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Things Eritreans cannot afford in 2017

The absence of equality in rights and dignity for those who are caught up in the political turmoil and economic turmoil of the isayas’s no-peace no-war, their sufferings can no longer be endured without tears. 

The absence of equality in rights and dignity for those who are caught up in the political turmoil and economic turmoil of the isayas’s no-peace no-war, their sufferings can no longer be endured without tears.  The regime has failed to conquer Baduma but succeeded in conquering the minds of some Eritreans.  As a result, the supporters of the regime, in their state of minds, are finding it hard to understand the meanings of peace and life because they are blinded by no peace, no war.  Their peace without the peace of mind is proving that the desired life cannot be achieved by supporting isayas’s no peace, no war.  The people inside Eritrea should know that the fighting against injustice in the past and in other countries started with condemnation of injustice.  Even if the regime is cruel and unjust, there must be a way to express outrage at the injustice committed by the regime.

The Eritrean revolution history tells us that the Eritrean struggle was not only born out of economic hardship but also out of people’s indignation at the injustice that drove the resistance of the people to challenging or resisting all kinds of injustice and inequality.  Students’ and workers’ demonstrations were always good reminders that the people could no longer tolerate the violations of individual rights and individual freedom.  Those days, even the occupation forces that were said to be careless about the wellbeing of the people, when they sensed the public indignation had to play the politics of niceness by admitting their negligence and meeting the demands of the demonstrators.

Nowadays, those who deliberately bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich to turn a blind eye to the injustice in Eritrea or look the other way are said to be guilty of knowingly encouraging crimes to be committed on innocent Eritreans by the Eritrean criminals.  Unless every Eritrean inside Eritrea is forced to become an ostrich, the absence of rule of law in Eritrea cannot be an excuse.  The thoughts and actions by pro-democracy (supporters of G-15) and justice seekers have the focus on more reconciliatory political activities that could help to transcend the differences between the old and young generation both in political culture and political interests.  But the tyrant has continued putting his personal and regime interest ahead of the nation’s and its people’s interest.  It is evident that the way the regime is run does not reflect any political stability because it violates all economic and social rights, as well as it denies the people to be treated with dignity and respect.  It is also clear that the Eritrean people more than any time before are focused on building a strong and fair political system.  A system that fights all violations of fundamental human rights, ensures democratic participation, and eliminates corruption through effective transparency and accountability.

If Violations cannot be stopped, the Right Action is to Prevent Getting Worse

The politically conscious people inside Eritrea can start their struggle by speaking out against economic hardship, followed by extending it to speaking out with minimal condemnation of other injustice and inequality.  The rationale behind such a step is that in the land of mouth-tied people it may help that before confronting and openly speaking out against injustice or unfair treatment, one has to attract the attention of others to the violation of rights and other related issues in order to build group struggle.

Many of the regime’s ex-officials explain that the public’s silence to the injustice facilitates the criminals’ activities.  Indeed, the public’s silence to injustice encourages more crimes to be committed because the criminals consider all Eritreans as their sitting ducks that do not complain of injustice and, as a result, those who do complain suffer more.

In a country where there is no a rule of law, criminals create or use the regime’s infrastructure to facilitate their crimes.  Because the regime in Asmara weak, the criminals’ infrastructure overlaps the regime’s infrastructure in that the criminals may even use the regime’s prisons to lock up those who do not take their orders.  According to survivors of Lumpedusa tragedy, even the regime’s embassies are used by the Eritrean criminals to recruit or negotiate their criminal businesses.  Such information confirms that the justice seekers are not alone in their fight against the injustice.  Even the tyrant can be convinced to join them in the fight, let alone his party members who believe in good name and clean politics.

Those who are engaged in fighting against injustice in Eritrea know that the unpleasantness of the injustice promotes the desire to fight them, even when such crimes are committed against your enemies.  Injustice in any form or shape must be condemned strongly.  Although those who are obsessed with power have inclinations to using injustice to protect their power, those others who are threatened with injustices and cannot escape them may feel forced to accept the injustice because such acceptance is crucial to their survival, as the case is in Eritrea.

The main concern is how to free those who have accepted the dominance of the regime’s injustice.  In the absence of a rule of law, the fear of injustice is real.  Every Eritrean inside Eritrea, as a potential victim, can only avoid injustice by holding her/his silence.  The only available means to keep safe from the flexing muscles or the merciless axe of the tyrant and his criminals is to flee the country.  Yet, those some who do not fear and refuse to flee the country are feared not to rise up and strike back in the name of the innocent people, just like Wedi Ali did.

The Forces that Reject Injustice within the Regime are Gaining Momentum

Although oppression and resistance are not twins, they are said to go together because the second is the exact opposite reaction of the first.  When the oppressed rises up for justice and equality, the clash is a fight for freedom to end the fear of death by using the exact opposite, which is the love of death.  Once the people rise up to fight injustice, the worst enemy that one can face in the tyranny rule Eritrea is not the tyrant but those who were corrupted by the tyrant’s fear not to lose his power.  Thus, it is not wrong to say that the real oppressors are the protectors of the tyrant.

To understand clearly who the tyrant’s protectors are, one has to know who those corrupted are and where their power lies.  If the protectors are not known to the Eritreans inside Eritrea, then those protectors of the tyrant must be the non-resident Eritreans, more specifically are the pro-tyrant Diaspora.  As such, the arsenals of protection that are at the disposal of the tyrant must be located outside Eritrea.

The pro-tyrant Eritrean Diasporas are peacefully enjoying the fruits of their host countries.  These people do not have any idea about how the painful fear under the iron rule of the tyrant is paralyzing each and every Eritrean inside Eritrea.  The good thing about the outside arsenal is that a declaration of “TIME OVER” for the rule with iron fist in Eritrea can be enacted safely without any bloodshed.  And, the good thing about the Eritrean Diaspora is the tyrant cannot threaten them into silence and compliance.  The tyrant previously failed to globalize his threat against all the Eritrean Diaspora.  Thanks to those politically conscious within his pros, who previously stood against signs of the tyrant’s passing the torch to his son Abraham and then against globalizing his power threatening each Diaspora into silence and paying the 2% tax without questioning.

What endeavors are needed to declare the Time Over?

The tyrant by wrapping himself in the cloaks of patriotism claiming false titles of nationalism such as hero, liberator, and fighter against crimes of treasons took action against his lifelong comrades in order to reign and rule unchallenged without constitution.  Ever since the tyrant not only tabooed words and thoughts that stir up nationalism but also considered them as grounds for intoxicating feelings and actions against the unity of the people and the national sovereignty.  This justifies that the fight against injustice in Eritrea should be from outside the country to the inside the country.

To free the oppressed people from the oppressor, the Diaspora protectors should be defeated legally outside Eritrea for being accomplices.  The Diaspora protectors can be accused of being accomplices to the crimes committed by the tyrant and his generals.  Indeed, by paying 2% tax, the Diaspora protectors cannot claim the right of trampling on the rights of the Eritreans inside Eritrea.  Such actions of making the wrong right by the Diaspora protectors helped to silence all the opposing voices against the tyrant outside Eritrea and to suppress their own people inside Eritrea.  What the Diaspora protectors should know is that in the name of defending the nation, the tyrant cannot be equated to the nation.

How would any one equate the tyrant to the nation when the tyrant himself feels unsafe to interact with the nation’s people?  A man who feels superior to the nation and hates to blend in with the nations of the world representing his nation cannot be even considered a good representative so long he avoids the company of his comrades and represents himself as an owner of Eritrea and its people, doing business without consulting the people.  The tyrant is seen in many occasions signing agreements with foreign leaders without consulting the members of his cabinet or explaining to the people, as he did with the TPLA on Baduma.  The cabinet and the people are in dark about what is going on with all foreign investors.  No one knows whether the foreign investors are buying island, airports, seaports, or buying up farmlands.  People fear recurrence of Badume, which no one knows to-date how it was transacted with the TPLF in 1981 and how the transaction led to an all-out war with Ethiopia.  The tyrant is living in a world of his own.  He does not appear to know the difference between the right and wrong or the fair and the unfair or the overfed and the underfed people or between peace and war.  The strange truth about equating the tyrant to the nation is that the people of the nation already lost faith in him and conversely the tyrant lost faith in the people of the nation.  The people haven’t seen any good in the tyrant’s projects.  The tyrant after failing to create an independent national economy resorted to confiscating all the monies and wealth of the people.  The tyrant’s self-reliance now hinges on returning to the nation all the stashed wealth with foreign banks in foreign countries.

The people suffered from the cruelties of the tyrant’s generals and the tyrant’s failing projects.  Pilot projects established by NGOs and UN agencies to become models for improving fishing and farming methods were purposely killed to deny the people any advanced skills.  The people are only mobilized when there is no need for mobilization.  The focus of the tyrant is to condemn the people to life-long mobilization, herd and control their movements as well as drive them away from coming together so as not to become a threat to his rule.

There is no better time than now for the justice seekers to engage all the tyrant’s protectors in order to save the nation and its people.  The tyrant is in isolation after he dismantled all structures of the system.  The country has become currency-less after the commercial banks were ordered to bank-in all the old currency pulling it out of circulation and the national bank was prohibited from distributing the new currency.

Eritreans inside Eritrea are looking their way out of the problems caused by the hurricane or tsunami of the tyranny, while the Eritrean Diasporas are blinded by their pursuits forgetting to see the sufferings of their own people.  Indeed, with the Eritrean families at the crucial stage of living with insufficient resources and no monies to meet the demands of their kids, it is high time for the Eritrean Diasporas to end their differences and come together to save their people.

Previously, some veterans from the two sides sat together, reviewed and found out that their difference was always blurred by issues related to Baduma.  The opposition members used the expression – if you break it, you own it – to explain that the Buduma case was Isayas’s problem.  The opposition members, in many sittings, made their position clear by stating that if they had known how the Ethiopians transacted into Baduma in 1981, they would have known how the Ethiopians could be transacted out of Baduma.  Additionally, the opposition members believed that the Ethiopians were holding Baduma in abeyance waiting to hand it back to a true government that represented the Eritrean people.  On the part of the other Eritrean Diaspora side, their position was based on the belief that headquartering of the Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia was tantamount to supporting the Ethiopian occupation of Baduma.  Additionally, so long the Ethiopians were occupying the sovereign Eritrean territory and so long the no peace, no war was imposed on Eritreans, it was believed that all Eritreans were at war with Ethiopian and their supporters.

To put everything in order, the 2017 coming together and the processes of identification, clarification and closure of the difference between the two Eritrean Diasporas must be thorough, final and binding.  Otherwise, Eritrea is next in line to becoming a spot for “the grass and the elephants” after ending the games in Syria and Yemen ended, and the attempt in Ethiopia was foiled.  The Eritreans inside Eritrea are already exhausted from the daily hurricanes of the tyranny and their resources can only last one day.  If the equating of the tyrant to the nation in the case of Baduma has half-emptied the population and half-destroyed the nation, the equating of the tyrant to the nation in the case of becoming the spot for “the grass and the elephants” will be a game of finishing the whole nation of Eritrea and its people.

To avoid a repeat of deterioration of the Eritreans life conditions and deaths of innocents who had nothing to do with the case of handing over the Baduma, the two Diasporas should now know what is going on right in Eritrea.  Again, the opposition side may ask how the UAE has been transacted into Assab as to know whether Eritrea and the Eritreans will be safe.  The trampling under the big feet of the elephants may come as no surprise, this time too, that it is about Isayas’s personal interest.  Yes again, to avoid the trampling of our people under the big feet of the elephants, let’s all ask and know where our Eritrea is heading and what is going to happen to the most vulnerable, the Eritrean elders and children because all the youth already fled the country.

The wealth of Eritreans is in their unity and strength; not their country’s gold


Review overview
  • eri January 9, 2017

    Black bla

  • khaled January 9, 2017

    Kubrom, eri aka Higdef

    If you are an indigenous Eritrean, (I am saying that because there are many who are Eritreans only on paper, and don’t care much what happens to Eritrea), you should put your country’s interest first, instead of working for ‘Deki Khomaro’ who have turned it into a failed State.
    If you are too young or too stupid to understand what is happening to your country (your Fatherland) and where it’s heading, let me show you it’s current horrible situation (“cab wukianos bi manca”):

    – After 25 years Eritrea it’s still standing on ground zero in terms of development.
    For example: If you want Panadol tablets you will get it from Tessenei, smuggled from Sudan.

    – In 25 years Eritrea has gone to unnecessary wars, mostly instigated by the dictator, with almost all its neighbors. At the cost of huge human suffering. An entire generation is lost.

    – In 25 years Eritrea has not been able to have even a rubber stamp Parliament, like in many parts of Africa. It’s ruled a a clique that is busy looting it’s natural resources while the people are starving.

    – In 25 years Eritrea has lost contact with the outside world, it has no friends, it became a pariah State. Now, even the Eritrean Diaspora hesitate to visit it, except some who want see aging parents or supporters of the regime like you who are heartless.

    – Eritrea will need another 25 years to clear the heavy and unbearable legacy Higdef will leave behind. And that, only if it survives their demise, because they are dismantling it on their way to hell.

    – Eritreans inside the country, have only one thing in their mind, every morning they wake up: how they will survive that day. Is that what we should expect a country to be in, after 25 years of independence.

    – Eritrea has prisons, it has graves, where people are buried alive. People are kept there till they die, then they are buried without the knowledge of their families.

    – Eritrea is at the brink of being completely depopulated. Every child’s dream is to leave the country and look for a better future elsewhere.

    So what is the legacy of Hidgef other than wars, destruction, hundreds of Gulags and famine.

    Any one who calls himself Eritrean, should cry day night seen Eritrea in this condition, take a share of the blame for crimes committed against his country, for not acting in time, and start working hard to remove the monkeys from power, with whatever means available to him/her.

    • eri January 9, 2017

      Khaled your are just fantasising and if you care stop advocating for sanction.
      The country is doing good people are living in peace and harmony you will be dishonest if can’t see the challenges our country faced and the no peace no war was the will of the evil meles go check wikileaks,so stop your propaganda we all KNOW you are pro TPLF and you said he failed to return badime, why you want more blood shed the TPLF FAIL TO TAKE ASSAB and conquer asmera that was the objective check to wikileaks agains please, so the eritrean army win in this war, but we live in injustice world ,our country has been sanctioned TPLF rewarded,

      • Khaled January 9, 2017

        eri aka Higdef

        Higdef is oppressing a penniless population.
        After expropriating them to the core, to the extent that now they have to fill a form to get back a little of of their own money to buy dress.
        Aren’t you ashamed, don’t you have a bit of decency or you are not left with any ?

        What is you share from the money the regime has stolen from people ?

        • eri January 9, 2017

          Khaled you speech of decency while are advocating a physical attack , again physical attack on eritrean citizen what kind of decency you have ,you should ashamed for yourself ,
          you guys so called opposition lost big cause thinking will win soon
          you guys gamble on innocent who drown into sea by presenting that as evidence ,you guys gamble wishing on TPLF army success
          no one care for the eritrean people suffering .
          i am not saying that PFDJ is a bed of rose ,it s tough but we have no choice look at irak ,look at libya ,look at syria ,and look what is going on in ethiopia ,we choose to wait ,
          and if eritrea fail do you think you get somethiink no you will get nothing you will be assimilated back to ethiopia

      • Z, Hagos January 9, 2017

        Shame on you to say that the Eritrean people are “living in peace and harmony” despite the regime’s decision of no peace, nor war. How can there be peace when Isaias is declaring “NO PEACE” and is imposing on the people starvation and threat of war.
        Please eri don’t even add shame to the already shameful situation imposed on the people by Isaias.. Just accept the facts on the ground and the people may see a light from your stating of truth about their situation. And just say sorry for your past crimes and start serving the people to save the nation and not to protect the criminal tyrant.

        • eri January 9, 2017

          Z Hagos
          what do you know of shame when you are backstubber origin
          keep lying on day light ,you could nt answer the comparison betwen the situation right now eritrea /ethiopia
          you are exposing yourself to much that you are not an indigenious eritrean

          • Z, Hagos January 9, 2017

            If you really stand for eri you wouldn’t enjoying the sufferings of the Eritrean people at the hands of the criminals. What you should at least do is to just point out at those criminals who are giving all the hardtime to the Eritrean people. eri please stand for the Eritrean people or drop you penname eri.

      • yemane January 9, 2017

        Dear eri
        Where have you been while the Ethiopian forces reach TESENEY and around ADIKEYIH? is this the shining WIN of Warsay Yikeallo. the only skill of Eritrean forces is to built channels until WOYANE convert it to ashes. still eritrean forces are digging channels around zalanbessa front line specifically at SERHA and GELLEBA. but don’t forget that woyane will also come from behind. that is from AIGGA to SENAFFE. please Eritrea forces don’t waste your time while digging channels rather than constructing dams for irrigation and power generation. wakeup Eritrean forces for how many time’s you will live carrying KALASHNIKOV 30+25+another 25. WAKEUP for the sake of your country and your self. this time you should not be seen in channels but graduating from universities and technical schools.

        • eri January 9, 2017

          yemane no comment for you
          i was told by assena to shut my mouth so keep barking

        • Almaz January 11, 2017

          Though I am not a fun of Obama, this quote from his yesterdays speech resonant —-which was something like this “if you are tired of shouting at someone online” go talk to him in person. I wish I do this to you Dear Yeman (you seems a rubber head which bounce everything. At least on stone heads one can use a sludge hummer).
          The — I mean the likes of z. Hagos K haled please have civility to tutor this guy w/ a word or two on Eritrean steadfastness and heroism. After all it is EPLF who teaches We-Yane how to handle AK-47.
          Dear Yeman, have you ever heard winner army retreat to its base? Never. That is exactly what We-Yane did. Return to Badme. We-Yane fail to dislodge the gallant Warsy from the Bure front. We-Yane stack at Mai Ayne where the elites Tegaru run with their tail behind their legs leaving the foot soldiers to their death. Give us a break from your barking here at Eritrean website (I believe so.)

        • Almaz January 11, 2017

          Though I am not a fun of Obama, this quote from his yesterdays speech resonant —-which was something like this “if you are tired of shouting at someone online” go talk to him in person. I wish I do this to you Dear Yeman (you seems a rubber head which bounce everything. At least on stone heads one can use a sludge hummer).
          The — I mean the likes of z. Hagos K haled please have civility to tutor this guy w/ a word or two on Eritrean steadfastness and heroism. After all it is EPLF who teaches We-Yane how to handle AK-47.
          Dear Yeman, have you ever heard winner army retreat to its base? Never. That is exactly what We-Yane did return to Badme. We-Yane fail to dislodge the gallant Warsy from the Bure front. We-Yane stack at Mai Ayne where the elites Tegaru run with their tail behind their legs leaving the foot soldiers to their death. Give us a break from your barking here at Eritrean website (I believe so.)

    • Z, Hagos January 9, 2017

      You really crystallized the identify of Higdef by putting a clear summary of what they will leave behind when they are gone: ” the legacy of Higdef other than wars, destruction, hundreds of Gulags and famine.” Our people may skip or erase the days of Higdef. from the history of the country.
      Already people are shocked to remember the sufferings under Higdef, once they cross the border into peace. Even the free air to breathe is different there beyond the border because the pressure of who is watching you is lifted.

      • eri January 9, 2017

        HI Z Hagos
        last time many journalist visited eritrea ,the found the beauty of asmara
        people can walk late night safely ,the street are very clean ,the people very polite ,no police or army every street like north korea as all opposition said it was just propaganda to justify sanction and intervention again our country
        in the opposite side TPLF legacy was inter ethnic and religion division ,somalia war intervention ,corruption ,inrest ,stealing poor farmer land and give it to rich corporate ,killing of thousands ethiopian ,oromo and amhara ,and jailing thousand more and yet no inquirie by human right council with all the human right violation ,
        can you see that and make fair jugment
        and stop claiming that the have free breathe once they cross the border
        in ethiopia ,ethiopia need to clean own house first
        THANK YOU

      • Khaled January 9, 2017

        Brother, Z. Hagos

        This clique died politically long ago, but they vegetating there because the opposition is not ready.

  • Alamz January 9, 2017

    The last time I check there is a rule of law (civil and criminal.)that is unless you involved in politics If you are thinking of the “rule of law” from the political point of view, you need to wait (have a patient) until the constitution is in place. As for the assassination of their comrades, I heard that all the “LFs” were doing this during their jungle days. I don’t support killing of anyone in any form, but I hate to say it is none of my business There is a say in Amharic loosely translated “if you trip yourself and fail on purpose, then I don’t care if someone step on you” As for Isaiass, I defend him anytime of the day he is a skilled politician nationalist, and hard worker with only and only one thing in his mind the wellbeing and progress of Eritrea from outside-in (country to the cities.). He is the only leader in Africa who stand against the savage westerns who still dream of milking Africa to survive.

    • Z, Hagos January 9, 2017

      While many of Isaias’s trusted and very close friends are leaving him for being a criminal, you are saying “I defend him anytime of the day” because he is the only “skilled politician” in Africa who stands against “the savage westerns who still dream of milking Africa to survive.” For your information, the west is pouring money to save Africa and the Africans from going deep into worst from worse and miserable conditions. As you may see what is going on in Eritrea with the Eritrean people who are going hungry while Isaias is getting all the aids from the west under table. But the other African countries at least they are openly getting aids and are feeding their people.
      You speak of progress in Eritrea from village to city. But the truth is that the villages are empty of their people. No one left in the villages because all crossed the borders running away for their lives from the criminal rule of Isaias. You better review your stand and condemn Isaias for what he is doing in Eritrea and against the Eritrean people.

  • Z, Hagos January 9, 2017

    the writer “mamino” was right in stating that “The Forces that Reject Injustice within the Regime are Gaining Momentum” because even high officials from the foreign mission are either resigning or decamping the regime. According to Assenna, two officials from the Eritrean foreign mission offices of Djibouti and the African Union fled to the USA for the safety after the regime called them back to Asmara for investigation on questions of not serving the regime properly..
    The signs of hardship on Isaias by disappearing from the public is not health problem only but also security problems as well. The threat on his life is higher than anytime before and as such the Eritrean people should start planning to take over their affairs soon.

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