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Voice of Assenna: Famous Eritrean Athletes, Hais & Neamin Speak as to why they sought asylum in the US, Thursday, Oct 22nd, 2015

Review overview
  • yonas October 22, 2015

    I listened to the interview and was shocked to hear him say he is around 25/26 years old. What a shame. And the fear they have about the regime is just unbelievable. They are both very inarticulate and scared. I can not understand that. If you just want to improve your life, do that by any means but don’t have an interview with assenna and talk rubbish. I am a great admirer of assenna and Amanuel Iyassu by the way.

    • Tesfit October 22, 2015

      They don’t seem to have good reason.

  • Akile October 22, 2015

    I can easily see them signing nay taEsa wereqet in a year or so. What does even mean 25 or 26? Why are they shitless scared of the regime while they are far away from it? Amanuel, it wasn’t worth your time at all. They are playing it safe by saying “Nabrana kenemahayish delina” so that when they want to go back to visit their family, they won’t be accused of anything. What a bunch of pathetic opportunists!

  • AHMED SALEH October 22, 2015

    I don’t understand why we can’t feel the traumatized mind of these
    generation . They are not the first or the last who fled from HGDF
    authority . I think to show them a little support is appropriate at
    this time than bluntly rejecting a request to help themselves and
    their family back home . Nobody from comfortable zone has a right
    to speak on their behalf or question their desire .
    Concerned people have great moral value eager to make difference on
    others lives & to follow their path depends on everybody’s choice .
    Regardless all the negatives , to inspire with positive examples is
    what we need at this critical moment .

    • k.tewolde October 22, 2015

      Amazing Ahmed, always sensible , reasonable, and objective.This athletes were suckling on their mother’s breasts when the country was liberated. They were born to HGDEF, went to BET TIMHIRTI SEWRA,then to SAWA , the to AGELGULOT, the only flag they know is HEGDEF’S banner.Half a century of false indoctrination, intimidation, coercion, servitude……we are fortunate to get an answer like this from them. I would have been mute.Let’s hail them for abandoning the filthy regime for whatever reason. Time only reveals the truth. Well come to the U.S.A. we will issue you a S.S number, you will check in, but you will never check out.By the way Emma, I admire you for mastering that kind of response from them, it was cross examining/interview.Good job as always.

      • AHMED SALEH October 23, 2015

        Brother Tewelde
        They are our young brothers who went through the same hardship of
        our past under Ethiopian military rule occupation . We heard many
        horrific stories which made us bleed from anger because they are
        part of us , members of Eritrean society .
        Let’s pray for those refugees outside the country and to see the
        end of those thugs who brought misery in people’s life . It hurts
        when someone betray the promise we paid heavy price for better future to our young generation . kulu halafay iyu abza Alem.

        • k.tewolde October 23, 2015

          They are imploding from with in slowly.God works in his subtle ways.Watch his miracle unravel.Amen!