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  • Grar July 18, 2018

    Unless the visions of the Eritrean opposition is changed radically to reflect the views and needs of the young Eritrean Warsays in the trenches of Gimbar Badme, Setit, Tserona, Adi Kuwala, Assab -Burrie and the needs of the poor mothers in Eritrea on peaceful coexistence with Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people, the whole opposition will fail again as it did for the last 18 years. The only music Eritreans in Eritrea want to hear is peace! Eritrea and Eritreans can not afford another war.
    Another old, ridged, expired ideas …. from the stagnant and vision-less Eritrean oppositions is destined to the dustbins of history.
    Issaias is the most tyrant and repressive megalomaniac leader in Africa but he is a smart and experienced political survivor. He has shown again sophisticated and flexible a la acrobatic dance of political diplomacy to smash all his opponents with a stroke of a pen, be it Weyane, Eritrean opposition, Sudan, Djibouti and therest.
    The only person who predicted this coming with a prophetic accuracy was the great intellectual activist ato Yosief Ghebrehiwet YG. Wherever you are YG, thank you, I envy your great teachers and your education. It is worth teaching a single YG rather than tens of thousands of alien inspired slaves and Abeeds.
    Issaias has scored two major victories in his life, one is creating the gallant EPLF from the scratch and leading its armed forces against Mengistu’s Dergue to win the 30-year war. His second victory is without a single shot by simply ridding on the coattails of PM Abiy Ahmed and the people of Ethiopia to save his almost dead regime to breath a new life. With Ethiopia, the people Ethiopia and the resources of Ethiopia at his disposal no force will remove Issaias from power, except Aba Jigo!

    Here is how TK wrote on another page of this site:
    “Quite honestly, I really admire Issaias’s cunning abilities and charisma expected from a leader. That is what politics is all about, isn’t it? It is the art of persuasion and ruthlessness, both of which Issaias excelled; and in so doing, creating a power base for your political ends. I wish the impotent opposition could have mastered this art to save the Eritrean people. I do really admire him for employing his Machiavellian tactics in the murky waters of Eritrean politics to stay in power this long; half a century, to be precise. If politics is the art of deception, then Issaias must have been the High Priest of this art. So his march is continuing unhindered.”

  • Keshi Mars July 20, 2018

    Hello Assenna,

    It is hard times let alone to an Eritrean, who thinks that there’s some how a standard or rules of law like the gravity of the earth eventually pulls things down if they are with in its influence, but that’s not the case. Dictatorship is coming back forcefully after the election of Obama led by the white supremacists all over the world and no standard is respected. Besides, in the Eritrean politics especially after 2001 everything seems murky. It seems that we are entering into a multiple layers of politics. Take for instance what Mesfn Hagos is trying to say at this time have been kept quiet for years.

    Well it is good to have an occasion and express your opinion in such gathering but we have to have a commitment to accomplish anything.