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Voice of Assenna: Panel Discussion Re the Broken Promises of the Independence Struggle – Part 4

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  • Paradiso May 1, 2014

    9 illegal migrants die, hundreds rescued

    Wednesday 30th, April 2014 / Written by Oman Observer

    KHARTOUM — Nine illegal immigrants have died among some 300 abandoned by smugglers in the scorching Sudanese-Libyan desert, with the others in poor condition, Khartoum’s army said yesterday.
    “They were on their way to Libya as illegal immigrants,” spokesman Sawarmi Khaled Saad said.
    “The smugglers left them in the desert… on the border between Sudan and Libya,” he said, adding that all of the dead were Sudanese.
    The others are from various nationalities and include Ethiopians, Eritreans, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, Saad said.

    • Paradiso May 1, 2014

      690 migrants arrive in Italy, 400 on their way

      AFP | Rome May 2, 2014

      Two ships carrying 690 migrants landed in Italy today and around 400 more were expected on a navy ship within hours, Italian media reported.

      A coastguard patrol boat arrived in Messina in Sicily carrying 266 migrants, including 45 minors and six people who had to be hospitalised and several pregnant women, the reports said.

      A navy ship landed in Trapani with 424 migrants, including 83 minors, mostly from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Syria and Tunisia.

      Around 400 more migrants were expected to arrive on a navy ship in Palermo also in Sicily in the early hours tomorrow.

      Italy’s interior ministry has warned of an immigration emergency in Italy and has asked the European Union to help.

      Hundreds of migrants are arriving in Italy on an almost daily basis.

      Immigration centres are full and temporary camps are proving inadequate.

      More than 22,000 migrants have arrived in Italy since the start of the year — 10 times more than the number in the same period in 2013.

  • Paradiso May 1, 2014

    Eritrea: The Role of Eritrean Diplomat in South Sudan Crisis

    Djibouti (HAN) April 30, 2014. Haile Menkerios, is a former Eritrean diplomat and is Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Sudan and South Sudan, he replaced the former Somali envoy
    The Assistant to Sudan’s President and head of the government delegation for negotiations on the two areas, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, met the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Sudan and South Sudan, Haile Menkerios at the Republican palace. He replaced Mohamed Yonis of Somalia as Deputy Joint Special Representative for Operations and Management in the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID). Mohamed Yonis is mandated the Somaliland minister of foreign affairs based in Hargeisa.

    Haile Menkerios, born in 1946 in Eritrea is a diplomat who currently serves as the Head of the United Nations Office to the African Union (UNOAU) and as Special Representative to the African Union, at the level of Under-Secretary-General. He was appointed to this position by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on 17 May 2013.

    Menkerios said in a press statement that the meeting discussed the progress concerning procedures of national dialogue and actions taken by the National Congress (NCP) in this regard.
    Haile Menkerios stressed the importance of confidence building between the parties via dialogue supportive standards, lauding the decision of the President of the Republic, which gave political parties the freedom to exercise their political activities.

    The UN official urged the SPLM, Northern Sector and armed groups to consider the dialogue and their serious participation in this connection. Because of South Sudan Crisism SPLM-N team leader Yasser Saeed Arman disclosed that hey held a meeting on Sunday with Haile Menkerios, the UN Secretary-General’s envoy to Sudan and South Sudan, on the situation of Sudanese refugees in South Sudan.


  • ahmed saleh May 1, 2014

    Enjoyable discussion of ex-tegadelti from both side of ELf and EPLF .
    Be reminded we are all fell victims at the end of the day of Issayas secretive agenda . Regardless our past failures ,
    we need to fix the obstacles for the sake of our country . The second phase
    of the struggle for liberty , equality and
    justice is more complicated than the war against foreign enemy.

  • ahmed saleh May 2, 2014

    Brother Amanuel
    You as real pure Eritrean with solid
    principle .God bless you .

  • rahwa May 2, 2014

    it is truly sad that many Eritreans take Amanuel Eyasu’s contribution for-granted. This poet, journalist, writer, orator, political activist….with a unique capacity to grasp, analyze and impart knowledge/information is a God-send to my beloved Eritrea. the son of the people as many call him has already done and is doing much more to raise awareness without which fundamental change is totally impossible in Eritrea. but it breaks my heart to see that he is not appreciated nearly enough. in a way this shows that we tend to neglect the garden in our backyard. you know, it may still be there tomorrow even if we failed to cultivate it, but it wouldn’t be as lush and as green as when we had invested some time and energy to water it. i know my brother Ahmed Saleh does that. and i thank him from the bottom of my heart. but i am speaking in general terms. the point i am making is we need to encourage those who are doing so much for our cause. thank you Amanuel. and keep up the great work brother.

    • Zebib May 2, 2014


      How right you are!! Amanuel Eyasu has become the symbol of relentless hard work in pushing for a fundamental change in our beloeved country. I particularly enjoyed this panel discussion by ex-tegadelti from both sides. The ramifications of this most sensible and mature discussion cannot be under-estimated. It reflects and echos the true sentiments and feeling of Eritreans inside and outside of the country and does send shockwaves to those who are holding the freedom and progress of the Eritrean people hostage through their criminal acts. Amanuel Eyasu and his untiring endeavours is telling them that their grip and cruelty is unsustainable and is about to crumble like house of cards soonest. Amanuel from day one you are my HERO. I dare say you are at the right place at the right time to make the necessary impact to weaken a formidable enemy!! God bless you.

      • ahmed saleh May 3, 2014

        Rahwa and Zebib

        • ahmed saleh May 3, 2014

          Sorry not to mention your alike Genet original , respected sisters .

          • ahmed saleh May 3, 2014

            Because of your courage to speak up in this forum for long time , we noticed many sisters join to voice in our forum .

  • rahwa May 2, 2014

    you have always been full of wisdom and knowledge, very articulate, too. i am glad you feel the same way about our brother Amanuel Eyasu. thank you

  • rahwa May 2, 2014

    i am also glad Assenna took this initiative. it is very interesting to listen to those former fighters talk about their long gone but yet not forgotten past, about their dreams and hopes for this beautiful people and nation of ours. as a whole, i enjoyed the discussions. Amanuel’s moderating ability is once again proven. his knowledge about our collective past and his relentless effort to bring Eritreans around one table and to encourage them to open up is amazing. i like the fact that he uses language as a means to discover past wounds, to try to work towards healing those wounds and finding our way forward -towards bringing about the much needed fundamental change in our country. i wish he has something like that in store for us this year. we could also come up with ideas to help Assenna do its “hakin hasotn gex nigex” program.

  • Hazhaz May 2, 2014

    Horn Africa’s bravest and boldest thinker, ato Yosief Gheberhiwet, did it again on his latest article:

    Disowning Eritrea: Owning the Regal Disease

    (II – Kebessa Eritrea’s Suicide Mission)

    Here is excerpt:

    If there is any doubt that Kebessa Eritrea is on its way to a demographic collapse and, consequently, that Eritrea is at a looming risk of disintegration, the above numbers make it crystal clear. Yet, the delusional Eritrean elite that time and again have failed to read the writing on the wall keep obliviously discussing “nationalist” side issues that have little to do with their people’s existential predicament: democracy and constitutionality, the type of government they want to install post-Isaias (federalism or centralized), the alien national language they want to impose on the masses, the wishful revolution that never came to be (the Forto event), the disrespect shown to the shifta Awate, ghedli and all its paraphernalia, a wistful “unity” (hadnetna) that never existed, the proliferation of “political parties” in the middle of nowhere, etc – most of these subjects being the trademark of all the bayto meetings in Addis Ababa. They detachedly talk about establishing “civic society” in post-Isaias Eritrea, in a place where the entire middle class is being wiped out. They nonchalantly talk about the kind of democracy they want to see in the aftermath, while the entire educated section that could sustain such a culture is being irretrievably decimated. They passionately talk about quam, confusing life and death existential issues haunting the nation for democratic deprivations. It seems as if they are afflicted with a “spatial dissonance”, always confusing diaspora Eritrea with mainland Eritrea in their task assignments; they act as if all the variables to bring change in Eritrea are still there. Characteristic of the Eritrean malady, confusing the land for the nation, they fail to see that with the mass exodus of the youth, it is “Eritrea” that is “moving out”, leaving the land empty.
    But if we are to identify the most important side issue that never fails to galvanize the Eritrean elite, in general, and the Kebessa elite, in particular, it is identity. Any perceived threat to the “Eritrean identity” they want to preserve not only attracts an undivided attention, but is also met with vigorous resistance. In the last bayto meeting, with the questioning of Awate legacy, the Muslim elite felt such a threat to their version of “Eritrean identity” that they had to shelve off or suppress any talk about existential issues that the nation was facing. While they kept debating the Awate controversy for four days in a row, virtually nothing was said regarding the refugee crisis, the mass exodus, the Sinai atrocity, the totalitarian horror inside the country or regime change. Similarly, when the inconsequential Demhit incident took place in Asmara, it happened to cause a huge uproar among the Kebessa elite, even though the roundups for national service have been a staple in the Eritrean landscape for years. What riled them up were not the roundups themselves but who did those roundups. It is very telling of the urban elite that, even though it is the national service that is at the root of their people’s existential predicament, they felt more threatened when they perceived a foreign element in it; that is, death and destruction under the hands of their own kind always gets minimal attention. That is why even when few of them dare to address the mass exodus problem extensively, it is always by carefully factoring out the Kebessa component, lest it threatens the elusive “Eritrean identity” they want to preserve. If so, the elite’s motto seems to be: identity over existence!
    It seems to me that if certain people have to go extinct, a necessary precondition is that they shouldn’t be aware that they are on their way to extinction. If so, blinkered with the identity malady, the Kebessa elite happen to fulfill that requirement par excellence. The trick is rather simple: having themselves attired in alien identity, they fail to recognize their real selves as they march to the edge of existential disaster. If so, it boils down to a trivial case of mistaken identity; it is only that the mistaken identity and the one who does the mistaking are one and the same: as one watches his real self go over the cliff, he mistakes it for someone else, simply because the alien self he has acquired doesn’t want to identify with it!

    Full article at:


    • ahmed saleh May 3, 2014

      Do you want Kebessa to sell for MAMA Ethiopia , poor boy ?

      • Barentu May 3, 2014

        Do the Arab Abeeds want to sell the Kebesa to your savage Arab masters?
        Is that the reason you burned Eritrea’s Tigre and Tigrinya to walk and talk like your stinky Arab boss?

        Ask the Saho, Tigrinya, kunama and Afar children where they are running to?
        Their answer: your “MAMA Ethiopia” !

  • Semhar May 10, 2014

    Wonderful Panel Discussion Re the Broken Promises of Eritrean Independence
    To save our country Eritrea we must stand for

    We must unite all our nationalities, all our original provinces and raise our Liberation Flag, the Flag of our martyrs, the flag of our forefathers and wage a straggle against the mad dog tyrant dictator Isayas wedi berad and his blind followers HIGDEF and his burned flag.
    United! We will liberate our land and our people.

    Let freedom ring in Senhit, Keren!

    Let freedom ring in Akeleguzay, Adi keyih!

    Let freedom ring in Denkel, Asseb!

    Let freedom ring in Barka, akurdet!

    Let freedom ring in Sahil Nakfa!

    Let freedom ring in Seraye, Adi Ugri!

    Let freedom ring in Hamassien, Asmera!

    Let freedom ring in Semhar, Massawa!

    Eritrea will be free soon.

    Our original Eritrean Liberation Flag, our martyrs flag, the flag of our forefathers, the flag that represent all our provinces and our nationalities will be allover Eritrea and allover the world and at the United Nations!