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  • Teclay October 31, 2016

    ወይ ጉድ !ተረካቢ ይዓድዮ ዝብልዎ ክምዚ እዩ።ነዚኣ ከምጽእ በርኻ ወፊረ ንዝብለካስ እንታይ እዩ መልስኻ.?
    What is the difference between an animal and a human being??= well i used to believe that a man owns a very sophisticated and developed brain …..Now ,i know that is not always true .
    Look the sad picture carefully.Some of them are as young as 6 or 7 …..Who is to blame now ??? These children don’t have any future ,they are lost .Again who is to blame ??? ? None ,except the nonsense Ghedli generation .
    Ghedli is a war and all the mess ,so before starting a war one should calculate carefully ,and must have an answer for every if question…Yes,if you start a war,you should know that you would be accountable for all the lives and distraction……Yes,let-alone starting a war,moving from one city to another city requires careful evaluation and preparation …
    Did our Ghedli generation study and take into consideration;History,Geography , Geo politics ,Demography,e.t.c., ????= NOOOOOOOO.

  • Papillon October 31, 2016

    It would be a bit of a stretch to call it a reversal of fortune but one would be tempted to actually conclude as the presumed scenario was a complete reverse. Circa twenty plus years ago Eritrea was to be an envy of the onlooker as it was to sail in the sea of marvels and Ethiopia would be a sorry state at a complete mercy of a newly born nation. But again fate had something of a malice in store that was about to rob Eritrea of its bright future and her hard won dignity as well. If history is to be rightfully cruel to Isaias, it is not only he single handedly caused havoc on the lives of Eritreans, but he also destroyed their dignity and their sense of pride among family of nations.

  • k.tewolde November 1, 2016

    This Eritrean grim spectacle today,it didn’t come haphazardly,it is a well thought out,systematic social degradation by those who envy the very strand of our social fabric that makes who we are,one of them is the charismatic tyrant who hypnotized his followers to point of delirium that they will go the distance to kill their brother and sister,lie and detain their father,mother and spouse for him.The sad thing is,those who were loyal to him and worshiped him like Hare Kirishna they became his primary victims,did they know that was coming?Our forefathers said it a long time ago,’TEBIB BFETAWIU’U YIJIMR’. The tyrant is BUDA,envious of the Eritrean goodness,as long as we have a soft spot for him,he will behead us and shit down our neck.Sorry for my language.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! November 1, 2016

      Issayas succeeded to create a culture characterized by feelings of betrayal and mistrust
      that brought serious consequences to observe Eritreans pay more attention for themselves.
      The picture shown of those refugees is the reflection of entire nation weakness unable to
      identify its internal enemy . Every seed can produce its own kind and we can not sow evil
      to reap holy spirit . We sow a monster , we reap a monster . That is the bitter pill of truth
      hard to swallow for being trouble maker herds . Obviously we witness the formation of Eritrean army forces as sole property that belong to his majesty Issayas Afewerki and
      for some reason they don’t flinch to take orders to shoot and kill civilians .

  • Fisehaye Weldu November 1, 2016

    Issayas all along his Ghedli life has one very crucial overwhelming appetite for power. While he formally preaches about Eritrea and Eritreans he had had a burning lust for power. If we look back tohis ghedli time maneuvers and disguised sabotages that led to the demotion or systematic execution of other outstanding members of the front, you will conclude that Issayas was not in the field for real cause of Eritrea or Eritreans but in search of power and fame. Every thing of his motive and deadly addiction for power at any cost has since year 2000 has exploded in to the faces of Eritreans. All his focus and security maneuvers is aimed at nothing but protect his personal lust for power. No child, women, old or the whole generation will spared to achieve his goal.
    God save Eritreans!

  • Michael Tesfamariam November 1, 2016

    The status and recognition of these refugees and others is directly proportional to their own behavior and conduct here in the West. First they take extremely dangerous journey to get wherever destinations of their choice, it wouldn’t take them to become HGDEFS stooges, they dance in their night club, they are absolutely desperate, they don’t even want to think back why they had to leave their home. No more sympathy!

  • koubrom November 2, 2016

    Always blame, Always negative propaganda .we don’t know if all of them are eritrean there is no proof of that for sure it’s just propaganda but any human being do not deserve to die in this condition, let be honest it’s not you so called justice seeker eritrean lover who advocated economic sanction and non engagement by western evens in humanitarian way ,it s no you guys call to isolate eritrea and western granting asylum only to eritrean so when youth leave and drown into sea you present it as evidence against the government, crocodile tears,hypocrite in fact you guys like it , the more they die the more you have evidence right the more suffering the more you feast ,I don’t know if you guys are human or animal, clod blood.
    Anyway we leave it to the mighty one ,the one who know the true the unique, in this world or another justice awaiting you.

    • k.tewolde November 2, 2016

      Koubrom finally you came home.That’s to whome you should have worshiped in the first place,get down on your knees and open up your heart,he will lead you the way and He doesn’t promise a fake Singapore. He is doing his work,you see it in front of your eyes, give Him a chance,He will give you peace and clarity of the mind to see through this man made smoke screen.The truth,the mighty one,consistent,dependable,reliable…….He will never leave you high and dry,and will never forsake you,give Him a try.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! November 2, 2016

        Eritr ean identity is fo
        r sale and it had been forfeited unless Issayasism rule approved it .
        Sinai desert victims were also African
        refugees who speak Tigrigna ” izi kheman kihalf iyu” was their message .
        God the almighty gave us eyes to see
        and ears to hear but a zombie lost his
        given senses . I don’t blame you if the culture of betrayal satisfies your ego.
        Welcome to African jungle dark politics
        for troubled people . Have fun with our
        monkeys , Kisha type gorillas and all type of wilderness.

        • koubrom November 3, 2016

          They left their country their, wey yikwin wey aykwinin yiblu
          They gamble on their life it was their believe me no one push to leave 3 of cousin left I know about but never her about him ,his mother always hoping he still alive, this is what left for her hope only, this was brought by America and western policy, and of you guys fithi deleyti so called opposition you from the confort of their couch gamble with the live of our brothers, you put country in great by sidings with woyane, we will never forget for what you have done to us ,one day we will ask justice, believe me

    • Birhane November 2, 2016

      koubrom, you have really ugly name, any way I see you blaming Justice seekers for calling to Isolate Eritrea, but I do not think your are a Juvenal. PFDJ isolated his own self from the world community with the slogan “Warsay Yikealo!” PIA rejected Western engagement 20-years ago and kicked out all development partners .plus PFDJ went and provoked war with Yemen, Provoked war with Ethiopia, provoked war with Djibouti, provoked Sudan by providing launching pad for various rebel groups, he insulted the OAU as a collection of trash …etc…etc and finally created a pariah state or Hermit state where your PFDJ has become a laughing stock of world community, and here you come shamelessly to blame Justice Seekers of “PFDJ squandered opportunities” I hate your name and your logical thinking Man!

      • koubrom November 3, 2016

        You said your is ugly
        You make me laugh brainless, your insult mean nothing to me time will come for justice soon you a fucking refugees

  • Semere November 2, 2016

    Alem Goitom of and his collaborators are full time employees of the PFDJ criminal regime. They are in his bank roll doing his dirty work. Little do they know that, PFDJ is no longer salvageable and will be trashed to the dust bin.. A rabid dog ultimate fate is death. Alem Goitom is defender and promoter of PIA and Eritreans who are suffering at the hands of the tyranny need to keep note of all, those who have Eritrean blood in their hands.

  • Berhe Tensea November 2, 2016

    Semere, you are 100% right. Meskerem net owner is a highly paid agent of PFDJ, he is working over time to confuse the few remaing PFDJ supporters who are mainly ignorant or completely uneducated innocents.
    Yes his hands are full of blood , and he will be made to account along with other criminal officials.
    This stupid indi pathetic person is not different than the criminal generals who are killing young men and women under their command..
    Meskerem net is bought by PFDJ and it is funded by Eritrean security department and its main task is to misinform and confuse the diaspora Eritreans.
    According to one related general , Meskerem net owner is paid $199,000 dollars a year by the mafia regime.
    The amount is paid for personal, assistants, and other related expenses.
    Alem was getting paid by PFDJ for about 12 years .
    Death to pfdj puppets

  • Berhe Tensea November 2, 2016

    The sad pictures of the young fleeing the hell on earth is not new. One of the main objectives of the regime is to empty Eritrea of its young. These young people are systematically made to cross the border and get lost forever.
    People or the Eritrean people is in a deep sleep and in an endless drea, unable to wake up and smell the coffee.
    The modern day Wube is there to destroy Eritrea for good, , and time is running very fast for us to be or not be..
    As long as the worst enemy of the Eritrean people is alive , the pain and suffering are to stay till Eritrea is no more or history.

  • koubrom November 3, 2016

    Yes blame also my name it’s ugly, see how looser you are ,
    The fight against those countries have their contests you know that or maybe your are not eritrean
    For those who that development come with NGO you must 100% or I don’t know, so can denie or deflect attention just wait for us ,if you eritrean you must face justice by misleading our people, undermining our unity and sovereignty you will be accountable, all of you garbage of the west if you are woyane your trial has already begun just run ,run for life.
    Awate ne hafash

    • Birhane November 3, 2016

      Koubrom, If you are under 30-years go to school, I will not be wasting my time otherwise, because you do not get it!

    • k.tewolde November 4, 2016

      This is how the young is fixed and molded sometimes beyond repair,the tyrant did his homework,didn’t he?I don’t blame Koubrom,he his voicing soundbites from the early operating system.Is there anybody out there who can dismantle this OS and replace it with logical,prudent and sane one? Folks,it is not the old ones that bother me,look at the mess they are leaving behind. Ufffffffffffffffffffff!