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  • Freweini October 10, 2011

    what a sad, heartbreaking story. Although I know the story of the prisoners in Eritrea all too well. It still hurts to read this personal account, it’s truly like this pain never goes away, and almost gets worse every time we remember those whose lives are ending in prison, without due process. God, please make this go away, please show us some mercy … how long can we carry on like this? Haven’t we suffered too much already?

  • Zerai Haile January 3, 2016

    Tsegu, I am really surprised to see you reposting the honest views and emotional feelings of a lady,whom I don’t know. I thought you were a seasoned security agent who investigates and analyzes things beyond their external appearances and behavioral demonstrations. No wonder you are part of the problems of Eritrean and not part of the thousands of gallant fighters who are day and knight seeking lasting solutions to our problems created by our multifaceted enemies!