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Voice of Assenna: EritreanJustice Seekers in the US Protest Against the PFDJ Festival in Bay Area, Mon, Aug 18, 2014

Review overview
  • Said August 18, 2014

    I hope everybody made it home safely, and thank assenna, operation woof it was successful, and thank you opposition bay area for the great hospitality an and those who come from far away Washington Seattle DC, all the people in general the police department in Oakland, it was great great, and I hope dictator lovers want try this again we clean Bay Area, down down dictator, it is working. peace in Eritrean people .united against dictator.

  • Asghedom Woldeghiorghis August 18, 2014

    September com. Find out your places. Eritreans know thier enemy, and you are one of

    • Said August 19, 2014

      Why september why not now Asghedom.wayne.

  • ahmed saleh August 19, 2014

    Stop your cheap shot . Do not interfere on our business because it isn’t your
    concern .
    Either side are Eritreans at opposite direction and we do not consider ourselves enemies . Infant our enemy
    come from your alike with suspicious and wicked motives .

  • Robi August 19, 2014

    Anabis Bay area yeheguskumna kem Bologna, Stockholm, fantastic job cheers, Hgdef temekitu eyu bzeytrtir.ajokum kulu botat alem nab Mekabru zwerdelu gize akilu teteliu yeewuy alo ab Asmera hahahahha Hji do yhaysh? Antum deki mebekoria hahahahha Etan tekeriblkum alo kab America
    Ethiopia and Eritrean Movement for change hahahahha hageg elu shita kunat kab meseretkum ktbnkoru not hawaru hahahahha bye bye dictator New year new life to our people of Eritrea hahahahahah ysmeani alo ysmeani alo Sala ezi Smur hzbey ykealo degim shigrna abkielo hahahahha hagos ysmeani alo tesfa ysmeani alo Hgdef ytsedif alo hahahahaah hji grm, Nekile anes Nekile asmeray mhdarey ele hahahahahah tealey tealey tealey warsay nebsika yehdima Hgdef ytsedif ala keytlekakimeka nebsika awuhsa.hahahahahah