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Voice of Assenna: Relatives of Eritrean Victims Beheaded by ISIS in Libya Warn Refugees not to take Risk; Saturday, Jan 02, 2016

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  • Negash January 3, 2016

    This is heart wrenching. I am deeply sorry for all the families. May the Lord have mercy on their souls! “Nhna eyu zibkeyena” thats is very powerful. I say this because I let an eritrean woman listen to this interview. She heard two sentences and said “tigraway yitiem.” I almost slapped her because it was so cold blooded. Not because of sounding tigraway but just the cruelty and total insensitivity. This is where we are as a people. Very sad!

    • AHMED SALEH !!! January 3, 2016

      I believe you . Sometimes you hear comments that make you question
      if it is appropriate to call them Eritrean brother or sister .
      I remember when I heard a word “xeghibom” in reference those victims
      in Sinai desert which made my stomach sick .

  • Musa Ali January 3, 2016

    We all are trying to run away from our problem. Reality is proving that no one can run away from his/her problem. Unless we try and succeed to solve it, it will hunt us down even if we run as far as norway. The solution is simple. Assassinate iseyas, abraha kasa and may be one more alamin. It is as simple as that. Or continue to cry for life.

    • Negash January 3, 2016

      Hi musa, I totally agree. Everything points to one man and maybe a half a dozen or so enablers. The moment IA perishes, it will mark the beginning of the end of our miseries. If you listen to all the interviews by former PFDJ officials, it is not hard to conclude that he is responsible for nearly everything.

  • Kube January 3, 2016

    Feeling helpless for my people! I am ashamed of my generation including myself!
    Aman, you could have asked them who the guy in Sudan is that he is smuggling them. At least, his identify will be written in history & also others may not fall victims of him.

  • k.tewolde January 4, 2016

    Pointing finger at the wrong target again and again ,how much pain, and how long does it take before the victim identifies his assailant?split second maybe.This rule of nature doesn’t apply to us I guess.Intentionally or unintentionally, we have been looking for the assailant for years, and haven’t dealt with him yet.As long as we keep playing this political hide and seek the carnage continues.My heart bleeds for those innocent lives that has been exposed to this dire situations all over the world by the brutal,savage regime in Asmera.Doesn’t even bother claiming them as it’s own citizens.

  • Kulu January 4, 2016

    Nobody has any respect to Eritrea and Eritreans as people in the last 25 years. Is the Eritrean al Sewra responsible to this endless death, suffering and poverty?
    Some people like to blame only one man but this is hypocrisy because one man alone can not burn Eritrean languages, pretend he is from Saudi Arabia, kill people, torture, burn Habesha identity, disrespect his own identity …