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Voice of Assenna: Interview with Martyr Wedi Ali’s Wife, Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review overview
  • ahmed omer May 22, 2014

    Still asena continuing in giving a chance to the idiot hares to writedown their rubbish comments .I am asking AMANIEL why you decide to fight The idiot tyrant regime in Eritrea for sure because of the regime’s cruel managing the country everyone knows Weddi khommarit Asiyas use a lot of tools to achieve his goals (THE HIDDEN AGENDA ) no one could denied Asiyas was doing in dark against all Eritrean ( Christian ,Muslim ) cheating and fooling all of them creating groups against each other he fooled this group by saying your group the best and in right way and saying the same to other group ,but in the same time he is putting enormous in between and made them to treacherous each other including spying against each other by these ways he has put a huge problems between Eritrean community which means an Eritrean future in a big risk so any Eritrean must do against any individuals or groups work in dark like the hater and baleful ASIYAS . Asena stop all the baleful idiots from putting their stink comments and articles if your target and goals are to share in bringing peace in Eritrea and between Eritrean people .

  • ahmed saleh May 22, 2014

    Ms. Eritrea
    Is Issayas you saviour? Yeah
    IS Issayas your master? Yeah
    Is Issayas……Yeah yeah ? Yeah
    Bravo you past the test .
    Now say I am cooool ya meinjilu.

  • Selamawi May 23, 2014

    ዝኸበርክን መምህር በኺታ፥ ቅድሚ ኩሉ እንቋዕ ልዑል ፈጣሪ ካብ ዳግማይ ሓዘን ከዊሉ ካብ ኢድ እቶም ርጉማትን ቀተልቲ ንጹሓንን ዝኾኑ ህግድፍ ኣውጽኣክን። ቀጺለ ክኣ ጽንዓት ይሃብክን፤ ንጅግና ሰብኣይክን መንግስተ ሰማያት የዋርሶም።
    ክብርቲ መምህር፥ ዝሃብክንኦ ቃል ብሓቂ ዘሐብን ኮይኑ ረኺበዮ። ንብዙሓት ደቂ ሃገርና ኤርትራዊ ወኖም ከም ዘለዓዕለሎም ኣይጠራጠርን። ክቡር የኽብረካ መጠን ነፍሱ ከምዝበሃል፥ ብዙሕ ክቡር ነገር ኣስሚዕክናና፥ ቅኑዕ ሃገራዊነት ምሂርክናና።
    ክብረት ይሃብክን፥ ሕይወትክን ከኣ የቕልለክን። ከምቲ ዝበልክንኦ ኩላትና እንተ ሓቢርና፥ መንግስቲ ቀዪርና፥ ብሕጊ ኣብ ሰላም ክንነብር ኢና!

  • Bloko May 24, 2014

    Bekita said Dr Alganesh helped her. I think Dr Alganesh is still in Eritrea.
    We need to be careful and not put folks back home in danger. The shark is merciless.

  • Peace4Peace May 24, 2014

    Who is Ahmed that Bakita mentioned in her interview, is that Ahmed Nasser or someone else ?