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VOICE OF ASSENNA: ሓቂ ከይንዛረብ ዶ ተነፊሕና ክንመውት ኢና

Review overview
  • Bberhe Tensea November 14, 2017

    Most Eritreans in diaspora will die afraid and will never speak up . People will chose to be abused and despised, by the lunatic Tembenay rather than confront him.
    People get what they deserve, so be it

  • Kidane November 14, 2017

    My dear Berhe, only if you are an eritrean, if not please disregard this message.
    You and I agree that a quitter is as good as a dead person. I believe you expressed your frustration but posting such discouraging statement doesn’t help our cause. This is the time to lift each other up by trying our best

  • tebaraber hadera November 14, 2017

    Why did Isais afewerk bragged that his reign of terror will stay put for the next fifty years, and then what?

    That isais afewerk cannot last another fifty years is not debatable but he has children that can,in the North Korean manner of family accession to power. Even Mugabe of Zimbabwe, there are rumors reinforced by his recent firing of the vice president, that he is contemplating to transfer his power to his wife. Yes, senile Mugabe may be motivated to do so in order to keep his crimes from breaking out to the open. But what about isias afewerk, what exactly could be hi?

    Isias afewerk has never had a vice president nor a constitution and the fact that he had already openly and bragged that his reign of terror will stay put for another fifty years must of necessity imply that he won’t willingly transfer power to the people but to one of his children. One of his motive for doing so is of course to conceal his wanton crimes on the people of Eritrea. The question is, is that all? I do not think so.

    Some scientists are projecting Russians, Japanese etc. will disappear in the coming thirty to fifty years. That is if their current declining birth rate continues unabated. What about Eritreans? Are we facing similar Armageddon? Definitely, Yes. In fact, if isias afewerk reign of terror continues for barely a decade, Eritreans will be history and the neighboring countries will scramble for the uninhabited land. Therefore, it is for this end that isias afewerk is determined to keep his reign of terror alive for fifty years.

    And please remember, among his potent weapons are, flattery, evasion, doublespeak.