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Voice of Assenna: Happy New Year 2014 – Let’s Work Together to Make it Year of Peace, Rule of Law & Justice for the Eritrean People – Today’s Program is Dedicated to Eritreans in Bor (with Recorded Fresh Battle Situation), Eritreans in Djibouti Prison & Eritreans in Israel as well as Our Hero Wedi Ali

Review overview
  • nobel January 1, 2014


  • aus 17 January 1, 2014

    It predicts and projects peace and justice this new year 2014. The first I saw when the fire work from ASmara in TvEri was the absence of Number 1, in 2014, it showed for a while 20.4. I said what a good year to be. The absence of one man with his nine ministers.
    The second observation was his phot, old enough, maybe to count 2004. because his new phot would have looked like a 75 years old, wrinkled, contoured face crease lines, moles of desperate situations. You imagine how his inner organs would look like!!
    We all expect peace and justice this year, with the absence of anti-peace and anti-justice Isayas Afewerki and his brutal system.
    Happy new year, new year for peace and justice lovers, both inside and outside Eritrea.

    • HGDEF January 2, 2014

      What a hopeless predict! How many times have we heard about Isaias illness, death, ill-functioning of his internal organs and so on. The truth is that he still lives, whereas some of the people who were spreading the rumours are gone for good. No. 1 was missing, means for you Isaias will die. What a poor Tenqalay.

  • Desbele January 1, 2014

    Happy New Year deqi Ere.
    PIA will give interview soon. There are many questions to be asked, but if you were given the chance to ask one question, what would you ask?

    • Genet January 2, 2014

      Good question.
      I would ask DIA, Tell me, what you think about the Eritrean people?

      • Desbele January 2, 2014

        That is an interesting question Geneta.
        And me, I woulld tell him he is good at predicting and would ask him to predict on how the next president will come to poewr. i.e. Through peacefull means or by violence.

  • amir azmera January 1, 2014

    No question would be asked as he has no Willingness to give plausible and fair answer.

  • semere January 1, 2014

    Happy New Year to all!! Year of Peace and Reconciliation.
    Like everybody else, I also feel that something is going to happen in 2014 that will usher us to life of prosperity for which we waited for half a century.
    Let us remember that peace is a gift from God!! Let us never stop raising our hands to him. He knows how and when.