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  • Kombishtato January 11, 2014

    I am impressed by wedi Liya’s frank and candid interview below:

    — 12.9k

  • abe January 11, 2014

    Eritrean pilot who bombarded Makalle’s Aider school defects to Djibouti
    DEC. 31 | Habtom Kahsay, an Eritrean Air Force pilot has escaped with his bomber in Djibouti and plans seeking political asylum in another country. According to data collected by the Africa Express, the same pilot who in 1998 at the outbreak of war with Ethiopia…

    I am wondering why the above news didn’t make it to all Eritrean webpages? Is it an attempt to cover up the pilots dubious crime? fear Ethiopia might ask to extradite him to face justice?Is his Eritreaness more important than the crime he committed?and you call yourselves Democrats?
    “Partners in crime”

    • ahmed saleh January 11, 2014

      Look yourself at the mirror if you are an Ethiopian , we know each other . We might forgive but not forget .