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UN inquiry on human rights in Eritrea set to begin hearing testimonies in the United Kingdom

Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea UN inquiry on human rights in Eritrea set to begin hearing testimonies in the United Kingdom GENEVA (16 January 2014) – The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on human

Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea
UN inquiry on human rights in Eritrea set to begin hearing testimonies in the United Kingdom
GENEVA (16 January 2014) – The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on human rights in Eritrea will visit the United Kingdom from 24 to 31 January to hold meetings and collect testimonies and accounts on the human rights situation in Eritrea.

The UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea continues to seek the cooperation of the Government of Eritrea but it has so far received no response to its request to visit the country. “While we are still waiting for  direct access to Eritrea, we are proceeding – as per international standards of commissions of inquiry – to investigate alleged human rights violations by collecting information  from relevant sources outside the country,” the Chairperson of the three-member UN panel, Mike Smith, said. “We hope that the decision of victims and witnesses of alleged human rights violations to testify will contribute to increase international knowledge of the human rights situation in Eritrea.”

Smith reiterated that the Commission is conducting the inquiry with impartiality and with no preconceptions. In carrying out its work, the Commission will be guided by the principles of independence, impartiality, objectivity, transparency, integrity and the principle of “do no harm”, including in relation to guarantees of confidentiality and the protection of victims and witnesses.

The Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea was established by the Human Rights Council during its 26th session (Resolution A/HRC/RES/26/24) in June 2014. The Commission of Inquiry is looking at a broad range of alleged violations of human rights in Eritrea since it became an independent State. The alleged violations that will be investigated include, but are not limited to extrajudicial killings; enforced disappearances; arbitrary arrests and detentions; torture; violations occurring during compulsory national service; and restrictions to freedoms of expression and opinion, assembly, association, religious belief and movement.

The Commission will present a written report of its findings and recommendations to the Human Rights Council in June 2015. It will provide oral updates on its work to the Human Rights Council in March 2015 and to the General Assembly at its September 2015 session.

Eritreans who are interested in speaking with a representative of the Commission during the visit to the UK should contact the Secretariat at coieritrea@ohchr.orgas soon as possible.
The Commission has also issued a call for submissions, open until 31 January 2015. Any State, individual or organisation can submit information in writing to the Commission in English, Tigrinya or Arabic, by post or email.

Submissions may be sent:

By email to:

By post to: Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
United Nations Office at Geneva
CH-1211 Geneva

For more information about the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea please consult their website –


For media requests, please contact the Secretariat of the Commission of Inquiry by email:

Review overview
  • ahmado salihado January 16, 2015

    The UN inquiry or report on human rights in Eritrea is frankly something people across the world have known for two decades. Repression and human rights abuse has been going on in Eritrea unabated for well over 20 years. Lets face it, Eritrea is misruled by a group of mafia led by a brain dead godfather.
    All honest people know this deep in their hearts. No UN report or inquiry is required to highlight what is an open secret and has been so for a long time. Our people are tortured day in day out. We know that. The million dollar question, however, is what is the UN going to do about it? The UN should act immediately before Eritrea sinks into the dark ages. REMOVE THE MAFIA REGIME BY FORCE straight away.

    • Biniam Kidane January 16, 2015

      Mr Ahmado Salihado,
      I think it is illegal to advocate regime change in any country in the world be it by UN or by a neighbouring country. Why should it be legal in Eritrea or even North Korea then? Eritrean people are just waiting and looking for a strong, reliable and matured/experienced opposition party that they can trust to take over before they get rid of Higdefs. So I would say let the UN do their job/inquiry and then they have to ask the people of Eritrea what & who they want, but surely not you and your likes noisy people.

      • ahmado salihado January 17, 2015

        Why are you so worried and against my suggestion of removing the Eritrean mafia regime by force and by UN? Let me guess why you are worried and probably also having sleepless nights! By removing the mafia regime from Eritrea you think we are going to remove your “Villa & small business” as well! NO, no Mr Biniam, as long as your villa and business are acquired cleanly and legally then you’ve got nothing to worry about Higdef being removed and being dumped to the dust bin of history. You see Biniam, if Eritrea is to have a better future, then the regime that has been actively dimming that future has to go sooner than later by any means possible.

  • dawit meconen January 16, 2015

    My genuine Eritreans,

    The issue against the con artist isaias afecherqi is not democratic as some would have us believe but Salvation and Preservation of our Sovereignty, the Unity of our People and Territorial Integrity of our Fatherland, the implication of which is that we must not portray the con artist as “Dictator” for that would inadvertently deny our people accurate and valid information about his true identity and motive, and therefore, on the one hand, afford him precious time to finish his vicious scheme of decimating our country, and on the other, induce our people to be his fait accomplices in their own decimation. This, of course, is reprehensible act of betrayal that we must never involve ourselves in.

    The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Right violations in Eritrea, therefore, must be persuaded to understand by every one of us that the true state of affairs in Eritrea, that it is not a mere violation of human rights but a systematic Genocide that the con artist isaias afecherqi and his cabals have been perpetrating.

    We must recall that the entire horror of crimes Hitler committed on humanity was systematically hidden from the world community till the Allied Forces and the Red Army physically landed in Germany, Poland and other European countries. The Eritrean case under the con artist is virtually the same.

    The UN Human Right Commission can never accomplish their sworn duty unless they forced their way to Eritrea. Even then, unless they have enough manpower and expertise armed with the required lab and other sophisticated technologies to unearth the skeletons the con artist has hidden everywhere in the country,
    they will never accomplish the job. Even then they will never accomplish their job unless the inhabitants are offered security from the con artist and his cabals’s retaliation for providing the needed information.

  • A.. Temesghen January 16, 2015

    dawit meconen.
    Your mind is occupied by FEAR and CONSPIRACY. We completely understand the current problem in Eritrea. Most of us we are not capable of presenting it so nicely like the way you do it BUT AS ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN CHEAP WORDS, what is your solution sir? If you want to go to Mars, you should have a plan for Mars. So dawit meconen, what is your plan and SOLUTION for Eritrea? Please write about SOLUTIONS and not Habes kedes theories.