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Voice of Assenna: Panel Discussion on the Outcome of the DC Conference by EFND, Mon, Nov 10, 2014

Review overview
  • ahmed saleh November 10, 2014

    I can see the light at the end of the tunnel .
    Like the song says ;
    Deki mebxeA deleyti fithi Ereye adey halifula .
    Dr. Okbazghi and Dr. Afewrki with their partners
    in this political movement participation can make
    a big difference if they learned from others mistakes
    not to engage with our population through Eritrean
    media outlets to leave us stranded and confused on
    the process .
    We are all together in principle for the betterment
    of our country and hand in hand can do the job .
    Frankly speaking we use to complain about our
    educated intellectuals silence but now it seems
    you heard our murmurings to say; ” ajokhum
    ezom ahawatey msakhum alona ” and we say;
    ” kemzi kemakhum kindi shih yibzuhulna ” .

  • biniam November 11, 2014

    ኣነ ኣብ ታሪኽ ቃልሲ ኤርትራ ሰፊሕ ፕሮግራም ዘሎዎ ንኽሉ ዝትርንፍ ቡሱል ዝኾነ ውድብ ይኹን ስራሕ ርእየ ሰሚዐን ኣይፈልጥን።ትሕዝቶ ኣጀንድኦም ፕሮግራማቶምን ይኹን መምሪሒ ጽሕፋቶምን ምስትርኢ ግዝፉ ክንዲ ግመል ክኸውን አቲ ክበጽሕዎ ዝደልዩ ውሽጣዊ ድሌቶም ግን ክንዲ ሓርኢ ግመል እዪ። ካብ ክልተ መስመር ዘይበዝ።

  • SELAM November 11, 2014


  • Mike November 11, 2014

    1: Good start and I command you for your effort and initiation. Your follow ups and updates are well done.

    2: Financial challenges. This will be part of the challenges you will face. It will be to the end. Many of us are readily paying 2% not knowing where it goes, but e might be hesitant to help your cause. I suggest, that you ask for it in your meetings – volunteer donation and state how/where the money will be used. Remember the saying “ Ask now or hold your peace forever” and “A squeaky wheel gets the grease”. Ask and feel no shame. Whatever the outcome – measure it up and have something to speak to when asked. It is clearly one metric that you are conscious about – so have it as an item to speak to.

    3: 18 opposition groups participated? 8 Opposition groups participated? I take this is a mix up – 1 or 18 or 30 (I think there are 30 from what I heard – or close to 30) is not a big deal. You have an open door policy. I just wonder what all these opposition groups do and why are they needed for? Is it geographic location that drives to having too many groups or just – we people do not like to get along? OR is it just a justification, looking forward now, to asking a seat in the New Eritrea? I just cannot understand it and my head hurts trying to understand.

    4: You just need to have a roadmap rather than trying to figure out issues among opposition groups. Have a roadmap and communicate; else, will drag your cause badly if you challenge it head on now. It seems Eritrean culture and people – take too long to come together or hold vindictive heart once they bite in to something. Phew! It is pretty ugly. Have a subcommittee from all opposition parties and elderly people as well to figure out and smooth things out before Eritrea confronts situation like in “Libya”.

    5: What is the next plan for your group or actions? This question did make this group shiver a bit. Dear fellow Eritreans, you wanted to lead but you are not sure of your destiny? How did you start the process? Is it – brain storming session? Or is it – Let us have a roadmap and work towards the end? I have a good handle to it and handle it with conviction and measure your progress. Find leaders amongst you and owners of an action rather than pilling things. I think you have stated what you stand for and your intentions – unless you are recalibrating yourself now – please explain/communicate your future plan is. I think your plan is not, only, to bring all opposition groups together. You have a plan and roadmap and communicate.

    6: Movements and changes come, both, from inside and outside of Eritrea. Mostly, the inside work is key to changing a tyrant system, but what your group has started is a peripheral part to the overall or the bigger group (in this case the inside movement) and do keep at it. Do not state or run away from facing the challenge by saying – “Oh no, we are only this or that”. You are now a part of the parcel and work at it in whatever pace you think is working for you.

    Lastly, good start and well done but do not underestimate the leadership role. What is needed is leadership that is trustworthy and clean and clear from any bias – well, some bias is healthy but not the ugly one.

    Well done Assenna and Emmanuel and Peace to Eritrea. Looking forward to the next actions from this group or result that this group has been gathering.

  • Geje November 11, 2014

    FAILED PEOPLE on November 10, 2014 at 7:05 pm said:

    ኣቱም ሰባት ጉዳይ ሃገርና ክልዓል ከሎስ ክልተ ነገር ይርኣያኒ
    1)ኣቦይን ኣደይን በበይኑ ጸሎቶም
    2)ካብ ዓስ በላስ ዓስ ይቐልል

    እንታይ ክብል ደልየ እየ ይመስለኩም እዞም ብዕድመ ዝደፋእኩምን እዞም ኣብ ንእስነት ዘለዉን ብሓቂ ዝተፈላለየ መርገጽ እዩ ዘሎ ።እቶም ኣብ ዓዲ ዘለዉ መንእሰያት ዘቃልሶም ስኢኖም ኣይኮኑን እንታይ ድኣ ኤርትራ ኩቦ ደርብዮምላ ክወጹ ዝደልዩ እዮም።ኣነ ብዙሓት ኣዝማደይ ኣዛሪበ እየ።ነታ ዓዲ ገዲፎማ ክኸዱ ዝደልዩ ጥራይ እዮም ዝደልዩ።እዞም ወጻኢ ዘለና ሓላፍነት ኣብ ውሽጢ ዘለዉ ጥራይ ጌርና ንወስዶ ንሶም ክዋግኡልና እሞ ጽባሕ ንጉሆ ኣቲና ዓዲ ክንድንሰላ።
    ወይ ትሩፋት ህዝቢ(FAILED PEOPLE) ምዃንና ኣሚንና ኣፍና ንሓዝ, ድማ ኣብ ውሽጢ ዘለዉ ንሓግዞም ዝብል ናይ ተበለጽቲ ዘረባ ንግደፎ።ንሕናኸ ከምቶም ደቂ ሶርያን ሰርብያን ክሮኣሽያን ፍልስጢኤማውያንን እስራኤላውያንን ካብ ወጻኢ ኬድና ዓድና ሓራ ዘይነውጽእ ? ህዝቢ ነኾርዮ ኣለና ኣብዚ ኴንና ኣይንዋራዘ ክኸይድ ዝደለየ ከይዱ የቃልስ እንተዘይኮይኑ ነቲ መንእሰይ ኣብ ዓዲ ዘሎ ጸርፊ እዩ እዚ ዘይገብሩ እዚ ዘይደግሙ ምባል ።ፓምፍሌት ምዝርጋሕ ሎሚ ኣይጀመረን ምንም ዓቢ ነገር ኣይኮነን ።ካብ ወጻኢ ኬድና ዓዲ ሓራ ከነውጽእ ክሳዕ ዘይደለና ንኻልኦት እዚ ይግበሩ ኢልና ኣይንበይን ሓደራ።

  • Kissanet November 12, 2014

    While leaping from one Eritrean Website to the other, I suddenly happened to bump into a devastating paltak extract displayed on These very few but verbally militant paltalk heroes are clearly declaring themselves to be struggling not for a democracy in Eritrea as a whole but exclusively for a single province and for some awkward reasons of their own, these guys seem to be hellbent on vengeance against the rest of the provinces of Eritrea.
    Before you comment on this, I’d wish you listen a bit of the this shockingly primitive discussion in order that you know what compelled me to write about it.
    Be that as it may, this has left me with the impression that they are either tools of some external sponsors striving to dismantle the nation in all walks of political lives or they are emotionally frustrated bunches who failed to liberate themselves from their narrow and sectorally contaminated mindsets.
    I’m fully aware that every Awraja has its share of sickeningly fanatic members but it’s my 1st time to hear such an idiocy being proudly and shamelessly declared in public. Eritrea is so small a country that it cannot afford to be cut into further pieces. Those who have lost sight of what is vital for the country had better kept themselves out of political activities as this has nothing to do with seeking democracy or justice. This is simply a retrogression in the highest speed. And a sure way towards decadence.

    • Ahmed salih November 12, 2014

      I completely agree with you 100%. This is the main reason why people is not interested in the opposition parties. We need to identify those kind people and let them out of this eritrean politic if we are going to bring change

  • Truly truly i say to you November 12, 2014

    All the time meeting, all the time conference for nothing fruit. I wish like it begins with good enthusiasm all oppositions be able agree unite and fight for one common goal. But i do not believe these doctors could achieve, that honourable Wodi Vacaro and brother Amanuel that could´nt achieved. When i said that it is not to discourage, or to discredit the effort. But when Amanuel asked them, What as it will be their future role, because i sensed the doctors when get difficulty to give concrete definite clear answer, those for power struggling i fear not to dysfunction their good enthusiasm it is. In my side i have no problem patently to await and see its end result. But in this dificult lawless situation, where everybody has difficulty to know and identify the others strugle comrades real identity, motive, where you see their is big opportunity be PFDJ agents or people with Woyane agenda as they like by disgusing them self like Tegadelties after get easily access to interfere and then disunite us and in many other reasons, sorry such meeting unless for certain parties, media, in the name of civic and regional agenda for some irresponsible personals giving opportunity to misuse and abuse power , for personal income, and ambition, for knowingly or unknowingly unless for prolonging the dictatorship, i do not believe they will lead us to sucess and unite.
    Because of that, like Albert Einstein said, „”We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created … “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”. I dare to support the new idea better to side a new solution for motho unity and trust , that at Meskerem net in Pal talk room i heard when debating by so called Rasta and other participants, they were proposing the following card. Every Eritrean to organize according its own region for better unity and trust. meant every Akeleguzay to be organized by Akeleguzay Hamassein by Hamassein , Seraye,, Senhit , Afar, Kunama etc.. all with the same own region people. In this way if we organize only we can develop the trust and the Unity and we can defeat the PFDJ regime they mean. I think this is very cool good new idea, which enable us to solve our long year unsolved problem diferently. Isn´t it? if we be able genuinely and constructively use it and develop the idea, i belive no woyane or PFDJ agents by disguising them self as us, after entering dividing us, they will get access to disunite us as they did before.
    In my view, we the Assenna families what others in their websites and pal talk openly discussing about the theme we should also constructively to debate about. The second point that need moor attention for debate, i believe is the theme PFDj about they planning to publish new Eritrean identity card (Passport) it is. I really ameased because i see no article or debate in this very trustworthy website about this crucial political Issue. We have not to forget the late honourable Wodi Vacaro as gave us advice not to take the PFDJ passport, but shouldn´t we debate about its advantage and disadvantage?

  • Berhe November 13, 2014

    Just note that at the end of the day it’s the people that make a society; neither the opposition forces nor their governing system.

    My point is that societal accomplishments depend on the makeup of society, not on the makeup of opposition forces.

    Let the people know the truth and the whole truth about the crimes committed:
     Between ELF and EPLF
     Within ELF
     Within EPLF

  • Robi November 15, 2014

    Hi kuburat muhuratina abotatina ezi jemirkumo zelekum meadi zete tekawemti wudubat be taemi hagazi eyu n sriat Hgdef n mwudak. Bejakum tekawemti wudubat ena tiblu zelekum b zaeba wulkawi tsegematkumin rebhatatkumin ketekedmu ktiblu be wutsue hzbi Eritrea aytlagetsu aytkameru please? Hzbina ab azyu himak kunetat wediku kelo zbelion zsetyon sienu ab fekedo mengeditat lemanay tekeyrus nsikum kea ab kndi tsegemu ab mftah tedhbun tgayeyun be kalie zeychebetkumo hager waga Edaga ktgebru twuelu nenhdhidkum zehzin eyu.slezis ezi bealege abeyti muhuratina tebegisu zelo meadi zete nab hade trnafe kmetsie akmi sle zelo teredadiu shigir hzbinan kihatsir. Hji hzbinan zedlyo zelo ab hanti wudub teternifkum Antsar ezi yeenawi sriat Wedi Medhin beradin mesariktun n mgtam eyu, ezi kea nab Wedi Medhin Berad knsiero tekoina akaydana hade kikewun alewo be dhri hager mshazina ena nab hzbinan keribina mretsuni nibil ab Bayto Wey kea Parlama niatu, eti seraye,hamasen,akeleguzay,afar,sehara,senhit,gashbarka ms sahil,elika mfililay gziu aykonen hji,hager harneta msrekebet tray eyu b federal mimhidar kem nay bealege ethiopia,Germany,canada,kaliotin bebzoba mimhidar zelewen gn maekelay mengsti kea abti wanatata ketema ( capital city)geren zmehadera kemiu ewun eritrea ktmehader tsegem yeblan .hzbi natu eyu mrchiu,kalie ezi nay kedem krhnti baesi ab Mongo yehwat jebhan, saebya znebere be tewesaki ab wushti Hzbawi ginbar, jabihan ztefetsemu abeyti gebenat be dhri natsinet ewun buzuh asekaki gebenat eyu tefetsimu gn mienti mogogo thlef anchiwa sle zkone mienti eritrea elina be nay erki commission temerihu kem nay south africa erki zgberelu mengeditat kfter alewo. Ezi kulu knseriho kenekeraribo tezeykielina yehwat gn sdet hzbi Eritrea tetew zibil aykonen gena ab mahzel adiu zelo kolia keman kerkibelu eyu neru sdet,etom ab wetsae hagerat zelekum kea be zelekumo ergan arkibkum hamed Adam ktkberu ekum kab meret adebokum rihikum,eti ab wushti hager zelo Hzbina kea b tmetin simien kmewut eyu b abaya hagerina eritrea kea wana zeybila tikewun tarikina kea ydmses, slezis hji eyu ezi mrididaen kalsi antsar wedi Medhin Berad. Thanks.

  • haile November 23, 2014

    Dear all

    Last time I checked at, EFND is nothing but represents Christian-Highlanders. Now, if this is true, I as a Christian-Highlander do not support such an diversified group.