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Voice of Assenna: Message from Members of Eritrean Defence Forces on Martyrs Day, June 20, 2016

Review overview
  • Tesfazighi June 20, 2016

    Many decent and hardworking Eritreans have been conned and swindled for 30 yrs (and still counting) into buying a moonshine project called “independence”. Now, they have become trapped between hell and high water. On the one hand, you have drop-outs, drunkards, serial killers and escaped convicts masquerading as “liberators” who are squeezing the life out of the population like a tooth-paste tube; while on the other, the dinosaur followers of a Seventh century moon-god cult Islam are waiting in the wings to take our country Eritrea back into the stone age era.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! June 21, 2016

      Not words but action speaks the truth . Regardless your nationality nobody
      can be fooled repeatedly from identifying the real enemy of his people .
      Muslims in Eritrea and Ethiopia are the first victims in 1990’s to suspect
      the dangers their countries face before Christians went through similar
      punishment and atrocities . Arabs or Muslims argument can not help you
      to clean the contaminated hand with innocents blood because those who
      promote for hatred , division and bloodshed in our region are not outsiders .
      In fact nowadays majority of the victims and those perpetuate crimes call
      themselves Christians . Well in that case barbaric ISIS claim also the same .
      Blind justice of hypocrisy serve temporary for corrupted elites interest and
      to undermine past political experience might lead history repeat by idiots .
      If you were exploiting Muslims names at the expense of those victims of your
      evil leaders then I might get personal to defend my integrity . Otherwise since
      for long time you get permission to preach racism and bigotry you are free .

    • wedi Toronto June 22, 2016

      Dear Mr Tesfazighi,
      I couldn’t agree more brother and you just put it all beautifully and correctly.
      Please ignore this so called ahmed salih,he is just so noisy and nonsense always writing KOLO TITIKO nonsense.
      One should not expect much from people who live by making continuous u-turns, chasing their tails. Such people have no principle, and they happily blow with the wind, as long as it takes them where their personal (Islam & ELF) interest lies, his agenda was and still is to Islamize/Arabaze poor Eritrea and then declare his evil backward sharia law in our Eritrea..

      • AHMED SALEH !!! June 22, 2016

        Poor Wedi Toronto
        Old chauvinist mentality from our southern neighbors to use religion , race and
        ethnicity become cancerous culture that forbid tolerance from getting along with
        their own people . How much human blood requires to satisfy your hatred ?
        ELF was Islamist movement in enemy propaganda but we Eritreans looked beyond
        your stupidity to lead ourselves principled with civility . Even Ethiopians who engaged
        in bloody wars against us show respect because they understand the source solely
        was politics . Even in diaspora we don’t have problem to see each other eye to eye .
        But our Tigrigna speaking neighbors are different when opportunity arrives to betray
        for selfish interest . We saw it in Asmera at DERGHI era and now at WEYANE era . The sad part nobody gave and will give a damn at their people miseries since personal gain is at bargain table . Truth hurts and for it’s treatment requires honest approach and admittance rather denial .
        Your dark skinned people are dying in your ancestors land . And the criminals
        belong to your people not to Arabs or Muslims . Tell to demonstrators in Geneva,
        Israel , Addis Abeba and to Ethiopians inside the country that Arabs and Muslims
        are your enemy then you will find out their reaction .
        BLOOD THIRSTY EVIL FULL OF HATE and GRUDGE can’t survive long . Eritreans
        and Ethiopians told you ” NO FOR WAR – YES FOR PEACE ” . GAME IS OVER .
        If it wasn’t these two maniacs refused to close the gap of our differences , people were eager to have peaceful future but they chose costly efforts to prevent from taking place . Shaebia thugs deport Ethiopians and Weyane deport Eritreans . Greedy Bandits get your bravado wish and those innocent civilians life destroyed permanently .
        For morons facts is nonsense ( KOLO TITKO ) talk . Stop running from your people
        shoes , try to feel them than acting like retarded uncle Tom slave inside McDonald’s joint in Toronto . Eritrean live matters to me and I can’t ignore Ethiopian lives too .
        As societies we share good memories regardless nightmares we blame to politics .

  • Berhe Tensea June 21, 2016

    When did the teghadelti wake up? This is hard to believe.

    • wedi Toronto June 21, 2016

      Brother Berhe, do you mean when will they wake up because they did not wake up yet to Eritreans suffering and plight of so many long and painful years.

      Brother Tesfazighi, excellent observation and please continue your positive contributions.

  • k.tewolde June 21, 2016

    This speech would have sounded even better if the regretful tegadelti took control of Eritv and were broadcasting live to the apology deserving Eritrean people who were the cornerstone in the struggle for liberation.Without them we wouldn’t have the country we are squabbling over. So, it is time to hand it back to them.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! June 21, 2016

      Brother K. Tewelde
      Your reminded me the true patriot tegadelti who took the walk not the talk to
      march straight inside Eri -TV at FORTO operation . Once in awhile bravery
      appear for our attention to make history . We wish their sacrifices will not be
      forgotten as usual as of our past . They tried to break the wall of fear but sadly
      our people short them needed helping hand .
      Issayas : says his selected men are hero liberators .
      Dummies : excited to give warm greetings .
      Issayas : they are traitors. , Weyane agents ( referring the real leaders G15 .).
      Dummies : Kahadti , kahadti send them to hell .
      Issayas : FORTO operation is Jihadists movement
      Dummies : down down Jihadists
      Issayas : CIA is behind Eritreans refugee crisis and those who die in Sahara are not
      Eritreans but African refugees .
      Dummies : Oh God , America and Weyane want to destroy Eritrea .
      Issayas : For now I am the only person who protect the sovereignty of Eritrea .
      Dummies : Hail Wedi a Afom , nihna – nisu , AWET NHAFASH. .
      It sounds funny but it is not if we look at how he distorted people’s mind to get the
      title Abune Issayas .prophecy . Don’t be surprised if someone deep inside gave him superior loyalty comparing Jesus Christ . I truly mean it , humans are weird creature worst than animals to kill themselves for cult beliefs conviction . For example , young
      ISIS recruits become cult followers verses their religion doctrines and the same goes
      with gangs loyalty to die needlessly for nothing .
      Also imagine TRUMP blind supporters blurred to see the dangerous side coming
      from his ideas and wicked personality to bully every one including members of
      the party he represents . It require organized institution to fight wrong politics .