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Assenna BREAKING NEWS:Eritrean Refugees in Tripoli Caught Up by a Civil War in Need of Urgent Help

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  • Asghedom Woldeghiorghis August 16, 2014

    Dear assenna , I think it is very difficult to help them, God help them, and I pray for them .

  • Truly Truly i say to you August 16, 2014

    The other serious theme that requesting our serious attention is the following news ” Albania detains illegal Eritrean immigrants with suspected Ebola symptoms ”
    for further better information you can reed it at Meskerem net. In this regard despite i sometimes surprise in few of Meskerems news, specially seeing when attaking other oppositions, actually some people in Assenna also doing same idiot mistakes, but generally i would say Meskerem is damn good for some of very vital ( serious) breaking news and information. So my serious massage to Assenna families is this:- why are we always focussing at refugees conditions elsewhere only? What about the Ethiopian PM H/Mariam Desalegne´s expression? Why we do not debate about Ebola disease for example? Do you mean these theme has a little impact to affect our society socially, economically, psychologically? Even you be living in western countries in diaspora since your nation people hearing affected by disease I mean. What about if hearing our neighbours affected? If any Eritrean victimizes by disease no question Isyas regime self as be responsible, since it is the cause of for all immigration source. Please you people grow up!

  • Mike August 17, 2014


    you are correct. If they know there is fire in Libya and other places and they keep going to these places where there is fire then nothing can be done. Let them figure it out. Libya, South Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Yemen – Even the Ocean they are told it is risky and instead fighting back in the country they flee and next thing is begging for help. The money they shed to get to their destination is what they need to live in Eritrea. Rather than spending gambling their life they need to stay in Eritrea and fight back for Peace and fight back for freedom.


    • Ahmed Omer August 18, 2014

      Honest is bonest you are right Mike nothing help them except fighting for theirr rights in their own country .
      What did this regime is a big big danage our people’s mentality specially ooday’s generation .Our heroes who have begun fighting for our people’s libiration the left good aportunity and chance like who was employed in Sudanese and Ethiopian army in good position I do not get any excuses for that young ones screeping to the west with risking their livies west for temprary is alrght but it is not for ever so the important is to fix our country and nothing withiut price and we have to stop crying enough is enough .