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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ትብጻሕ ናብ ዝተፈተኻ ተናፋቒ ክቡር ወላዲየይ

Review overview
  • b November 26, 2017

    Thank you very much for this wonderful and interesting message. The regime is not working with rule of law.
    Any citizen who is alleged to have committed something illegal, must be brought to court to prove guilt or innocent.
    The regime is only working in speculation and by saying he did this and she did that and spreading rumors ‘
    The pfdj followers who love rumors are constantly fed rumors and unknowingly and or because of ignorance keep defending their tormentor and abuser.
    We as people must learn to differentiate between facts and fiction.
    An illegal regime will always create problems that put the country in danger.
    Death to the Tembenis.

    • Beyan November 30, 2017

      Dear b,

      The rumor gets churned in the not so well oiled machination out of Asmara, thereafter, its loyal follower in diaspora hmmisms abbilom they try to convince us of their ill conceived and ill intended dissemination process. Thank goodness there are courageous people who feed us from the belly of the beast the truth that we are then able to confront them with our facts. So, armed with veracity, you know, they can’t counter it adequately. The battle of truth versus patent lies are sorted out. Having social media outlets as we do now, it is easy to counter their lies.

      Many thanks for your input, b!

  • K-9 November 27, 2017

    Why must I be such an emotional person when it comes to this kind of true story? Thank you..
    I gained a lot of knowledge thank you again Dr. Beyan

  • K-9 November 27, 2017

    I gained a lot of knowledge thank u Dr.Beyan

  • Beyan November 30, 2017

    Dear K-9,

    As i tried to point out to b above, we must keep fighting the machination of lies that is invented back home. We will keep winning this battle of patent falsities by arming ourselves with facts and nothing but the truth.

    I appreciate your encouraging words, K-9!