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Voice of Assenna: Demonstration by Eritrean Justice Seekers in Germany & Listeners’ Comments – Monday, Nov 24, 2014

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  • Mike November 24, 2014

    Dear Assenna and Team

    Your work is coming hard and fast at the abusive system in Eritrea. You are changing the system in Eritrea. It is so dark in Eritrea the system is crumbling. Not only it is failing, it is also at a loss on what to do. Every person with authority in Eritrea is now questioning their own evil work if not they are making their own call. Time is catching up with them; country has collapsed; the so called leader (Issayas) behaving like Gadafi used to do – staying in tent; the young is lost; the world is tightening its grips; their dirt is being peeled one at a time.

    Assenna team and Other sites as such “” who stood for a change regardless of your intent – the fact is you have made the Eritrean Authority kneel down. Gov. in Eritrea is begging and bending in every corner. Not only is the government blaming the U.S.A but pointing at every entity that is out there. The fact is here! When you ignore your people and care only of green and hateful nature then the result is what we see in Eritrea. What I say is the Ethiopian government played the fools in Eritrea at their game. What a disaster. Leaders in Eritrea – instead of using and strengthening their people – chose to care much of their dirty game.

    Assenna Team and Other cyber voices standing for the Eritrean people – People who were and still are forgotten by their own leaders in Eritrea will see the day light soon. These people have some more dirt buried that still needs to be uncovered. They need to rush to ease their grip on their won people now before more dirt comes out. Just like many people who used to be part of this evil system in Eritrea are fleeing the system or dying of their old miserable age – their time is coming to an end.

    Assenna, Asmarino and others – stay at it. Expose their dirt. Eritrea is not at cross roads – Eritrea is sinking and you are the only hope. As to the opposition camps – they are no help and are pathetic.

    Assenna and Team – Echo of Free and Peaceful Eritrea is near.

    • rahel November 27, 2014


  • AHMED SALEH !!! November 25, 2014

    ” Alewana uwe alewana hidri kalsi deki anstyona ” .
    Make sure to be United and focused on neglected Eritrean
    women issues . You have enough serious males support group .

  • ERITRAWIT November 25, 2014

    Zeyrbreb monkob hgdefawyan skay hzben wela zeyrden mas eyen knebrala eza hager ms mota? Lebey yhaben.
    Eritrawyan deleytey fthey ajoken ajokewm.
    Amanule N Yemane zegedsa heto tehateten alewa please ask him.
    Isaias bztefelaleye megedey slezmese.

  • Mesinas November 26, 2014

    ሰላምታኺ ይጥዓም ኤርትራዊት ዋዕሮ! “ኤርትራውያን ሎሚ ሓሲርና! ኤርትራዊ ንመጀምርያ ግዜ ኣብ ዘበን ኢሳያስ ክብሩ ባይታ ዘቢጡ! ኤርትራዊ ካብ ታሪኹ ከም ሎሚ ጌሩ ሓሲሩ ኣይፈልጥን! እዚ ኸኣ ብሰንኪ ሽፍታ ስርዓት ኢሳያስ’ዩ መጺኡ!” ቃል ኤርትራዊት ዋዕሮ ሰላም ካብ ከተማ ኮፒንገን! እዋይ እዚ ማህጸን ኣደ ጉራምራ! ብዓል ሶፍያን ውሑዳት ሰዓብተን ኤርትራውያን ይብሃላ! ብዓል ሰላምን ብጾታንውን ኤርትራውያን ይጽውዓ! ኣንቲ ሃገር! ገለ’ባ ግበሪ! ዜጋታትኪ ኣነጽሪ! መንዩ ዜጋኺ? እቲ ኣብ ጥፍኣትኪ ጓይላ ዝገብርዶ? እቲ ብጥፍኣትኪ ሓዚኑ ዓገብ ዚብል? መልሱ ናባኺ ኤርትራ!

  • oromay November 27, 2014

    ለምለምን ለተን ሰላምን ዋዕሮታት ኣሓተይ መቓልሕ ህዝብኽንን ሀገርክንን ምኻንክን ዘሐብን እዩ። ሆቦብላ ማዕበል ይመጽእ ኣሎ ንህግደፍን ጭፍራኡን ደም ዘንብዑና ተጸሪጎም ክኸዱ እዮም።