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Voice of Assenna: Good things will only happen when we get our priorities right , Thursday, Aug 25, 2016

Review overview
  • Y Berhan August 28, 2016

    I never expected this analysis to come from whom I used to consider a real opposition figure. What a mess ! it has become clear that Eritrean case is far more complicated than many of us thought. And yet you are one of those who aim to establish a ‘global Initiative’ projects that dreams a bottom up model solution to Eritrea and its people.

  • Tseghe August 29, 2016

    wow anbesa
    Good job Aman

  • kibrom August 30, 2016

    You must be contacted by Hgedf to say this garbage. Don’t worry Eritrean people will win at the end with out you.
    All l want to ask you is, how much money did you get paid to convert to Hgdef? i can see what is coming. this is not the first time we saw this. used to be opposition web site before he was paid $120,000. how mush is yours ?