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The Way Forward For Eritrea: Eritrean Education and Publication Trust in association with Initiatives of Change hosts a two-day conference in London

Our guest speakers will be: Mr Mesfin Hagos, former Minister of Defence; “Why haven’t the opposition united and achieved its goal?” Ambassador Abdela Adem; “Challenges to Mass Mobilization and Wider Participation”. Ambassador Adhanom Gebremariam; “Efforts Needed to

Our guest speakers will be:

  • Mr Mesfin Hagos, former Minister of Defence; “Why haven’t the opposition united and achieved its goal?”
  • Ambassador Abdela Adem; “Challenges to Mass Mobilization and Wider Participation”.
  • Ambassador Adhanom Gebremariam; “Efforts Needed to Forge a Viable Common Strategy?”
  • Mr Suleiman Hindi, Head of Engineering, EPLF; “Effective Ways to Bring About Change in Eritrea”
  • Mr Dawit Fessehaye, Head of Dept; “PFDJ’s System of Control and Repression”

Review overview
  • sussun April 12, 2016

    Halewlw aitibelu Mesfin Hagos was brove a fighter we know you why you why you are baming him

  • Dark Fantasy April 12, 2016

    Moki ,

    I am glad you are psycho analist too. Let me help you with real history..Backbone of the Rabitta Islamiya were the same (few)Jeberti that were accused by Abona hatsei youhans ,for supporting the Derbush (Islamists),instead of the country that gave them shelter and protection most of them were run aways from Saudi Arabia for reasons of persecution.
    Until they reformed their name ,it did not include Eritrea..There were Egyptian,Pakistanian & Malasians in that party.Our metahit moslem brothers did not ask for the banditry ,jebha started shooting soldiers by mingling with the public ,thus our metahit ppl became victims of situations they never signed for. The metahit people did not care if the leader was Janhoy ,Gebretsadik from Adwa or gerikiel from Hamasien,they were/are peaceful people, now whether I am cow face or ubderwear face challenge my comment.

    With lots of respect

    • AHMED SALEH !!! April 12, 2016

      Cow face
      Metaht people have no any connection in their history to know or not
      to know the invaders from Ethiopia . To prove my argument look for facts
      where DEKI METAHT population reside beside Eritrea . The rest of your
      worthless arguments including about Jeberti people doesn’t deserve to get any attention .
      You might enjoy to scratch old wounds of hatred but we prefer to look
      beyond the past for the sake of present and future generation at the
      same time our past in mind brings a learning lesson .

    • Mokie April 12, 2016

      Your fathers and gran fathers (including those of the dictator) came to Eritrea, either after committing crimes in Tigray, or recruited by Hailesellasie to work as Shiftas in rural Eritrea, to terrorize peasants, and impose of them the disgraced Unionist political agenda.
      Before the advent of Shiftas, Eritreans did not know violence. They were law abiding people. They had laws that regulated their daily life from time immemorial. If for whatever reason a man was killed, they never took revenge, things were settled by law and a life was spared.
      The lawlessness we see to today is in the culture of the Shiftas that came from your country. In Ethiopia, historically, every discord among people or leaders was settled by completely annihilating the enemy. The Amharas and Tigrayans, despite the similarity of their culture, still fight over who should rule, making always sure the ‘other’ is completely removed. They enjoy zero sum game. This thing is in their culture.
      Now, Iseyas and a bunch of Eritreans of Tigreyans decent ruling Eritrea, have no intention of giving up power to the people. They are often overheard saying “if you are men come and take it by force”. So what is this ?, it’s pure Shifta culture. They have never seen people settling their differences debating under the shadow of a big tree in the village. They know only the gun culture, a legacy of their gran fathers who looted our villages. So, brother Cow[ard] Face, you gave us Iseyas, Kisha .. etc. and on top of that you are insulting us, as if we are to blame. Well, may be you are right, we should take responsibility for mistakes we have done by trusting these third generation ‘Shiftas’.
      It’s said: “to trust is good, but not trust is better”.
      Shame on you all …

  • abbysinia April 12, 2016

    Individuals who cannot read their name cannot make speech. Please donot make me laugh. Who are their audiences? Is it a priority to waste time on subjects beyond their depth? Tell them first to have a sense of shame.

    • Genet-orginal April 23, 2016

      Eritrean issue is none of your business!

  • Simon G. April 12, 2016

    I was just reading the article on ተኽለዝጊ ዑቕባልደት and now this. To me these are directly related. It is even worse that the junior, ተኽለዝጊ ዑቕባልደት.
    These people never apologized to the Eritrean people and now you are asking us to trust them. I think the fundamental fabric of Eritrean society is broken. Don’t we have other capable Eritreans with no criminal history. When you hire someone, you do through background check. Would these guys pass the first step of background check. I believe not. Are we that bankrupt?

  • Desalegn Berhe April 13, 2016

    Date: 13/04/2014


    I have read comments blaming for inviting Mesfine Hagos, Adhanom G/Mariam as guest speakers because they think these veterans have committed crimes against the Eritrean people and they said they should be excluded from the struggle in bringing down HGDEF.

    I just want to bring to the attention of the Eritrean people that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that “Every person accused of a crime shall be presumed innocent until his or her guilt has been conclusively proved in accordance with the law in a public and fair hearing in which all the necessary guarantees for defence have been made available.”

    If we comply with the International Human Right Law and if we are struggling for justice, we need to know that Mesfine Hagos, Adhanom G/Mariam are innocent until they are proven guilty in a fair court of justice and they should be included in the struggle to change the brutal HGDEF regime because these people have done extraordinary job and served their country more than anyone else and are now victims of the brutal HGDEF regime like all Eritrean people.

    The basic principle of success in non violent struggle is protesting, unity, planning, nonviolence, discipline, communication. Social change campaigns and non violence resistance and protests can easily change the brutal HGDEF regime because it is the most powerful political tool that can challenge oppression. Nonviolent action can eat away at a regime’s pillars of power like termites in a tree.

    Our struggle in bringing down Dictator will succeed if there is social inclusion, political participation and effective leadership.

    Desalegn Berhe

    • zebenselam April 14, 2016

      Why don’t you join us then and would be an honer to have you!

  • metkel April 13, 2016

    Where have you been the three stogies , wow, the three of you, you worked together and then fight each other, then unite again, then you unite again, your fight is religious tension and riginal tendencies. Please, explain to me what has changed now to work together, you three has the least capabilities to enlighten the eritrean people. Did you get a call from your boss to confuse the eritrean people. You are really betrayed your people, first, you need to reconcile among three of you. Then apologize the eritrean people. Thanks

  • Desalegn April 13, 2016

    “ A hidden agenda is not feasible”

    Now, we do not need any hidden agenda because already suffered a lot by it. A hidden agenda is like an ulterior motive; you or someone else may do something or act a certain way in supposed benevolence, but the real reason you or they actually did that was also for personal gain; not to just help out others.

    • zebenselam April 14, 2016

      Why don’t you join us then and would be an honer to have you!

  • nmehar April 13, 2016

    if these guys had the courage and vision and had put hands together right after the 2001 crisis they could have been our leaders to day. Personally, I believe they squandered a golden opportunity that will never comeby again.
    They could have saved our youth and country. nm
    I hope they have learned some wisdom from lebamat the likes of the great educator memhr Amanuel Sahle.

  • Mokie April 14, 2016

    These people are not the same. Ex-Ambassador Adhanom and Mr. Sileman Hindi, spoke openly and publicly about their experiences, and exposed to some extent the crimes of the regime.
    Mr. Mesfin Hagos and ex-Ambassador Abdalla Adam, so far have only raised suspicions as to their true intentions. Mr. Mesfin Hagos is probably, the only person after Iseyas, who knows about every crime Iseyas and his group have committed in pre-independence Eritrea. Because he was a member of the core group within Iseyas’ crime syndicate, and that is why he keeps tight lips all the time. So, what do we expect from such people, other than their dream to see a reformed Higdef.

  • Fitsum April 14, 2016

    Unity is the pillars of power,let us all fucas in our prim enemy and stop accusing each other. We have have no right to point our finger on others. If the peole claimed commuted crim collect your evidence and when we have justice bring them to court. No one USA criminal until proven guilty by court. There are always positives and negatives in human nutuer, therefore let us all target the regiem in Eritrea. Those peole knows the regiem in Eritrea more the any one else and they might come with tangible solutions. Let us not judge them beforehand. Our assumption can lead us to a wrong conclusion. We also need to develope tolerance, understanding. We have the freedom to express our views but we also have accountably for our words and the subject that we raised. Our prime enemy is the regiem inEritrea collectively we can make change