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Voice of Assenna: Panel Discussion on the Eritrean Constitution, Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015 (Part 1)

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  • SHake February 2, 2015

    Very educational Drs.Thank you Assenna for you hard work, for shining light in darkness of hegdf…

    • Lul February 5, 2015


      • robi February 5, 2015

        xbkti haftna dina knbleki xbuk hawna lul nebsi! etom bzey tegbar zeyrebh kzarebu ziwlu kumneger zizareb kismu kelewu yembahku iyom. slezi nska hade kabom keytikewn nebska fetsha ember bzeyzereba da kemey gerka ms teradadaeka ika sgumti ktwesd? dhar kea Dr. Ghirmai, Dr. Gebremeskeln Dr. Angesomn zhabuwo mebrhn mkrn degagimka smaayo fetawi hzbn hagern Ertra entekoynka. kosdo nebsiko? mknyatu zidrbe yeblun. kemzom ayserhu ayesrhu suk ilka seb aytedakm. ajendaka glex. qorbet begie tegedika seb mblae yaklekum beal lul nebstat. ala snkn

  • Mike February 2, 2015

    I completely disagree with why everyone is calling it a Constitution. Furthermore, instead of dwelling with the 27 amendments USA has and the constitution USA has – dive in to the real issue of why Eritrean constitution failed.

    Surly, there are few countries that do now own a constitution. Many of us including, Dr Bereket stated that they do not know any country without a constitution. You could simply google or look up countries like UK, Israel without a real constitution…. and yet they are still marching forward with decent and civil society. Do not make a false claim that a country without a constitution won’t survive. But it is not fair and right to use few countries without constitution to validate the abuse Eritrean government has done to the nation.

    Getting back to Eritrea – Did the constitution really start working in Eritrea? Answer is simply No. So there is none. But it is written/drafted and it is on hold. It is held or hijacked or trashed, call it whatever you think and that is where it is.

    I believe the root of all this Evil is the group of people who drafted it. It is drafted with too many messy hand in it. Perhaps few or some section of Eritrean society did not have a part in it. It was not only poorly done but it was done hastily. It is a crime seen that is done poorly and ne side fighting to validate the evidence regardless of its failure.

    Did Eritrean constitution came about fairly and squarely? No! Did the constitution got drafted finally and it was placed in the shelves to collect dust – perhaps yes. In fact it is a resounding Yes- it is collecting a dust.

    The way these 59 articles are written – there will be over a 100 amendments for it is done poorly. But, I give fool credit for the effort. I say start from scratch. Get people who are free of any influence and free of any free to build something worth a fight. Else, once it gets to be applied – the mess might be a whole lot more than just dealing whether it is alive or dead.

    What is key now is removing the system in Eritrea. Then work the constitution with a fresh start.

    I think I said enough….. Well done Assenna.

    • eritreawi February 4, 2015

      what are you talking about? are you looking for attention in the middle of crisis?

  • Mizan Tesfay. February 3, 2015

    You are standing a few feet away from a house whose door is kept slightly ajar. Through that narrow opening you see a man sitting sideways on a chair talking eloquently – and for that, with impeccable logic – accompanied with emphatic hand gestures, to his mother. It seems he was trying very hard to convince her; and the more you listen to him, the more you are impressed by the valid arguments he presents – just like that, one after another. But however you crane your neck, you can’t see the mother from where your stand : you know that the gentleman is talking to her only because now and then he keeps addressing her as “Mother”.
    After listening to the gentleman’s impressive talk for about half an hour though, you begin to wonder why he is doing all the talking! You have yet to hear a single word uttered from the mother’s side. Your curiosity piqued, you stealthily approach the window to see what is going on inside the room. To your surprise, you find out that there is no one there except the gentleman. At the opposite end of the table that the man is sitting is a big photograph of an old woman on a tripod stand directly looking at him. No wonder, you have not been hearing any response from her. Now, you have got the full picture : an insane man talking to a photograph of his dead mother.
    The case of many of our muhuran doesn’t seem to be that much different from this madman’s. If you look at their well-crafted detailed proposals, you might be impressed the same way you have been with the madman’s talk. But once you know to whom their proposals are addressed, you would start doubting their sanity.

  • Zufana A February 3, 2015

    In Article 25.5, the 1997 Constitution calls, on all citizens (Dr. Bereket and the entire CCE included) “to respect and defend the constitution” and, in fact, it is all the other living members of the CCE, including all its commissioners, that have done nothing to show their respect for and defense of the constitution since it was ignored. So Isaias the devil and his blind supporters are turning the argument on its head.
    The 1997 Constitution had become the ’cause-celebre’ of dissidents and the PFDJ had no answer as to why it is the only African country without a constitution. Now it can say that it is “in the process” of drafting one and the process may follow the slow pace : a year, three years, five years and the answer will be that they are writing the constitution from the ground-up and ensuring “participation”.

  • Semayawit Kibra February 3, 2015

    “No wonder, you have not been hearing any response from her. Now, you have got the full picture : an insane man talking to a photograph of his dead mother.”

    Mezam Tesfay

    My mother is suffering, the same way your mother has suffered for decades from ‘Key Shibir’. Did your mother survive the Derg atrocities ?, Of course it did. She is doing relatively well, because her children took care of her.
    Some Ethios like you, with crippled mind, wish Eritrea all the bad of this world, for no other reason, but just to see it totally failed and removed from world map. My mother will survive Hidgef’s terror and move quickly to join a free world, proud of it’s past and hopeful of bright future.
    Stay away from my mother, you bastards !!

    • AHMED SALEH !!! February 3, 2015

      Can’t you identify this person who always disrupt the forum
      with his filthy comments .

    • MightyEmbasoyra February 4, 2015

      Hey hey hey. You are out of line here in so many ways:
      1. Mizan is a female name and this is not a sane female behaves, unless if you are HGDF follower.
      2. Eritrea is country of both Christian and Muslims. No one is less important than the other.
      3. You are violating few of Assena’s guidelines.
      Please, behave and reasonable. I don’t mind if you are HGDF but this low? Come on.

      • WediHagher February 4, 2015

        Mizan Tesfay or rather Merzam Tesfay is our honorable friend Teclay (aka Paradiso, Kombishtato ..etc), with a brand new nickname, this time posing as a rude lady. The problem is that he preaches “Mama-Ethiopia-is-better” type of cheap propaganda here, and tries to create a wedge among unsuspecting forum members. If he does it with civility it’s ok, but he is too rough. The funny part is that he is doing it not for Weyane but for Hailesellassie !!, my his soul rest in hell.

  • Yodit Yitbarek February 3, 2015

    People should not have or expect special privilege because they are doctors, lawyers, good writers or experts in something. One would and should admire them and use them for positive purposes, but while respecting them as fellow human beings they shouldn’t be looked differently or trusted blindly. Respect and trust have to be earned with hard work, clean reputation and above all of great contribution to the society.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! February 3, 2015

      I second to your idea for respect ,trust and support among
      ourselves based on at least positive reputation .
      At this critical moment Eritrea is in dire need of principled
      and educated nationalists and to welcome them might bring some
      difference . Political process must not considered an easy
      task to be handled . It is complicated and frustrating which
      requires patience and understanding to its challenges .
      In fact to win a battle is easier than to win political reform
      victory .