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Voice of Assenna: Current Affairs – Death of innocent Eritrean in Israel/Eritrean Victims of Rashaida Smugglers; Mon, Oct 19, 2015

Review overview
  • ጀጋንው ይዘከርው። October 20, 2015

    ኢሳያስ መራሂይ ሃገር፡ ገዝው ዘየስረየ ነገር ምስ ካሎት የቆምት። ኣብ ማከል ተሰነይ ሰብ ክችወ ዝገርም ኢዮ።

  • Yemane October 20, 2015

    Do not blame rashaida. Blame iseyas and his puppies or husurat tegadelti.

    • AHMED SALEH October 20, 2015

      If we can hold responsibility for our failure to put fingers on
      others want help but to fool ourselves . Rashaida – DEMHIT got
      preference to arm with least restrictions inside our backyard
      because people’s cowardice supports their presence . A country
      built-in with military oriented population doesn’t defend the
      right to respect it’s sovereignty . Bunch of useless generals ,
      colonels and other officials can’t perform their national duty
      respectively according the promise sworn to serve the interest
      of the country in general . What a shame to change from real
      heroism to Issayas paper-tigers .