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Voice of Assenna Online: Dutch Judge Dismisses Meseret Bahlibi’s Case Against Prof Miriam. The Fmr YPFDJ Leader in the Netherlands, who asked 25000 Euro in damages, has been ordered by the Judge to Pay Prof Miriam’s court expenses. ( ክቚነና ዝኸዳ ተላጽየን ተመልሳ!)

Review overview
  • Tewolde T. February 11, 2016

    The higher a monkey klimbs the more he shows his tail. Well done prof and my true compatriates.

  • semere 2 February 11, 2016

    Now it should be the other way round. Revoke his Dutch citizenship and deport him back to his boss Isayas Afeworki. If honest he should be happy to return home where honey and milk flows!

    • Ghirmay Berhe February 11, 2016

      I like that Semere. Can the people in Holland initiate petition?

      Teach the thugs the language they understand

  • Nsane February 11, 2016

    Way Meseretka titfae kabey eika ke weriskayo kahsa mblae.
    Miskinay medadibkayne nerka kea mesleni ezen 25,000 Ero

    Kishafa n Eseyas kab Adihalo nab Yemen nab Amrica nab Europa kikeshif zkiel megzei.
    N YPFDG memaebeli

    Emo yelennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Oyyyyyyyyyy n amorraaaaaaaaaa
    hakenga kiltsim sieraaaaaaaa

  • abbysinia February 11, 2016

    Ha…ha…ha…. this is a crying shame. For the fictitious claim the compensation should be double.