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  • Biniam February 5, 2016

    ሰላም ድምጺ ኣሰና
    እንታይ እዮ ወሪዱና
    ዘይጎደለና ባዕልና ጎዲልና
    ካን ኮይኑና ኣኺሉና ተመሊኽና
    ንሃገርና ሕብረተ ሰብና
    ንልሳና ጥንታዊ ውርሻ ወለድና
    ብኸብሪ ዘጽንሑልና
    አረ ንሕሰበሉ ከይደንጎና
    እንተ ሓዎወስና ተሰዓርና
    ምሁር ልሳን እንኡ ዘነኣሰ
    ባርነት እዮ ዝለበሰ
    ሕጊ ነጻነት ዘፍጥረት ጠሓሰ
    ድምጺ ኣሰና ድምጽኩም ካብ በልካና
    ዓገብ ነጻ ሊቓውንቲ እንተኾንኩም
    ቛንቛ ትግርኛ ከለኩም
    ውርሻ ክብረት ዘየሕንኸኩም ምሐሸኩም
    * ንዘይ ፈልጥ ምሰ ኣፍለጥካ
    ፍልጠትካ ኣፍለጥካ
    ስለ ዝኾ
    ህዝብኹም ብዝርድኣኩም
    መንእሰያት ተዓመጹ!
    መንእሰያት ተዓመጻ!
    ኮላሊቶም ተዘልዘሉ !
    ኣብ ምድረ በዳን !
    ኣብ ውቕያኖስን ምግቢ ዓሳ ኮኑ!
    ቛንቛ ባህሊ ከይቀሰሙ!
    ” ነጻነት እወ ! ነጻ ሃገረ !”
    ” ነጻ ህዝቢ ! ነጻ ሕብረተሰብ !”
    ብዘይ ቛንቛ ! ብምንታይ ክትመያየጥ ?
    ሕጊ ብምንታይ ክጽሓፍ ? !…..ወዘተ
    ንሕሰበሉ ሕሰቡሉ ወየ

    * ኣብ 1712 ዓመተምሕረት * ዊሊ ሊንች
    (Willie Lynch ) ” How to Make a Human SLAVE / *The Famous Letter of Willie Lynch ተወከሱ !

  • Berhe Tensea February 5, 2016

    Keep up the good work, Thank you very much for the latest interview.

  • ደንሽሊ February 6, 2016

    ኣባሓጎኻ ዝኣኽሉ ኣቦይ ወልደኣብ ኣብ ክንዲ ምባል ወልደኣብ ኢልካ ክትዝንጥሎም ጽቡቕ ኣይኮነን።

    • Berhan Tecle February 6, 2016

      You are right I said “Weldeab” in the section that I was describing the role of Aboy Woldeab after he left Harekat. It was at that time opponents of Aboy Weldeab were trying their best to discredit him. Belittling his name, slandering and even going to the point of questioning his sanity was common themes. This was done by ELF politicians stationed in the Sudan and Egypt. I was just quoting the utterances of the time. Other than that my reference to him always bears the revered title of “Aboy”.

      • Mehretab Mehari February 6, 2016

        All the three interviews were wonderful and really inspiring. You are a treasure. I enjoyed every part of your personal narratives. The personal narrative you are telling is new and original. You do not how much you are broadening our understanding of the tumultuous recent past. I hope you write a book, a sort of a memoir on your personal history and the individuals and groups that you knew in your long journal through life.I wish the interviewer did not interrupt you as often as he did. Although the interviewer wanted to direct you to some topics that he thinks are important moments and individuals, I think he should let you finish your stories. I think you would eventually bring the times and individuals within the context of your story in due time.

        • Berhan Tecle February 6, 2016

          Selam Mehreteab,I am glad you found something that gave you a deeper insight in my own personal narrative that reflects the aspiration of my generation. The love we had for our country and people was cultivated and nurtured by men like Aboy Weldeab. Mind you, Aboy Weldeab started as a teacher and he was the author of the first Tigrinya primer that was used in Eritrean schools. The efforts of the many revered teachers and civil servants to pass the torch to the next generation was so illustriously accomplished. The gedly generation owes to that generation of educators. It is hard to think that Eritrea as a nation and country could have survived without the valiant effort of Aboy Weldeab’s generation.

  • Samuel X February 6, 2016

    When did I lose her?
    She was my ecstasy
    Its time
    But she was sitting next to me
    Its time
    As we walked to home from the rusty school
    With our rusty shoes
    Living in a rusty world with a phantom destination we called home
    When did I lose her?
    She was my euphoria
    My weed, my heroin and my cocaine
    She took me for a hyper jump to a happy land
    She was the little thing in life that keeps a man from the last one kept in the chamber for the eternal bow
    When did I lose her?
    My Eritrean girl
    My dream
    My whisper
    My queen
    Surviving with no crown and she forgot me without jewelries and without pride
    My dear girl, I am still around
    You see me
    I am doing “doing” just to survive
    I have ambition and goals and hopes
    I am a king with no sword
    I am a king with no land
    I am a king with no guard
    I am a king in the making
    Don’t see my dirty cloth and my red eyes
    Don’t see my dirty shoes and torn jeans
    See my wounds
    See my scars still oozing infectious pus
    Just see for you are the honey, the cure
    My dear Eritrean Queen

    Samuel X of generation X
    So called youth of independence
    The desperate voice whispers to create echoes

    • Berhan Tecle February 9, 2016

      Samuel, I see and feel your loss. You have personalized it but it is what your generation has lost. When a nation goes through traumatic experience the loss is across generation. For my generation it is the loss of productive years, where shuttered loves could have been repaired and measurable progress achieved.

  • Salam nihzbi eritrea February 7, 2016

    Very interesting interview!! Thank u assenna, thanks Dr berhan. Excellent analysis. Amanuel let’s hear his story as it is…..finally ask him to relate it with the current situation, but don’t interrupt him

    • nati February 7, 2016

      Interview is about an interviewer and an interviewee, in this case, Mr. Amanuel Iyasu is the interviewer and Dr. Berhan Tecle is the interviewee. Salam nhizbi eritrea, if you want the interviewee’s story as in narration format, you better wait for him to do that on his own time-another time. Ask him to record his own story. I find it funny that you would even think you could lecture the interviewer on how to do his job. Your are disrespectful and a bully. And remember it is not all about you and what you want to hear or how you want it to be done. Let the guy do his job and when you feel he is wrong, make your suggestions in a better way than you did.