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Voice of Assenna: Panel Discussion Re the Bottom-Up Grassroots Movements for Change – Part 2

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  • Kifle Nerayo May 16, 2014

    Assenna: Your attempts are original, and thank you. The gentlemen your have brought together is fantastic and second to none. The topic being discussed is paramount and timely. However, I see something as missing,although you may come to see it. I think pointing my opinion is that the issue is brought forward and that is the unity of the opposition camp. Then the missing matter is we are lacking a dedicated leader. Where is is this leader? He/she is with us. But we are not unified to name and give him/her the status. I think we must decide on this particular case. First and for most we must be unified with one and important thing. That is financial contribution. That act must be studied thoroughly as to assure safety and smooth flow of contribution. The process, apart the vast relevancy of having financial source, it is unity-solidifying effect. Thank you,

    Kifle nerayo

    • WaEro May 16, 2014

      I support Kifle’s idea.
      More opinions on this issue please!!

  • Gezae May 16, 2014

    Hi my brother Mussie, nice to listen your voice!

    Noble views, totally true statements. Part of the problem inside Eritrea and here in the diaspora is some people who brush aside the unconstitutional governance. If no, regime change is not crime and illegal at all in most places in the world, except repressive ones. It is what democracy thrives on. Elections are held with the potential to change regimes and they are very legal. What may be illegal is forcible regime change through military coups or other act which is not supported nor desired by the majority. Every opposition party in every free country was formed primarily for the purposes of regime change.
    So the question is what is stopping the people of Eritrea from claiming getting better organization and leaders? And why do some people still support the status quo when the existance of PIA/PFDJ government is illegal.

  • Eritreawit May 17, 2014

    Dear ASSENNA readers–
    I’M REPOSTING Genet-Original’s answere to one of the many attack dogs from (Adnet by force,) they are many on assenna forum these days; watch out for them Eritreans. THY ARE SUGGINTING WE SHOULD FOLLOW Y.G’S ADVICE. Y.G IS ONE PERSONE AND HE ONLY REPRESENTS HIMSELF, IF HE HAS MANY FOLLOWERS THEY DON’T REPRESENT THE MAJORITY OF ERITREANS. NO WAY TO ANDENET BY FORCE/TIGRAY TIGRGN.

    “Genet-orginal on May 16, 2014 at 4:58 pm said:
    All the comments are from people who believe, If Eritreans want to survive as people, they must to merge with Tigray people.
    Not even one comment, suggesting for Eritrean to try get rid of this dictator (by the way who is from Tigraye. Not one person, proposed idea to keep Eritrea as one country. When you can’t even try to change the current regime, but you are suggesting an idea that is outside of the mainstream of Eritrean’s culture. The idea, to divide Eritrea in two part is not new. I don’t know why YG and others are suggesting this route is not clear to me. I understand some of the concerns, but I don’t think Tigray-Tigrinya is the answer. It will never be accepted by any Eritrean be it christian or Muslim. For those Eritreans-origins (specifically, those 100%, 75% and 50%) of Tigray, Tigray-Tigrinya is only a dream. It will never happen. It is up to you to pick either Eritrea for worst or better or Tigray/Ethiopia. You are the fortunate one, because you have a chance to choose. You don’t have to be torn between Eritrea and Tigray. Because of your sickness of identity crisis, you are taking us down. You are the people who are not comfortable as Eritrean or Tigrayan/Ethiopian. You can philosophize the Eritrean issue all you want, but you will not going change the Eritrean’s mind to accept Tigray-Tigrinya. It will never happen.”

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    • Charlotte nc May 17, 2014

      Ato Mekonen
      Charlotte is one of the first city which started opposing the dictator and it was well organized. I am trying to say we have opposition party but it was well organized popular movement so does charlotte really need another popular movement? Not really but some people who want credit for creating popular movement and also wants the leadership position created a new one and blamed the first well organized popular movement as a regional opposition party. My question is why did we need a new popular movement when we already had one for a long time? Is it because the leaders of the old one was ex HGDEF? If so why do we need ex ELF as a leader then when we have well educated young Eritreans, does a leader has to be old and ex ELF fighter? Really we have a lot of questions need answers? I think we have enough educated young people who is willing work hard and the ex ELF and ex EPLF need to stay away from the leadership and the youth do the job. You don’t really have to be a leader to fight against the dictator but only the younger people can unite the people not the older one.

  • Dani May 19, 2014

    Weyane paid propaganda smir campaign agenst eritrea and liders of eritrea day drim viva isayas afewerki long live the king