Asylum in England. Now with the help of woyane he is running assenna web site and radio. Pay back the money of the Eritrean people Amanuel Eyasu, you are a trator, no one with sane mind will take serious your web site and radio.

    • ahmed omer January 30, 2014

      ياسلام عليك يا سارة ما معنى الخيانة اتعرفينها لا أحد في مارسها غير شخص واحد وهو سيدك واعبديه حتى آخر لحظة في حياتك .Good on you Sarah do you know a traitor means if you know you do not called Amanuel traitor please Eritrean people knows one
      traitor in Eritrea just one else your master Asyas in his time Eritrean sold as cattle and became easy human spare parts never ever happen to Eritrean people on Eritrea’s history .If you proud on like Asyas up to you even worship him .You idiot talking about wedi Ali as jihadist or Muslim .Please go back in history or ask who knows a bout Ras Allolah’s supporters 2-Andinet supporters 3-komandous supporters 4-who kill Eritrean beside Wayane 5-who is his comrades killer during last forty years 7-Who slavery manager (sawa )8-who is Al Shabab supporter from Eritrean money .

  • selamawit January 26, 2014

    Dear Amanuel our beloved brother,

    once i was wondering why “Truly, Truly” was calling assenna “my church” and i was a little bit critizing him 🙂 now i really changed my mind. now i understand! we really love You for your deep, deeply good heart and for your unresting engagemnet for our voiceless brothers and sisters, suffering all over the world.
    we appreciate so much that you are given to us by god.

    we hope you will never, never misunderstand the posts of this bloodthirsty, ill egoists as posts from the eritrean people.
    an egoist is always an egoist – to us but also to his egoist-companions.
    every single one of them is alone and will die alone. nobody will cry for him/her because nobody will find one good point to remember.

    with deepest respect

  • tes February 1, 2014

    Who the F are you “sarah” what ever your name is .you are disgusted