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VOICE OF ASSENNA:ውልቀ መላኺ ስርዓት ህግደፍ፡ መቃብር ስውኣትና ምሻጥ’ዩ ተሪፍዎ ዘሎ

Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea January 25, 2018

    Tslal, you are right,about the greedy regime. The regime is constantly in collecting hard currency and and any many that it can find in any way possible.
    The regime has been doing too many illegal activities to fill its coffers by enslaving the youth by using free man power, renting ports, selling gold,, fish, and begging cash from the West by in the name of controlling borders to stop the exodus of Eritreans . The prince of Sekota is like the Ghuraghe merchant who urged the Dergue regime to sell Eritrea if it can bring money.
    The regime in Eritrea that is ruled by a mafia boss who is not in business of governing.
    The worst enemy of the people must be eliminated by any means necessary, for our agony to end.
    Thank you very much.