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Voice of Assenna: 25 Years on: Eritrea through the Eyes of its own People, Thursday, May 12, 2016

Review overview
  • Massawa May 12, 2016

    By any standard or measuring index, Eritrea has become the worst place on earth in the last twenty-five years, therefore, there is nothing to celebrate.
    Eritrea has become the land of shame, infamy and ignominy, not only to Eritreans but also to the African continent.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! May 12, 2016

      With my due respect can you please change your pen name to where it belongs . In fact names like Adi Ghrat, Tenbien , Shire …..etc
      might fit well for better understanding . Unless you feel ashamed
      of yourself . In case Eritrean issues it doesn’t concern you and
      never did at all from the first day in this forum . And by now we
      become accustomed to your dirty games not to feel offended . Have fun !

  • Wedi-Bademe May 14, 2016

    you TSemam shaebya do not you see you have messed up the life of millions. Do not you know you are sandwiched between Tigray and Redsea? Ethiopian port will remain Djibouti and Tajura. Zalanbessa, Rama and Humera will be Ethiopian ports for Eritrean Services, with hard currency. no free trade Zone, no local currency cross boarder trade. What is at Tajura port 5-hours ago is in Mekelle 5-hours later. you have no Agricultural resource to export to Ethiopia. we shall have better industrial product than your Eritrea will do. If you think of exporting western High tech product to Ethiopia our business men and women will do it through Djibouti and Tajura just wait for two and half years more and your worst night mare will become a reality.Shaebyeans you are Enemy #1 of the Tigrean people. You know very well what you did to Us doring the 1984 Catastrophic drought and war. It was Tgrean babies who perished needlessly at your barka desert for simply you being inhuman and devil. now you are devouring your own poor people. Tigreans will never loose sight of who you are. You are an Arab guided Devil. We know you have been hiding under the SKIRTS of WEYANE for quite to long. now that the skirt is no more there, the world is crumbling on top of you. You might hate any one from where you are but if you cross the red line this time around the fight will not be with the Derg but with Tigreans. You have been given a clear lesson and spared a second chance during 1998-2000 war, if you provoke another one your dead fate is assured, but what is not known will be the fate of Eritrea as state.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! May 16, 2016

    Who you talking to Wedi BADME to say we are sandwiched between Tigray
    and Red sea to repeat same rhetoric of those who oppressed you and maimed your people . Do we have to get emotional and forget our past?
    Eritrean people are not threat for your survival but you know where it
    is coming from so you better watch out and good luck