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‘Very significant number’ of Eritreans joining exodus to Europe – UN Assembly told

29 October 2015 – “A very significant number” of Eritreans are fleeing a country “that is not in a situation of conflict or unrest” to seek a life free from fear, the head of a

29 October 2015 – “A very significant number” of Eritreans are fleeing a country “that is not in a situation of conflict or unrest” to seek a life free from fear, the head of a UN-appointed commission of inquiry on human rights in the east African nation told the UN General Assembly today.

“That so many people feel the need to flee their birth place in order to live a decent life free from fear is an extraordinary indictment of the government that has controlled Eritrea since independence more than 20 years ago,” Mike Smith, Chair of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea, told the Third Committee of the General Assembly.

Mr. Smith listed factors forcing the “alarming exodus.”

“No elections since 1993. No independent press since 2001. Ongoing restrictions of all freedoms: movement, expression, religion, association. Arbitrary arrests with no fair trials or no trials at all. Forced labour; torture,” he said.

He also noted that the report of his Inquiry, presented to the UN Human Rights Council in June of this year, “goes a long way to explaining why the number of Eritreans fleeing the country towards Europe has grown steadily since 2001 and has accelerated with a growth of more than 150 per cent between 2013 and 2014.”

“The international community, in the form of the Human Rights Council, has responded to the dramatic nature of these findings by reiterating its deep concern at the ongoing reports of grave violations of human rights,” Mr. Smith said.

He went on to say that the Council, “in an unprecedented move” for a county not at war has decided to extend the mandate of the commission for another year to investigate “systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights in Eritrea with a view ensuring full accountability including where these violations may amount to crimes against humanity.”

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  • Berhe Tenesea November 2, 2015

    The UN is taking notice of the Eritrean peoples suffering. Thanks to the UN officials and to the hundreds of Eritreans who participated to assist the fact finding committee. Shame on the
    disgusting envoy of the Stan Ghirma Asmerom, who tried to defend the drakula.
    Ghirma Asmerom has turnished his name for ever and he is a perfect candidate for to be the tenant of the prison containers in the future.
    Thank you UN general assembly officials.

  • towedeberhan weldedawit November 2, 2015

    It is not only ghirma asmerom. All the opportunists who defended the regime as diplomats for years when they have the chance to defect have to be tried and be given the proper punishment. Slaves and servants of the dictator such as Araia Desta, santim, Semere russom, beyene russom, wedi_gherahtu, Zemede Tecle, etc etc are equally criminals like their master and therefore they deserve proper punishment.

    • Negusse November 3, 2015

      What about Dr Tesfai Aradom and Sofia Tesfamariam and s on.

      • Negusse November 3, 2015

        Dr Tesfai Aradom ( cheap & leklaki ) and also Ambassador Petros Tzegai( cheap) a friend of Ermias Debesai ( papao) .
        Hawka abay alo? Habteka abay ala? Hezbekan Hagerkan abmentay kunetat alwu?
        Antoum huserat tsebah mis shefta halekakum Esayes ab. ferdi ketkarbu ikum fitsum aynegedfekumun ina.
        Malti yekereb alo.

  • merhawit November 4, 2015

    Those creatures are not diplomats, they’ve no hint of diplomacy. They’re merely the tyrant’s minions, his subservient and obedient personal cadres. No personality, no character of their own, good for nothing lost souls. They’ve long surrendered whatever ego and character they might had possessed to their boss, the absolute ruler and dictator perpetuum of Eritrea! Please, don’t waste your time discussing about dead souls.
    Mr. Smith and colleagues at the COIHRE, the Eritrean people are very grateful to you, for you have revealed the truth, for your calling a spade a spade.