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The Prospects and Puzzling of Peace Between Eritrea and Ethiopia

  The Prospects and Puzzling of Peace Between Eritrea and Ethiopia ________________________ The instantly blowing wind of having negotiation for peace and the growing tendency of utilization of Port of Asseb become a hot concern in current political


The Prospects and Puzzling of Peace Between Eritrea and Ethiopia


The instantly blowing wind of having negotiation for peace and the growing tendency of utilization of Port of Asseb become a hot concern in current political affairs of Eritrea and Ethiopia, and have raised different controversial comments which need a critical analysis that guides the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia in their struggle for justice and democracy.

The memory of the bloody war of 1998 has been a moral, human, economic, social and political disparaging not for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia, but for the whole destabilized region of the Horn of Africa. Primarily, the war was being conceived and described as “border conflict” over the contested area of Badme which is a small village found across the border of Eritrea and Ethiopia. The horrible war took more than 70,000 lives; consumed billions of dollars; devastated various property, instilled resentment; stolen human freedom and dignity, and frustrated the futurity of the peoples of East Africa.

The consequence of the war is much bitterer in Eritrea than Ethiopia as the country has small economy, meager resource, low demography, weak diplomacy, despotic government, failed justice system, massive brain drain and chronic academic deterioration. The Government of Eritrea failed to address the growing problems rather it turns into hostile and violent actions intimidating, harassing, torturing, jailing and murdering its citizens which disbursed thousands of innocent, young and productive Eritreans to refugee camps, and pushed to wonder in different part of world in search of safety, justice, freedom, job and educational opportunities to which they get refrained in their mother land.

Relatively speaking, Ethiopia is able to endure and manage the consequence of the post war situation as the country possesses strong institutions, vast economy, potential resources, big demography, flowing foreign aid, improved infrastructure, expanding educational horizon, and growing agricultural activities. Nevertheless, the Government of Ethiopia systematically engages to paralyze the progress of democracy silencing freedom of expression, intimidating, harassing and jailing critical journalists, weakening the political pluralism subjugating influential political leaders, and displacing, torturing and murdering people in Ogaden, Afar, Gambella, Amhara and other region. The State Department has reported instantly, and the following sources can be explored to comprehend the depth of the violations, and to examine the challenges of the mixed legacy of the former PM Meles Zenawi that saw in Ethiopia:


The prospects of peace become unequivocal in many respects, because of new political developments and unsuccessful past political strategies that devastated both countries and destabilized the Horn of Africa:

  1. The peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia have not benefited from boarder conflict and the current unresolved tension which turns both governments more militant, aggressive and violent. Regardless the ego of political elites, the ordinary people are more enthusiastic for sustainable peace, true justice and practical democracy breaking the painful political chains;
  2. The growing foreign investment in Ethiopia demands more stability in the region with intention of eliminating piracy, restoring Somalia as state, mediating Sudan and South Sudan, and the tendency to neutralize the tension between Eritrea and Ethiopia to utilize the Port of Asseb which has growing geo-political and geo-economic importance not only for Ethiopians but more for foreign investments and interests. The Port of Asseb is required to take part in the economic boom in the region to avoid unnecessary port congestion, cost and insecurity;
  3. The question of utilization of Nile water has raised a growing tension amongst countries in North and East Africa. Ethiopia works to build Renaissance Dam for poverty reduction; and Egypt strives to guarantee the life of the future generation. In fact the fast population growth in Egypt, the climatic change, the future tendency of Ethiopia to utilize the water for agricultural expansion, and the future profit from hydro electric power used for military hegemony in the region always worry Egyptian officials to stop any project by any means that put the life of Egyptians at risk. Egypt has already started strengthening its relation with Sudan and Eritrea for any possible future political or military strategies. Eritrea is not reluctant to exploit any opportunity to turn to its own advantage as previously, the government has supported Al Shebab for the purpose of proxy war in Somalia. Henceforth, the best mechanism that Ethiopia can use to end the unresolved boarder issue with Eritrea, and quickly normalize its relationship which can easily impact the politics in Sudan, and frustrate the ambition of Egypt to impact the Nile source. Earlier PM Hailemariam Desalgn and later Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Tedros Adhanom have insisted to normalize the situation with Eritrea involved in direct negotiation without any condition.  Courageous action is expected to be taken.
  4. Eritrea becomes a fertile ground for Ethiopian oppositions and rebels which destabilize the central government. Demhit has emerged as strong rebel filled with committed combatants aimed to remove the central government with intention to liberate Ethiopia. The growing rebel groups in Eritrea mounts the cost of military rather than utilizing the capital in development. Improving relation with Eritrea helps can control the movement of rebels and reduce the cost of military expenditure that could help Ethiopia to boost its economy.
  5. Eritrea owns fragile political and economic conditions that the nation fails to maintain the country effectively. The country could not tolerate and manage the huge military expenditure though the army members are kept as “national service” which is endless. Thus, the Government of Eritrea is open to make relation with any force that supports either in equipment or financial resource to solve the economic bankruptcy, and strengthen its power grip. They have good relationship with Qatar, Iran, China, Sudan, Egypt and other Arab countries to survive as a militant nation. Nonetheless, the growing weakness of its army, economic deterioration, flooding of youth, diplomatic isolation, military sanction, growing political dissidents, lose of political and legal legitimacy of PFDJ could possibly push the government to normalize the situation with Ethiopia to avoid committing self-suicide.
  6. There is a least possibility or scenario that Eritrea to be a strategic ally of Al Shebab or the Arab world and Egyptians in particular, because it has least economic and cultural links though Eritrean Muslims appreciates and aspires to associate themselves with the Arab world as the roots of Islamic faith and tradition originate from Arab world. The Government of Eritrea has technical relationship with Arab countries to get necessary support to face Ethiopia mainly financed by West. However, the possibility of Eritrea to be a strategic ally of Ethiopia is very high though the scars of war are still fresh and painful. The components which help to make a strong relationship with Ethiopia are cultural similarities, shared history, ethnic relationship, common geo-political interests, and the tendency of regional economic integration in the near future with growth of Pan-Africanism philosophy. These factors can serve as catalyst to narrow the gab between Eritrea and Ethiopian governments, if not between the common peoples who are wry to the unwise and inconsiderate political approach of both leaders.
  7. In spite of the fact that the existing government in Eritrea does not promote ethnic, regional and religious politics, the opposition parties fails to address the national problems at national level reducing themselves to sub-nationals that increasingly complicates the political trend for true democratization; and possibly cause political tectonic in the near future. These ethnocentric political elites consider Tigrinya and Christian ethnic group as repressive and dominant which stagnate the struggle for democratic change. Besides, few, but engages in intensive cyber warfare, to promote union of Eritrea with Ethiopia disseminating unbalanced, undocumented, ill researched and unverified information  targeting the history of armed struggle for independence, the economic viability of the country, and the diversity of the Eritrean people to destroy the values of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea. These cyber combatants instantly uses a systematic rhetoric to dismantle the national pillars refuting Eritrean identity as artificial and bolding Ethiopia as democratic, united, secured and safe heaven and undermining the pain of thousands of Ethiopians, and exploiting the miserable life in Eritrea because of the wrong system. There is high expectation that the Government of Eritrea to eradicate those elements constructing a new relationship with Ethiopia and in return Eritrea will quite supporting Ethiopian opposition in its soil.
  8. The growing input of intellectuals to promote peace and the revolution of social media to neutralize the relationship between Eritreans and Ethiopians show a promising result to build tolerance between Eritreans and Ethiopians for peaceful co-existence. The sagacity of people to people relationship in diaspora starts to break the iron curtain between the two governments, and fruitless political maneuver and sick political propaganda. Therefore, the desire for peace is more flown from down to top as it could be painful and risky that the despotic system to exist in environment where there is a domain for peace and justice. Obviously, it may take time to synchronize the efforts, but never stop the mass based revolutionary change.

All the above mentioned factors can be taken as prospects that bring peace and swiftly normalize the relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia for well being of the Horn of Africa. Nonetheless, both countries are subject to puzzling of peace initiatives as a number of politicians do not need the flourishing peace and justice which can risk their position, power and existence. Definitely, peace cannot be a jungle of perpetrators and criminals rather it is the home of oppressed citizens who erects their hands for justice, humanity and dignity. Who will be responsible for harassed, tortured, displaced, jailed and murdered innocent citizens in both Eritrea and Ethiopia? Do the leader in both countries need peace? Is it safe to do so?

The current hot cake in social media is about the Nile water and the prospects of peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Ethiopian government officials this week reaffirmed their commitment to have peace discussions with longtime foe and neighbor Eritrea with the aim of ending decades of tension along the border that has seen war and strife. According to the ministry of foreign Affairs, Dr. Tedros Adhanom expressed solidarity with the people of Eritrea whom he said are continuously suffering due the regime’s “brutality and obstinacy to peace” (

The crucial puzzling about peace is coming from the side Ethiopia as it primarily refuses to implement the legal Algiers Agreement which is final and binding. True initiative for peace is meant to be abided by the law without any condition which easily normalizes the relationship between the peoples of two states. In this specific legal aspect, the Government of Eritrean cannot be accused though Ethiopia has come with the idea of “negotiation” before implementation which is not totally part of the agreement.

The agreement pursues clear steps: Ceasefire – Demarcation – Normalization.  Ethiopia insists accepting the agreement in principle not in practice claiming negotiation before demarcation through which the Government of Eritrea uses an excuse to hang the national constitutions, freezing political pluralism and kidnapped independent thinking, suppressing rights for having assemblage, practiced endless national service, jailed influential political figures, silencing freedom of expression, involving in extra-judicial killings and tightly controlling the economy of the country. Seriously speaking, the strategies of “No Peace No War” systematically used to weaken the Government of Eritrea to concentrate more in militarization that dries the economy, frustrates the futurity of the citizens, detaches the government from the people, disrupts the social harmony, provokes identity crisis, bears sanction, causes extensive human rights violations, kills the rules of law, instigates diplomatic isolation and brings flooding of thousands of citizens to neighboring countries. Ethiopia official Berekhet Simon appreciates the strategy of his government to weaken the existing system in Eritrea, and to create a conducive ground for opposition in Eritrea by any means during his discussion with Smerrr Paltok.

In my conclusion, I need to reiterate that the media outlets stated that Dr. Tedros Adhanom expressed solidarity with the people of Eritrea whom he said are continuously suffering due the regime’s “brutality and obstinacy to peace”. It has a good political sound, but the initiative to promote peace should go beyond the political rhetoric used either for media or diplomacy consumptions. Ethiopia should accept the legal border demarcation in practice, not only in principle, and ought to take a bold action to normalize the relationship later in which the existing system in Eritrea will be drained without any form of excuses, pretexts or apologies either to escape from peace or public demand for establishing a constitutional and democratic state. No matter what divergent political perspectives exist, the border conflict must be settled legally; and the political tendency or any form of political choice should be mixed with that last decision; and all entities must be governed by rules of law, because at the end nobody is above the law. Otherwise, if we are not law abiding entity, don’t accuse others for transgression.

Written by Adhanom Tewelde

May 7, 2013

Review overview
  • ahmed saleh May 8, 2013

    I respect the writers ideas and his political analyzes but that doesn’t me I agree . Regardless , we Eritreans
    are in critical moment to end the era of HGDF system . We are not in a position to talk about Ethiopia -Eritrea
    relation issue while the country integrity and people’s right to survive keep stay at threaten situations.
    Since the country surrendered to those lawless and corrupted goons , it is only hallucination to talk about
    issues you do not know how . Unfortunately we create a country short of rule of law which condemn anybody not
    to say a word but only to wait your fate under the mercy of few higher ups officials . I for one do not get surprised from any kind outcome . The scene of 1977 is good enough conviction to realize our true ppolitics under Issayas leadership .

    • belay nega May 9, 2013

      In 1977 all what Esayas did was,liberating most part of Eritrea,in which guys like you took the opportunity of the safe haven,to reach safely to Sudan.

      • ahmed saleh May 10, 2013

        Sorry I mean to say 1997 event of destruction . How stupid you can be to imagine about 1977 , Belay lema .
        there wasn’t nothing new happenings only fighting against enemy , denkero .

  • simerrr2012 May 8, 2013

    Oh! 1000 $ is not such big and raised it to 2500 dollars …Many people advised me why not give the money to Eritrean freedom fighters and my answer is I already did and will do in future. Good Luck to the millennium dam! Ethiopia may sell the Nile water to Egypt through pipe line…of course if they behave and ask for it gently not by nonsense empty treat. To DIA please shut your mouse and your malaria infected brain .Who ask you any advice , comment about Nile ..let the men talk who really concern them. Abey alka zeybelwo abzi alku bel. Yergo Zinb yiblu amharu tilik hulu bota. Eritrean people are not even sure if next morning bread will be on their table, no electricity , no water , no medicine, no milk for infants. Jut by talking we are number one in Africa. For those who call yourself YPFDJ and we call you young garbage come to your sense and talk to your people .At least you have brain to use most of you are born in free country from retarded parents who left Eritrea in 1980 when other fought for independence , they came to Europe and America and want to be more Eritreans than the one who died , lost part of their bodies for Eritrea. Yegermena alo!

  • selam May 8, 2013

    This is Ayte(Ato) Mihretu Known as “Wedemoy Sara” In Edmonton Alberta currently living in USA. Wedemoy this shows your true color as a catalyst. why do you need to hide your self? say what you feel, this is free world. Do not be like a pendulum!!!

    • belay nega May 8, 2013

      just for curiosity,is he ERITREAN?

      • Haben May 8, 2013

        Belay Nega!? Your name tells me your are Ethiopian esp Amhara.

        • belay nega May 9, 2013

          What about RAS TESSEMA?

      • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 8, 2013


        Believe it or not ,not only am I Eritrean..but also from Hamasien..which means ,I was among the last ones to come from Ethiopia ..only proceeded by people that live 10 km. radius of Asamara..I may not have a mad cow logic ..that believes ..100.000 +++Eritrean blood is worth this worthless new country…however I accept it and want to bring lasting peace to our people….Healing comes from accepting your illness & then curing it accordingly..You may give cancer or diabetes a sexy name ,but the truth remains they are killer illnesses… ንሽፍታ ከታልልዎስ ተጋዳላይ ይሰምይዎ ይብሉ ዓድና። If I were Ethiopian why would I get angry at the gallubility of my people.I DO NOT WANT TO REVERSE THE FAKE INDEPENDENCE..I am OK with it.I just want people to regard the bandits that were victorious were smart war lords that outsmarted Dergi & controled Eritrea. But,we need to change our attitude in order to fight evil .IF WE REGARD THEM AS OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS then let us shut the f*** up & wait u8ntil they come to their senses. I DO NOT KILL MY BROTHERS.
        Who are my brothers ..people Like Amanuel Iyassu that saw the banditry of the govt. & decided to stand up for the people without any party affiliation.The people that are denouncing bandits to rescue our people….People like..ELSA CHYRUM ,MERON STIFANOS..DR ALGANESH..Abba MUSSIE….and like the Sheik in Bedouin ..the Ethiopian people that are giving Refuge ,security & Education to our people…It DOES NOT MEAN THE ETHIOPIAN govt. DOES NOT HAVE IT´s OWN AGENDA..but ;I highly doubt it if it is to harm Eritreans.Maybe it would harm Eritrea..if it contradicts with their interest.
        Why should it matter if I am whoever I am. IT WAS AN ETHIOPIAN ,MELES ..on behalf of his organizations POLICY that finalized our departure with his signature.
        MELES WAS THE ONE BOTHERING UN & AMERICA for ERITREA to go as soon as possible..BECAUSE HE WANTED TO REMOVE CANCER & GO FOR HIS DEVELOPMENT..I do not believe people can not see the obvious.

        Your extremely brilliant & wise Eritrean (it is not an oxymoron)

        • A.A Yassin May 8, 2013

          You are not Eritrean. Accept it!!

        • belay nega May 9, 2013


          With all due respect,, you remind me my late Ethiopian friend member of E.P.R.P by the name GHEBREGZIHER.

          • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 9, 2013

            Respected Belay ,

            Believe it or not as long as I do not remind you of the EDF members that are raping our girls..of the bedouin that are raping men & women…asa long as I do not remind you of the bandits that robbed our people their children & livestock….I do not care if I remind you of Menghistu Hailemariam.,(a mother Theresa).compared with this bandits with no conscience or principle ..that are motivated by the hateful Wedi Tikul & FiHira..songs to fight absence of thsat are cowsh*t..who only harass older Eritreans to pay 50.000 naqfa for a 40 year old married son that abandons them…It is OK you compare me with anybody.


    • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 8, 2013

      Selqam ,

      Dear sir /madame

      Why does it matter who I am ,Just stick to the message.I have always had one color…I am not sure if you need help in English ,Tigrinya or common sense. If you like the message condone it ,if you do not agree condemn it.


    • Ghenet May 9, 2013

      So what if he is mehretu or, Selam or Ghenet or even john for that matter? we are interested in ideas on people.

  • aba_chegora May 8, 2013

    The prospects of peace between the two brotherly nations, which unfortunately separated back in 1993, is at the hands of our president Mr. Isayas. The president ignited the war without consulting with the Eritrean people of looking for alternative ways to resolve his dispute with our Ethiopian brothers. The war was won by Ethiopia and Ethiopians are capitalizing on their military and diplomatic victory by insisting that they first want a comprehensive dialogue on all outstanding economic and political issues. Of course the ruling of the court is final and binding and the Eritrea government has the moral and legal upper hand when it insists that the ruling regarding the border is final and binding. Yet, demarcation of the border alone is not enough to secure a sustainable peace. This makes Ethiopian demand for dialogue before peace logical. I think Eritrea needs to engage Ethiopia in dialogue. Eritrea needs to dialogue on all issues like trade, port service, double nationality etc. Ones the outstanding issues are settled, I am sure Ethiopians will allow the demarcation process to go forward. To make the long story short, the end of the no war no-peace situation is now at the hands of the Eritrean ruler. We Eritreans need to push our president to dialogue with Ethiopia seriously.

  • ማሊሻ May 8, 2013

    “New Hope” is a genuine and thought full person who is trying to teach Eritreans some logic and reasoning using humor, right from the center of Hamassien, 35 kms from Asmara.
    I was surprised to see here some hypocrite people who call themselves “democrats and opposition” trying to burn him down like they did with Tigre language and other Eritrean heritage. There are some retarded here too, who are trying to muzzle down New Hope as they tried to muzzle the Kunama, Afar, Bilen … Eritrean languages from any use, be it educational, radio or local administration. These are the same mother fu88ckers who are condemning the Kunamas for their genuine grievances against the Janjawid murderer Shifta awate.
    What makes these slaves or abeeds, as the Arabs call them, different from Issaias is that at least Issaias openly declared “there will not be any elections in 30 years, no free press nor any promise of democracy” but not these undemocratic hypocrites.

    New Hope, please keep o writing

    New hope wrote,
    ድጕዓ ዓሰብ (Lamentation of Assab)

    ድሕሪ ናይ ሰላሳ ዓመት ሰውራዊ ዳዕዋ
    ብተስዓን ሓደን ጸላኢ ሰጒጐ ዝሓዝኩዋ
    ፈሪሙ ዝሃበኒ፣ለዋህ ወዲ ማይ ቂነጣል፣ ዓድዋ
    ንሱ ብዘንቀሎ ሃገሩ ልምዓት በዚሑዋ
    ወደባት ጂቡቲ፣ኪስማዮ ምእካል ኣብዩዋ
    ብታሕቲ ታሕቲ ኣብ ቃጣር ዘፋነዋ
    ባባ ኢሳያስ፣ምስ ኢትዮጵያ__መዋገዪ ጌሩዋ
    ወያነ ዝመረቐለይ፣ እምበር _ደሳለኝ ወሲድዋ
    ኣይጸገብኩዋን፣ ባሕረይ ንዒ ተመለሲ በልዋ
    ምዃን ኣይፈርደላን፣ድሃይ መራኽብ´ዩ ጸምይዋ
    ካብ ኣንቀደትሲ ትኺድ፣ግን ድሃይ ስደዲ በልዋ !!!

    ኢትዮጵያውያን ቀኒኦምለይ፣ብምዅነይ SINGAPOUR
    ድፋዓት ምዅዓተይ፣ካርሸሊታት ዕቤት ሃገር
    SPECIAL BREED___ኮይነ ክብረተይ ዘይሕኰር
    ዓሰብ እንተወሰዱዋ መሲልዎም ዘይምዕብል
    ባጽዕ ኣላትኒ፣ብማንም ዘይትድፈር
    ውግእ ኣየድልን፣ካብ ሕጂ ንካባበር
    ንምጽዋዕ እንተሓሊፍኩም፣ሕቝኹም ከም ዝስበር
    እመኑ,ዋላ ጸሓይ ኣይትብረቕ፣ መኻልፍ ትመስክር
    ዓሰብ ካብ ከደት ብባድመ ንናገር
    ቀልጢፍኩም ልቐቕዋ ከይተምጽኡ ነገር
    ካብ ኣሜሪካ መጺኤ ከየርእየኩም ሽብር !!!

    • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 8, 2013

      Brother Militia,

      If you could see my joy on the screen….it would not fit it.You know motivating people by motivating them..Like you implied it,DEMOCRACY IS TOLERATING WHAT YOU CONSIDER OFFENSIVE & INSENSITIVE.
      You really know me uncles & aunties the first to give their life in what they believe..whether as Kumandis of Janhoy´s era or tegadelti (later turned bandits).
      Brother Militia..ኣጆና ማንም ሓተላ ግለት ኣይ ኤርትራውን ኢሉኒ ድምብርጽ ኣይብልን።ብርዔይ መጅሙዕ እያ ትትኩስ።መልእኽተይ ድማ ሓንቲ እያ።ካብ ሸፋቱ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ይበልጽን ይኸብርን።ንዲሞክራሲ ስለ ዝቖምካ እግዚኣብሄር ይባርኽካ።ክንደይ ቤተሰብናን ኣዝማድና ንብላሽ ስለ ዘጥፋእና፣ነዚ ተሪፉ ዘሎ ትውልዲ ክንዕቅብ እንተ ጨደርና__ማንም ዓዱን ዓውዱን ዕላምኡን ዘይፍለጥ ብኣፉ ስለ ዝደጕሔ ድምብርጽ ኣይንብልን።ኣጆና ኣጆኻ ምልሻ ናይ ዲሞክራሲ።ኤርትራ ሰለስተ ለባማት ኣለዉዋ፣ ኣነን ንስኻን ኢሳያስኒ።

      Hawka Hadas tesfa Ertra

      • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 8, 2013

        correction please read …motivating people by provoking them….and not motivating people by motivating them.


  • Obahara May 8, 2013


    Following is an earlier note that is more or less relevant to what is being discussed here:

    It goes without saying that Isaias and his lawless PFDJ regime are the number one enemy of the Eritrean people as things now stand! Without wasting word, suffice it to say that lawless regimes like the PFJD in Eritrea cannot represent anyone except themselves. The Eritrean despot and his bestial PFJD regime have done well in continuing to shoot themselves on the foot and seem to be determined to keep doing so till their ugly end comes in due time.

    Proceeding, the Wowyane regime in Ethiopia is just as lawless as its PFJD counterpart in Eritrea because it stands in violation to the Eritrean-o-Ethiopian international border demarcation verdict that it signed as “Final and Binding”. The Weyane regime is just as lawless and bestial as the PFDJ is to those Eritreans who see it as the enemy of the rule of law and democracy as well as peace and order in both countries! Therefore, the TPLF or EPRDF or Weyane regime in Ethiopia is the number two enemy of the Eritrean people for its lawless dealings and wheeling in connection with the unity of the Eritrean people it is trying to undermine and the integrity of their sovereign land in violation of the rule of international law. This is so because the Weyane regime lawlessly stands on the way of the very reason Eritreans fought for 30 years to liberate their land from Ethiopian colonial rule and establish a government of their own making in its graves.

    Furthermore, Eritreans are their own number three enemy for they take part in creating and or prolonging the causes of their miseries by siding with one lawless regime or another. Just as the tyrannical PFJD regime ruling and ruing Eritreans is lawless, so is the Woyane regime in Ethiopia whose only interest is to divide and rule the Eritrean opposition it patrons to weaken their unity while violating Eritrean territorial sovereignty. This has one goal and one goal only and that is to weaken the unity of the Eritrean people and question the viability of the Eritrean nation in the making. Sooner or later, Eritreans living inside and outside their country will have to unite their forces and resources to end the rule of the PFDJ plague and establish their own constitutional, institutional, and democratic government in their country without siding with one lawless regime or another.

    In conclusion, Eritreans won their independence from Ethiopian beggar rule by force of arms in 1991 and sealed it legally in the court of international law. The border war followed because the two thieves that stole the Eritrean dream together finally turned against each other and wasted precious life, limb, and material resources of both the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia! Peace does not come through those who use the rule of the jungle to run the affairs peoples as both the PFDJ in Eritrea and the EPRDF in Ethiopia do but through obedience to both national and international laws! It takes two to tango and the former EPLF and its former TPLF friend have turned into each other’s worst enemies and dragged both the poor peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia into a costly, bloody, and useless war to keep themselves in power! The only way to deal with these two lawless regimes is to challenge both of them to abide by the rule of national and international laws forthwith and let the two peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia start living in peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence.


  • Hazhaz May 8, 2013

    Mighty Embasoira writes,

    “You seem to believe in Democracy. At least half of our population seem to prefer Arabic as another Eritrean Language. Whether I like (actually I do support this) it or not, I have to respect my fellow Eritrean’s wish.”

    Who gave the so called Jebha “elite” the right to burn Eritrean languages? Did the Tigre, Kunama and Afar people give a binding legal permission or consultation under a democratic process to these Jeha “elites” under Jebha’s Baathist Arab “democracy” to burn any Eritrean language? Why are you throwing the word “democracy” in the life history of an undemocratic and fascistic Baathist Arab Organization group? Are you asking Eritreans to” respect the wishes” of some inferiority laced fascist servants to burn Eritrean languages?
    Does democracy also include burning Eritrea’s own indigenous languages to promote a foreign Arabic language as some Eritreans are doing at the cost of our own heritage and identity?
    Does democracy include giving legal protection to alien language like Arabic in a non-Arab nation as Jebha did?
    Does democracy include shirking the responsibility of providing the Afar, Kunama, Bilin … languages a legal protection in their own land while an alien language Arabic is enjoying full legal protection in Eritrea?
    Does democracy also include telling a young kunama and Afar girl that her language is worthless unless she speaks in foreign Arabic language?
    Whose agenda is burning Eritrean languages, heritage and identity?

    Here is what you will see according to wishes:
    History repeated itself again 28 years later after the second organizational conference of the ELF/Jebha in 1975. Educational books, which were prepared in the Tigré language by teachers at the Sawa training center, were ordered to be burned by the Executive Committee, citing the reason that it was a conspiracy directed against the status and prominence of the Arabic language in Eritrea. The leadership of the ELF gave orders not to prepare any more educational texts in the Tigré language henceforth.

    “ኣብ ፕሮግራም ናይቲ ቀዳማይ ጉባኤ፣ ኣብ ሕቶ ቋንቋታት፣ ትግርኛን ዓረብን ወግዓውያን ቋንቋታት ኮይነን፣ ናይ ኩለን ቋንቋታት ኤርትራ መስልን ማዕርነትን ክሕሎ ዝብል ነጥቢ ነይሩ እዩ። እዚ ነጥቢ’ዚ ድሓር በቶም ዓቃባውያን ወገናት፣ ከም ኣንጻር ዓረብ ዝቐንዐ ውዲት እዩ ተራእዩ። “እዚአን ቋንቋታት ኣይኮናን ዲያለክትስ እየን” ዝብል ምጉት ኣምጺኦም። ከም ውጽኢት ናይዚ ኣመለኻኽታ’ዚ፣ ኩሉ ተጋዳላይ ጀብሃ ከምዝዝከሮ፣ ድሕሪ 2ይ ውድባዊ ጉባኤ፣ ኣብ 1975 ኣብቲ ውድብ ዝነበረ ንመምሃሪ ተባሂሉ ዝተዳለወ ናይ ትግረ መጻሕፍቲ ተቓጺሉ እዩ። ኣብ መዓስከር ሳዋ ዝነበሩ መማህራን፣ ካልኣይ ቋንቋ ናይ ኤርትራ ትግረ’ዩ ብዝብል ገርሃዊ ኣተሓሳስባ እዮም ብትግረ መምሃሪ መጻሕፍቲ ኣዳልዮም። እዚ ምስተሰምዐ፣ ኣብ ኣኼባ ፈጻሚት ሽማግለ ጀብሃ “ናይ ትግረ መጻሕፍቲ ክጸሓፍ የብሉን” ዝብል ውሳነ ሓሊፉ ከምዝቃጸል ተገይሩ። እቲ ውሳነ ኣብ ገለ መራሕቲ ጀብሃ ዝነበረ ናይ መንነት ቅልውላው ዘንጸባርቕ እዩ ነይሩ።” (

  • NEW HOPE ERITREA May 8, 2013

    To those angry & some harrasing me,

    I am glad it yielded the message I wanted it to deliver…It provoked you in to reacting.
    By the way I never believed Woyane /Ethiopia wanted to capture Assab.
    ነይሓልፍ።እቶም ተሓቢእኩም ከተፋራርሑ ትሓስቡ ፈርሓት__ኣብዚ ይሁዲ ጠበቓታት፣ኣኮታተይ ኣብ ሰራየ ጠበቓታት እዮም ክብረትኩም ሓዙ,ፈርሓት። ኣንኳይ ማንም ወዲ ኣርብዓ ኣይሓማሴናይ ኣይትግራዋይ___እቶም ካብ Krazy Glue__ንላዕሊ ዝጠበቑ ደቂ ኣስፍሃ ወልደሚካኤል ውን ኣይክኣሉንን።ሾውዓተ ሕማም ኣጥርየ ኣለኹ ነቶም ብሓይሊ ትኣምኑ´ውን ኣጆኹም ብሂወትና ሓዲኡ እዩ ዝምለስ።ኣብ ሲናይ ሰብኡትን ሰበይትን እንዳተዓመጹ ዘይተላዕለት ኩላ ፥_ኣብ ወዲ55 ዓመት ትፍክር እንተኾይና ኽኣ ከም ወዲ ድምበዛንን ወዲ ጉሕጭዓን ሙማት ይፈልጥየ።ወስላታዎች።

  • Zerai May 10, 2013

    Everything you try to quote from different websites regarding the soscio-poliltical situations in Ethiopia are not only wrong but unneccessary to your cause. Sometimes you seem to blackmail Ethiopia on geopolitical situation in the region. As I Know and understand Ethiopia since many years, Ethiopia is ready for any eventuallity and It is capable. Don’t think of Aseb as a bargainig chip. It would have been suitable as djubutti but Ethiopia seem not to be tempted to change their principle. They are looking for other alternative and you will soon learn that. We, Eritreans, have fought the war of independence courageuosly because we had a just cause, but all the wars we fought after independence were unneccessary and had no cause to fight. Those were mistakes made by the leadership without out cause. Now we need too stop here and rethink on how to go about changing the life of our

    people for the better. We also need to understand what is Ethiopia
    doing vis -a-vis oyher neighboring countries.

  • luna May 10, 2013

    To Simem

    I see from the many comments made the topic is very controversial as such creates lots of emotion filled either with negative or positive words.

    Is this topic currently the most pressing issue for Eritreans? I do not think so. It would be wise for us to find ways and means of answering the most pressing demands/questions facing the population at present.

    I suggest we also stick to the message which is central to talk about instead of bringing unrelated ideas and lumping them together just for the sake of saying something ONLY.

    Cool heads have better results in what they do.
    Peace for Eritrea!