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The Little Dictator – By Paulos Misgena

They say God is a fair and mysterious creator and so does in the way He arranges and organizes the world. He gave America Jon Steward and, either out of His fairness to Eritrea or

They say God is a fair and mysterious creator and so does in the way He arranges and organizes the world. He gave America Jon Steward and, either out of His fairness to Eritrea or fondness to mystery, He came up with Ali Abdu.

Long before Ali Abdu’s read us a well-rehearsed page from his “Allegory of the Ship” on DmtsiEritrawian TV, Jon Stewart, the best political satirist that Comedy Central has ever seen, ‘provocatively’ mocked Fox News’ king and producer of The O’Reilly Factoras “Santa’s elf “ for his role to protect the
Christmas season as Christian as it has originally been. “You are going to hell,” quipped O’Reilly on his next episode “I make my living watching Fox News eight hours a day. I’m already in hell!” Stewart fired back. Celebrating his line with a hilarious gesture of punching, he challenged the conservative talk show host, “Your move, O’Reilly.”

“My move, Stewart?”O’Reilly said. “All right, here’s my move. How can you watch eight hours of Fox News every day and still be a pinhead?” Click here to watch the humorous exchange
These two heavy weight US TV personalities have no idea that we have what we call TV-Eri. If they do, God knows which part of hell that they may think those who watch Eri-TV will go, or most importantly, what they think of the producers of the propaganda. What is disturbing, however, is the person who is heading the TV, the state of his mind and the sour nature of his tongue and the perverted logic he is combating the world.

Many think that Ali Abdu never created the situation that created himself never plunged himself into it. Partly, this is true. After the detention into oblivion of the G-15 members by President Issias, the government somehow over secreted official-growth hormone. Unfortunately, Ali became the manifestation of the abnormal growth. “He [Ali] is the only official in the history of Eritrea who became Department Head and Minister overnight,” gossiped a staff of ERi-TV who still works there. “Whether he was burdened with big jump or is simply feeling he is entitled, he is more and more acting like a spoiled brat. Sometimes it looks like he has emotional problem too,” said a former TV journalist reporter who preferred to remain anonymous.

Speaking of emotional problem, it is almost Asmara’s knowledge that Ali frequents St. Marry’s Psychiatric Hospital but no one knows the reason. For a long time, the rumor was that his frequent drive to the hospital had to do with picking up a refill for the President. Before too long, however, Ali started struggling to get to work on time, which is any time during the day. According to sources close to the Ministry of Information, after 2003 Ali started to exhibit bulging eyes and puffed-up face which comes and goes and ever since then grew erratic in behavior.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no doubt that Ali is a pot of emotional strife that lives in a contradiction. For a long time now, he has ceased to be himself and has lent his body to his boss’s spirit. Having imitated the President completely, he now tries to perfect him in his dictatorial, blunt, sour, and psycho-talk. Like President Issias, he wants to portray himself as an intellectual and analyst of any subject and field. A manifestation of his delusion is not only his belief but also, in anticipation of a flow of gold money before sanctions, he and Issias, very difficult who convinces who, aspire to enter into competition against great media owners like Rupert Murdoch and conglomerates like CNN, FOX News, Sky News and Al jazeera. They think that they have the big weapon – ‘the truth”- and can change world opinion if the spare big money to invest on satellite and TV infrastructure. By duplicating Al-Jezzra the Eritrean way, they think they canpenetrate into European and American Airwave market to spread the truth and cleanse the world. According to some sources, TV-Eri will start French and English programs targeting Djibouti and other Francophone African countries. If things go as planned, Ali has also plans to hire high-profile foreign journalist in Al Jazeera’s fashion.

His imitation of President Issias, however, is not easy. The fact that he has no charisma, coupled with his defective speech due to his in ability to produce the “R” sound, doesn’t only turn listener off but sounds horrible and nauseating. Click here and judge for yourself.

Review overview
  • MEHRETU HABTE December 31, 2011

    ህዝቢ ኤርትራ፣ ኣነ ምእንቲ ኤርትራ ክብል ብረት ሒዘ ኮለል ኣይበልኩን። ንስኻን ፣ ደቅኻን፣ ለውሃትካን፣ ባህልኻን፣….ግን ዘዘኪረ ተሃዊጸ.እታ ዝገበርኩዋ ናይ ሕርካም ትኹን እምበር,ብቕንዕና,ንስኻ ከይትዋረድ ኢለ ኢየ ጌረያ.ኣብ ጸሎተይ ኣለኻ። ንኹሉ ሃይማኖትን ቀቢላን ቤተሰብን ስካቡሊን ክጽልየልካ እየ። ተስፋኻ ኣብ ነብስኻን ፣ ኣብቶም መንእሰያት ደቅኻ ግበሮ እምበር
    እዚ ብናተይ ዕድመ ዘሎስ እንድዒ፣ ሓሚሙ እዩ። ብዓል ኣሰናን ኣዝማሪኖን ዓዋተን ….ኤልሳ ጭሩምን,ሽወደን ዘላ ግዋል እስጢፋኖስ, ሓንቲ ዶክተር ኣልጋነሽ እያ ይመስለኒ…….የድንቐን .ብምኽንያት ናተይ ክቱር ኣካላውን ናይ ኣእምሮ ፈተነን 2012 ክጽልየልካ ልካ መዲበ. እቶም ብሕልና ተደሪኾም ዝድግፉኻ ባዕልኻ ኣለልዮም.
    እዚ ወድሓንካ- ምሕረቱ ሃብተ (ድምበዛን )

  • Yemane Johar December 31, 2011

    Ali Abdu is another Sahel grown little dictator. At an early age, he was groomed and well trained by his master on how to be a loyal lapdog who can do at will all kind of tricks just to amuse his master! This is a person who adulates his master so much so that he proudly hang DIA;s portrait in his office.
    This idiotic chiwawa mimics his master at all level. From his ugly mustache to his egotistic and grandiose arrogance nobody does it like him with perfection. He is a pathological liar and that is the hallmark of his profession and indeed very handy in “serving the truth”. Ali the chiwawa aspires to look and sound like an intellectual and little does he know that he lacks the intellect, the acumen and the scholarly sophistication.
    Ali, the chiwawa, in his recent interview at VOA Amharic program, unashamedly he did claim that after America intelligence learned of the Eritrean defense forced redeployment and its offensive potential that it was about to unleash against the arch foe enemy “weyane”, they, (the Americans)urged and pressured Eritrea to ceasefire and accept/ sign the final peace initiative. Mind, this was the time when the Ethiopian forces were marching deep into the Eritrean heart land and the chiwawa and his comrades were in the process of withdrawing from the remaining territory they held and fleeing to ward Sahel and contemplating a 2nd liberation all over again!.

  • truly, Truly i say to you January 1, 2012

    Eventhough I oppose Isayas and his regime, fairly and truthfully to speak, If someone doubts and denies as America directly or indirectly help not provided to Ethiopia , or saying all the time the US is not siding with Ethiopia regarding Eritrea´s issue, I say not only Ali Abdu is a liar, but the one who denies this fact is also a big liar. In dead what Ato Ali Abdu told, as if Isayas was ready to accept the US- Rwanda peace proposal before the beginning of the third round war is totally white lie . The truth is like always Isayas was forced to accept the peace proposal after his embarrassed himself and nation was only .

  • truly, Truly i say to you January 1, 2012

    part 2
    And the reason that Isayas forced to accept the peace proposal and begged to mediate him was also not like many meek his worshippers propagating and tried to convince us was, for the strategical defense purpose, or because Isayas has will to protect Eritrea and people from that time danger was, but he so scared Woyanes not to cut his neck in the middle of Asmara was only. The other very truth fact, woyanes´ marching towards to Asmara was also interrupted, not because Isayas was able to defend our nation , or in other side not because Woyanes can´t, or have with their own good will decision not liking to marsh to Asmara was, but because their master Americans they ordered them not to marsh beyond limit was only. If someone claims “ No” it was because the good will of Woyanes, I say you, you are very hypocrites towards the might Americans they have, about that matter and their work and I will like to ask you like Lord says, “Can ax claim to be greater than the man who uses it? Is it a saw more important than the man who saws with it? A club doesn´t lift up a man; a man lifts up a club. ( Isaiah, 10; 15.) If you like to thank for the victory that time obtained , thank Americans but not yourself Hypocrites!

  • truly, Truly i say to you January 1, 2012

    part 3
    part 2
    However, the socalled US -Rwanda peace proposal, i don´t think that was proposed, because there were will to see the conflict ends peacefully, but because it was welly calculated and studied, whatever peace proposal propose that will be rejected by both sides. Because Isayas stubbornness is welly known and studied in one side, but in other Ethiopian side too, the US very well knew how Ethiopian Army with modern weapon highly equipated,was,because that time in the name of famine and hunger for 20 million people from the whole world they were able to gain systemically modern weapon and billions of Dollar . Because of the encouragement and the help they get ,if someone denies Ethiopian as not have will to revenge Eritrea for they lost in the first and second round war territories because they were seriously defeated, but simply says they were in their side ready to accept the peace plan, I say the one who says that himself could be a great pathological liar.

  • truly, Truly i say to you January 1, 2012

    part 4
    part 3
    But what surprising me know more is , Ato Ali Abdu, the real patroit Ato Haile Woldensie ( Drue) to what has given the reason for the defeat of the Shabia Adiminstration at Frankfurt festival ,he started to repeat and explaining by diverting the facts to what Drue exactly explained before . But this stupid guy if he knows Ato Haile wasn´t said it differently. What he said was “Woyane because of the help and encouragement they get from the US and the whole world except from Algeria, and because of the administrational weakness and failor we hav,WOYANE, was “ALMOST ATELAKYOMNA NEROM” but the people of Eritrea like always was courageously fought and able to defend the nation sovereignty was has said. But for he telling us the truth, Ali and his master they imprisoned and given name to our real portraitist like Drue, Okbe, Petros, Birhane, Beraki, Sharifo etc like TEMBERKEKTI( Knell dawn people, and mercenaries,What a paradox!

  • truly, Truly i say to you January 1, 2012

    part 5
    But in reality these patriots were realy calculated the third round war how dangerous it could be, if not like they advised the conflict be able to be challenged in different political diplomatic and military strategy. but for that genuine proposal ,Isayas imprisoned,calling and telling us these patriots as if they mercenaries and kneeling dawn losers people. But every Eritreans specially those who leaving in Eritra very well knows and heard it,at that very dangerous difficult time to what Isayas has said it and compromised,to that in the name of hunger from whole world that gathering all kinds of aid to Ethiopia, as he allows without condition the aid to pass through Port Asab, as if he nothing knows about the hidden secret, while inother side consciously stubborning not to end the conflict peacefully. Can any serious person believes Isayas allowed the aid,because he doesn´t know anything or has a human-being feeling? In dead for Ethiopians I say yes,but not for Eritreans. If be, why he not agree to stop the war from the beginning before we lost thousand lives and territories instead then ?So after all this happened, if ato Ali Abdu pretends to be Catholic more than a pope I mean more than Haile Drue, by repeating to what he said corruptly, we know who our nation real enemy and real patriot is.