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UK based Eritreans will expose human rights violations taking place in Eritrea to the Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights

Eritreans in the UK have asserted their readiness to expose violations of human rights taking place in Eritrea, during public meetings organised by a consortium of Eritrean human rights organisations. As part of its activities aimed

Eritreans in the UK have asserted their readiness to expose violations of human rights taking place in Eritrea, during public meetings organised by a consortium of Eritrean human rights organisations.

As part of its activities aimed at promoting a better understanding of the United a Nation’s Commission of Inquiry on the situation of Human Rights in Eritrea and in anticipation of the Commission’s visit to the United Kingdom, a consortium of Eritrean Human Rights organisations held public meetings in Birmingham and London on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th January 2015 respectively. Members of the consortium gave detailed explanation of the operational process of the Commission’s work, its mandate and objectives. They also called on members of the Eritrean community in the UK to come forward and provide the Commission with their evidence, testimony or information about human rights violations in Eritrea.

Participants of the workshop affirmed their commitment to work with the organisations by volunteering to be interviewed by the Commission’s investigation officers and mobilise fellow Eritreans within their networks to do the same.

Members of the Commission and the accompanying investigation team will be in the UK between 24 and 31 January 2015.

The consortium of UK based human rights organisations organising this event comprised: Eritreans for Human and Democratic Rights – UK (EHDR – UK), Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea (CDRiE), Release Eritrea and Suwera Human Rights Centre (SHRC).

Any person wishing to obtain further information or schedule an appointment to give evidence can contact the Commission directly at the following email address: .


Further information about the Commission can be obtained from their website:

Review overview
  • tamrat tamrat January 19, 2015

    Eritreans in gashbarak asserts readiness in the campaign for self seficiency. (Hgdef)

    Eritreans in UK asserts readiness in exposing hr violation. (Opposition)

    Eritreans in germany shows readiness in the campaign for self seficency. (Hgdef)

    In the readiness war ,lol, hgdef is the winner.

    There is no greatest exposition of hr abuse like north korea. But the supporters of the kim self sufficiency are leading and it is not only kim but his third generation is leading the self sufficiency.

    And surprisingly north and south korea korea used to be one country and same ethnic group like our south and north tigringa people. Like the korea people the both tigringa peoples government supporters want to wipe the whole nations and nationalities they represent and ignoring the multitude ethnic groups benefits if they stop their stupid selfish differences. It is not enough but our tigringa have shown a good deal of effort than the eri tigringa in general and millions time better than hgdefs in particular.

    The most hilarious part of hgdef is they wage war on usa policy, cia etc and hgdefs basic support comes from hgdef people who run away from eri.
    What a complicate grouoe hgdef is.

  • haben solomon January 19, 2015

    What happened to Elsa Chyrum’s ‘company’? Why is she not part of this consortium?

    One think that is clear is that these groups don’t see each other eye to eye. Elsa’s desire to be the centre of attention must be something to do with the reason why they don’t work together. It has become a money making machine for Elsa and it is only natural that she doesn’t want others to have a share. It is important for her that she perpetuate the situation,

    • Lemelem January 20, 2015

      Haben Solomon
      Yes, you are right but I would like to let you know that Elsa and the other groups are working together
      don’t believe what you hear because I am one of the members and all is OK! relax sister we are going forward.

    • Zion January 25, 2015

      Hi Haben,

      It would have been easier to categorize your post as an astoundingly ignorant assertion based on infantile assumptions had it not been for the fact that every other sentence that followed the first reeked of deliberate attack on Elsa’s character. I doubt you would level any of these absurd allegations if the internet did not afford you the luxury of swinging mud while remaining anonymous (and most probably with a pseudonym). Shame on you for putting your dislike over facts and irresponsibly misleading those naive enough to not see through your bs. I hope your agenda is worth the gutter you have thrown your soul into.

  • Debasse January 20, 2015

    They are all working together. Good job

  • Tamrat Tamrat January 20, 2015

    Here is a good example from Pakistani youngsters who just came to Norway now. These youngsters were invited by a Pakistan Family who has lived in Norway for long time. The table was covered by a special Food but the new guests were not that eager and they eat very slowly almost out of politeness.

    The host said i know ‘you People just come from Pakistan so you are tired of Pakistani Food.’ The guests said we have never eaten this kind of food in Pakistan. Oh we were afraid it is Norwegian Food and how we survive in norway, thanks God it is not Norwegian Food.

    What happened here is the Pakistan who left Pakistan some 40-50 years ago came to Norway with all pakistani thing at that time. And while Pakistan is changing with the rest of the world the Norwegian Pakistan preserved the ancient old Food which even not recognized by its New generation.

    The moral of the story is the opposition of Eritrea is like the old paki in Norway. Keeping the old ideology and trying to welcome the New escapee from hgdef. The new generation in Eritrea knows what is missing in Eritrea and the diaspora oppositions have 60 years old ideology isolated from the now eritreans need. Upto date your self.

    • Adulis January 20, 2015

      Food has nothing to do with politics. I don’t think you are well aware of the Eritrean politics. It was far more better to shut your gob before opening it. I am very sure that the will come time, sooner or later, for Eritreans where their sun fully shine with or with out PIA/DIA. OPPOSITION is part and parcel of any nation’s politics whether the Government is democratic or not.
      Rest assured, Eritreans are excellent at dealing with their homework. No need to be look like more considerate about the right owners of Eritrea. Amharic proverb goes “kebale betu belay aqalehu yemil buda new”.

      • tamrat tamrat January 20, 2015

        I am very well aware that you dont understand the story.

        But concerning diaspora politics and the new generation of eritrea I am telling you based on my first hand experience. As an ethiopian I lose nothin by approchin both groups and I do it conciously and I made it my business following eri politics and history.