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Voice of Assenna: Amanuel Eyasu on Semer Official Paltalk Room, Discussion Re Current Affairs Incl the Nairobi Meeting- Part 3( Held Dec 23)

Review overview
  • oromay December 28, 2015

    After holding for 9 months in abeyance,the so-called Meskerem net posted some names of Eritrean victims who were killed brutally in Libya.This is unethical and disrespect to the berefted families. This is a hoax to justify for the involvement of military adventure with the Saudi collision.

    • Berhe Tenesea December 28, 2015

      To Oromay,
      Meskerem net is owned and run by PFDJ. Its main aim is to connfuse and disperse PFDJ propoganda to the innocent people.
      This site owner and any one associated with it will be accountable, that is they will be put
      before the people to be judged.
      We also will use the container prisons on them God willing and Inshalah.

  • Josy December 28, 2015

    Amanuel Iyasu did the right thing by taking the invitation of Smerr Paltalk. Not only did he make his stand clearer concerning the new movement but he also answered important questions that added up more to his credibility as a devoted journalist and activist.
    Isayas must be cursing the day this guy escaped him.
    Be it via Smerr, Naz Yemane or any other platform of their choices, I think those Members of Medrek should also find a way of confronting direct questions from the public and clearing doubts once and for all – if they are to succeed. They are only confined to , which has no room for public openions and comments.

  • Saba December 31, 2015

    “ታብቱ” ኢልካ ኣብ ፓልቶክ ዝሓተትካ ኣማንኤል ሓቁ እዩ “መን ይንገር ዝነበረ፣ መን የርድእ ዝቐበረ” እንድዩ፣ ኣድማስ ዝበሃል እንድሕር ንዓንደብርሃን ኣማንኤል ኣብ ዓዲ ጥሊያን ምዝራብ ከሊእዎ ኢሉ ጽሩይ ሕሶት ምዃኑ የረጋግጸልካ። ኣድማስ ኢሉ ኣብ ፓልቶክ ዝኣቱ ኣብ ዕዲ ጥሊያን ነባሪ እንድሕር ኮይኑ ባዕሉ ንዓንደብርሃን ሓደ ካብቲ ኣብ ቦሎኛ ንምዝራብ ዝኸልእዎ ሰባት ምዃኖም የረጋግጸልካ።