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“There are some people who are not allowed to attend this meeting” – By Tesfagabir Berhe – South Africa

This was what one of the cronies of the Eritrean embassy in South Africa has to shout as we were trying to make our way to the venue (Hellenics Conference Centre/Johannesburg/South Africa) where top officials

This was what one of the cronies of the Eritrean embassy in South Africa has to shout as we were trying to make our way to the venue (Hellenics Conference Centre/Johannesburg/South Africa) where top officials of the Eritrean regime: Yemane Gebreab and Osman Salih were scheduled to deliver a speech yesterday, 11 January 2012.

We could not believe that there are Eritreans who are not allowed to attend an Eritrean meeting:

What is your name the guy by the door asked: Tesfagabir Berhe (George) I responded

“Your name is on the list” shouted the guy who is known by Fish (Saudi Arabia)

“Who are you to prevent me from attending this meeting” I shouted again

Another so called Eritrean by the name Dawit Yohannes came to the scene and asked me to move away from the gate. I insisted that I was not going to move anywhere and he sent me three huge Congolese securities and they pushed me aside.

I was not the only victim of this ordeal; many comrades who mostly belong to the Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) have been refused entry from attending the meeting which was held in Johannesburg by the above mentioned officials (their names will be mentioned at the end of this article).

Some of us had to travel 1000 – 2000 kilometers to attend the meeting and of course if we were allowed entry to the meeting we were going to ask some critical questions to the officials and I think that is the very reason why we were not allowed entry into the venue.

Some of our prominent figures of EMDHR and of course future leaders of Eritrea like: Bereket Gezae, Henok Haile and Kuluberhan Abrham were also refused to attend the meeting. However, we were not willing to just go away, without voicing our disgust at how irrational are those who still support the dictatorial regime of Eritrea.

The giant Congolese security guards were pushing all of us aside, even though we told them that we are not terrorists, we are Eritreans who just want to attend an Eritrean meeting. As they were pushing us aside, one of our comrades managed to grab a video as well as pictures of the entire event, especially the role of Dawit Yohannes in preventing us from attending the meeting (the footage is in our collection for anyone interested).

Dawit Yohnnes did not like the idea of taking pictures and videos and he informed the security guards to delete the photos but we were not willing to allow them to delete any footage at all, as History will be asking people like Dawit when Eritrea gets its freedom from dictatorship.

Amanuel Yohannes (Johannesburg) and Samsom Tikabo (Pretoria) were also playing a significant role to prevent us from attending the meeting as well (this is just for the record)

At this juncture, Osman Salih and Yemane Gebreab were making their way to the venue, “jeganu asirka, jigna zkonka mesiluka msh?!” shouted comrade Henok Haile, he was referring to the fact that scores of our top officials, along with our journalists, have been languishing in jail without due course of law for ages and ages…

Dawit Yohannes called the South African police for intervention and as soon as they came he was asking them to detain us all and he was insisting his pictures must be deleted but when we got our chance to talk we told the police that we are not criminals, we are Eritreans with different opinion and to Dawit’s disappointment neither did they detain us nor did they delete the pictures and the videos.

Ten minutes after the meeting was started, two of our comrades were pushed out from the venue. Apparently they were not on the “list” as the people were making their way to the venue. Their names are:  Meron Andemichael and Medhane Negasi. They were pushed out because apparently Meron questioned the officials if they have anything new to say because, according to the information I got from both of them, the top officials were busy talking about the eradication of polio and malaria while the Eritrean people are craving to know the end of dictatorship in the country.

Unfortunately I am not the right person to give a report on what the officials said in the meeting but I heard that even though most of our comrades were not allowed to make it into the venue, those who attended the meeting managed to interrogate the officials that Eritrea needs change now! It is reported that one of the participants reminded the officials that even Gadafi has gone and threatened that the Eritrean regime may also face the same fate.

Finally those who were refused entry went to a certain coffee shop by Bedford view and did some debriefing on how our resistance went. We affirmed that even though we were not allowed to make it to the meeting we have made history; we assured the officials that wherever they go the resistance of Eritreans is gaining momentum and of course we can see a big light at the end of the tunnel!

The comrades who were refused entry are:

  1. Bereket Gezae
  2. Kuluberhan Abrham
  3. Henok Haile
  4. Tesfu Misgna (Uncle)
  5. Solomon Druy (Wedi Druy)
  6. Meron Andemichael
  7. Tesfagabir Berhe (George)
  8. Medhane Negasi
  9. Iyasu Andemariam
  10. Binyam Gebreab
  11. Hailemichael

This article is not meant to boast about what we did but to tell the global Eritrean solidarity that we are with you, all along. “The struggle continues…”

Review overview
  • January 13, 2012

    Good WORK KEEP IT UP .Tesfie u are brave . U konw HIGDEF is on the way to finish his game . I live in Europe , I am ur brother in eradicating HIGDEF . just bit them just like us as we did last time in Germany ,: U know supporters of HIGDEF they do not reserve respect just treat them like DOG . So Bit and spit on thire face that is new strategy we have started in Europe . No need talk just speak them with languge they understand men . AJOKA aleneka BEXOT .

    • kozami January 13, 2012

      KKKK….beyenay hamot emo?….file hizka fekodo office woyane sheleb geleb bel ember…M’anta dea zey’gual leytkha.

  • Mr. T January 13, 2012

    He is just 15 and his name is Shannon Abeda. I never heard of this kid before, but his name has popped up in recent times at the website. When I heard that he is representing Eritrea at the 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games, I felt curious and decided to visit his face book. Truth be told, this kid is amazing and I had tears flowing down my face. Then I said, “Why represent Eritrea instead of his native country, Canada?” I am sure he has many reasons why he wants to do it for the nation he barely knows. He may be doing it to give respect to the thousands of heroes and heroines who made Eritrea a free nation. His goal may be to inspire Eritrean kids. May be he did not get the opportunity to represent Canada. Whatever his reasons are, this kid is now truly a hero of Eritrean. He is not representing a regime, but a nation that has zillions of amazing stories. This brings me to asking a serious question: why are those on the barbaric woyane’s payroll and the Awassa merchants not willing to post this kid’s larger than life story? I am asking WHY? Do you remember the Arab wannabe’s website ( covering a whole week’s story about the election in Djibouti? Do you remember every opposition’s website covering the uprising in the Arab world? What is wrong with these people? If anyone thinks there is another beautiful Eritrea after the PFDJ regime is removed, it is simply the worst kind of hallucination.

    • Haqqi Nezareb January 13, 2012

      Hi Mr. T,

      Whether you like it or not, Issais and his evil regime will be removed. Unless you try to come up with especial political formula that perpetuate power under dictators (we have the worst of worst in Eritrea) forever. Give me one example that refutes the downfall of dictators in the world. I think you are really hallucinating. Are you taking something that screws up your rational thinking? Your new hybride ratio is now 95/5.

      • Mr. T January 13, 2012

        selam Haqqi N,

        izi diablos woyane gdi domozka wesiklka koinu neza assenna kan betsbitskaya. Don’t be too stingy. Don’t you think I deserve a little bit higher? (Kidding).

      • kozami January 13, 2012

        Haqqi N

        You advance two false premises hoping to arrive at a valid/true conclusion. 1) PIA IS a dictator; 2) ALL dictators eventually fall; #1 cannot be true since the overwhelming segment of the Eritrean people THINK he is the right man for the job (at this time of no war no peace). Hence, opinion cannot be construed as accomplished FACT in it self. #2 is false since China can be cited as counter example to your invalid assertions (and many more far eastern countries included). Therefore, two false don’t ALWAYS make a true (however counter intuitive that may sound).

        • Haqqi Nezareb January 14, 2012

          Hi Kozami,

          I don’t waste my time proving the premises you mentioned above. A zombie is always a zombie to undretand the obvious even if you come up with convincing all the facts that characterize the lunatic Issais as one of the worst dictators in the the world. China’s leader is not even the list of the ten worst dictators in the world. Before the death of the North Korean leader, you lunatic leader stood second. I like to congratulate you on that. Even what is impressing is that your boss is now the worst dictator.

    • kozami January 13, 2012


      I had wondered likewise too! Anyway, my purpose was to highlight the all too known fact that these sellouts are hopelessly against Eritrea. The loss is theirs, as when Eritrea democratizes and liberalizes, they would be accountable not electable for crimes committed. Every Eritrean has rejected them and their only hope is Woyane to carry them in stretcher to power else die.

      • Mr. T January 14, 2012

        Hi Kozami,

        mewats’o d’a yifterelka imber, Haqqi Nezareb’si kemza chib (egg lice) abza cheguri r’eska tebiqu mwrad abika iyu zelo. You need a Lice Guard Shampoo. izi diablos woyane gdi gele mebts’a atilu koinu abza 2012 amet, kem adge-beqli nedihu kqetlena ilu. (Smile)

        • Haqqi Nezareb January 14, 2012

          Hi Mr. T,

          esom woyanie dekas keliomka alewu. kan weyanie sheraerae abilemkum nzom trmusat seabti ezi ebud Issais.

        • kozami January 14, 2012


          Haqqi N is only concerned about that big bright and sunny day where TPLF would carry him on quarieza (stretcher) and position him in Asmara Presidential Place. He Knows the meaning of ‘price’ only but the underlying ‘value’ associated with things might as well be Latin for him. Qol’A eyu zelo.

  • Nazu January 14, 2012

    Yes let the by gone be by gone. It makes me happy to see assenna posting article written by EMDHR member. AWET NAY GDIN IYU!

  • agelglot January 15, 2012

    pfdg yes a criminal one,some ppl of pfdg say,if pfdg not alive eritrea is also not alive,will u tell me please is thre only and only issayas in the holl of ertrea, by the way who is this guy where is he from,what did he do and what is he doing now,to tell u the truth we have a lo and alot intelectuals who cane be a president and be admistrate more better than this dictator wedi BERAD please letts use our mind and lets together help the poor ppl of eritrea and through-out this dictatator.

  • Taddesse T Gebremussie January 15, 2012

    Eritrean both side do you ever think about life & death?. what ever don’t like hapen to you dont make to hapen to athers. Do you love your self think, if yes, athers wanted too.
    Each one of us leave in this world les than 100 years, we bring nothing to this world we cary nothing when we die too, make it sure see childen new born , go to semitery to see dead people if you never see this thing, so, why you do evil thing,greednes bring poverty to our country to the world greedy people never see GOD they will go to hell. Wich one do you prefer.?
    I hope each one of us can learn or think abaut it.
    Thank you GOD bless us Eritreans give us wisdom.

  • g January 15, 2012

    you said “set a good example” if you care that much why dont you burn yourself like teacher yenesaw from Ethiopia be an example.
    Where are your friends who you were supporting in this web page for long time the weyane cadres with nicknames like (maaza, shewit, zektam eritrawi etc) remember
    you used to suport their painful ideas against Eritrea and Eritreans.

  • g January 15, 2012