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Time for YPFDJ to become an adult

My fellow Eritreans, as we all know the YPFDJ conference has taken place in London Hilton Hotel. My first question would be how much did it cost, and who paid it? It is mind boggling

My fellow Eritreans, as we all know the YPFDJ conference has taken place in London Hilton Hotel. My first question would be how much did it cost, and who paid it? It is mind boggling to think while the Eritrean people are restricted of drinking water; the government can afford to spend so much money for propaganda. My intention is not to write about the PFDJ, as enough has been said, or to condemn the YPFDJ. Because I view YPFDJ as a victim of the circumstance.  YPFDJ are the offspring of Eritreans who left the country during the struggle for liberation, and after the liberation. As parents who love their country, and wish the best for their children, they try hard to keep them away from doing drugs, and get involve in gang activities, and more importantly they try to connect their children with Eritrea. I think majority of the parents trusted DIA to have the best interest for Eritrea, and its people, but DIA exploited the circumstances. While pushing the young Eritreans out of Eritrea, and depriving them from freely walking in their own country, he gives the YPFDJ a VIP treatment. When they come to Eritrea, thy are given tours, and organizes parties where they can consume alcohol, as much as they want, and engage in sexual activities, to use them for propaganda in the diaspora. When you are that young, that is a good time. Parents are not around to monitor you. You have created a bond with your YPFDJ members, you are not thinking politics. And the parents think their kids are bonding with the home country. So how do we redirect the YPFDJ? First we need to refrain from attacking them. That will work in favor of PFDJ, and it will put then in defense. Instead, we need to be patent, and ask them to see the fact in the ground, as they have been told. We don’t.t have to work very hard because the fact speaks for itself. We need to understand that It is hard for young people to break away from a group, where they feel accepted. Even if deep inside do not approve what PFDJ is doing, they would not have the courage to speak out for fear of seen as a traitor. If we reach out to every one we know, and provide them with the fact, we will convince a good number of them. There is always strength in a number. I am also convinced that their parents may also be in a shock from the betrayal of DIA, and hope they will guide their children to work for a real democracy, and justice for Eritrea people.

Victory to Eritrean People!

Warsaye Adhanom

Review overview
  • Abraham Yohannes April 22, 2019

    Good observation. It’s about time to wake up. The so called ጽንብል happens in London, Zurich, the Americas, Canada, Australia, Norway Italy to mention just a few. Do the participants have!!!! How come they are dispersed all over the world and yet controlled from the place where they came from. The gangsters create an enemy every time to keep us preoccupied. We were told not to hear Amharic music, we complied, we were told Weyanes are our enemy we complied, We were so passive that anything the gangsters say we do……..what happened to rational thinking? Let’s stop the herd mentality and use our brain and this is the most appropriate time. Current enemy is the Weyane despite all the fanfare of intangible peace with Ethiopia. Look what the Sudanese are doing…..they are my heroes.

  • ሃብተ April 22, 2019

    ኣታ ክንደይ ግዜ እሞ ክንነግረኩም ኢና ypfdj ይኹኑ ካልእ ሰብ ክሰምዓኩም ይኹን ክኽተለኩም እስኹም ክትገብርዋ ዘለኩም ወይ ዝኾነ ተቃዋሚ ኢየ ዝብል ሓንቲ ነገር ኣላ መኽሰብ ተምጻልኩም ዘላ ይመስለኩም ግን 30 ዓመት ዓቢ ክሳራ ዝሃበትኩም

    ሓሶት ሚሒልኩም ግደፍዋ።

  • Hagherawi April 22, 2019

    The YPFDJ groups cannot understand that basic freedoms they enjoy in their host countries are denied to young people in Eritrea ?
    Are they so stupid or they are being indifferent ?
    They don’t have close relatives who left the country having suffered under the most brutal dictatorship on planet ?
    They don’t even understand the meaning of the word ይኣክል now familiar even to non-Eritreans ?
    How come people who look to be in their thirties (those who attended London festival ) need to be begged one by one to abandon dancing for a fascist system ?
    The organizers of this stupid organization, to say the least, have to know that history will judge them badly. Some will be accountable for financing a dictatorship that committed crimes against humanity.

  • k.tewolde April 24, 2019

    It is a generational warp,it is anomaly to see older guys partying with persons young enough to be their children or grandchildren,then again under the 50+ rule of the tyrant and his human and political experiment,he managed to put together a genome he can manipulate to fit his needs,he even without a shame asked 50,000 USD a head for their return as if they are his goods remember.He was given carte blanche of a lifetime to pick apart once pristine social fabric beyond recognition.As the saying goes..nobody #$*! with you unless you let them.Blame no one,lets pick up the broken pieces and salvage what we can and forge ahead to get rid of the one who made a mockery out of us.