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The Executive Body of the National Commission Organizes a Forum for Consultative Discussions

The Executive body of the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change has under the theme ‘We Will Solve our Problems through Consultative Discussions’ held a meeting in October 30/2011 in Addis Abeba. According to sources

The Executive body of the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change has under the theme ‘We Will Solve our Problems through Consultative Discussions’ held a meeting in October 30/2011 in Addis Abeba. According to sources from the meeting, leadership members of 23 political organizations and 8 members of civic societies participated in the successful gathering.

Opening the meeting, Mr. Amha Domenico, chairperson of the ENCDC underlined that in solving rising problems and thereby making the National Congress successful, the best way is to exercise consultation and discussion, and noted that the forum for free discussion opened by the Commission should be regarded as a preparatory work for the Congress. He further stated that the aim of the forum is for the Congress’ stakeholders to explore the essential role they would play in seeing this solemn and historic National Congress project come to fruition.   The meeting’s agendas included:

1.       Probing the pre-National Congress atmosphere

2.       Expectation from the Congress

3.       The role of political organizations in the Congress’ success

4.       Bodies to be empowered by the Conference

5.       Opinions regarding the participation of individuals and civic societies

6.       Post-Conference expectations and the role of the opposition camp

7.       Relations between political organizations, civic societies and stakeholders

The participants commended the role of the Commission for holding such meetings and thanked the executive body which organized it. They furthermore noted that such meetings should be encouraged and continued in the future. The participants went on to stress that on top of such meetings, all forces for democratic change should prepare themselves morally and psychologically for the success of the National Congress. They stated that toppling of the PFDJ regime is a must for the salvation of the people and that this depends on the unity of the forces for democratic change. They, in conclusion stressed the fact that being at the crossroads and in order to succeed and fulfil the wishes of the people, taking the right direction and working with the utmost effort remains everybody’s historical obligation.

The participants were aware of the fact that political organizations and civic societies were hindered by the regime in Eritrean from realizing their aims and that therefore they should unite for the creation of a just and democratic Eritrea and for the success of the National Congress. Some participants have expressed their differing views regarding the Congress and considered it a success provided it:

1.       Takes into consideration the present objective realities including the democratic wishes of the people and its unity.

2.       Comes out with a clear and all-inclusive political charter

3.       Comes out with important political resolutions and an all-abiding constitution

4.       Comes out with a common leadership based on sufficient understanding, United Front/ Grand Alliance a sort of umbrella organization.

The meeting went on for almost eight hours. In the end and after considering the importance of consultative discussions for the success of the National Congress, the participants recommended that the committee for consultative discussions carry on its work and appointed four individuals who are entrusted with the responsibility and the vital task of ensuring the continuity of this consultative discussions among all stakeholders. The meetings concluded its session with success.

Success to the National Congress!!

Eternal Glory to our Martyrs!!

News and Information Committee

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change

November 03,  2011


Review overview
  • Barentu November 4, 2011

    Individuals or groups mired in the old and outdated Jebha-shabia politics can not bring positive change without changing themselves first. No sane young person expects any positive and constructive change from these gangs.
    These same gangs have wasted so much time and opportunities, young Eritreans are demanding that these outdated and expired political groups remove themselves.
    One seasoned Eritrean political commentator once called them: ” … old and fossilized political dinosaurs”.

    • Zekhtam Eritrawi November 4, 2011

      Congrats for jumping onto Isaias’ bash-them-till-they-bleed-to-death modus operandi. I am sure, PFDJ sycophants are throwing a party for winning over one to their camp. What a downer!!!

      • ahmed Saleh November 4, 2011

        Stop this nonsense propoganda to create division in between us. We are not stupid,
        we know how to handle our situation. Thanks, and no thanks. Keep your old and expired
        mentality wih grudge for yourself.

  • ahmed Saleh November 4, 2011

    The suspicion on some people beleifs concerning different Civic or political groups continue hold a vise-grip on a small
    segment of our society. It is unfortunate at this time and stage of our political movement to observe them ingaging
    in placing those groups under hot spot light by smearing their reputation and characters. It is sad but not discouraged
    though to become more and more disillusioned with this people not for our shared views, but the self righteousness
    they profess when expressing their ideas or beliefs. To avoid not be a victim our own conciousness, better preserve
    our entity and dignity of our loved people.

  • tesfay November 4, 2011

    Why dont you talk about the victims of Sinay instead of becoming additional burden to your people. Shame on you, a bunch of cowards and hidden spies of HIGDEF. Our mineral is exploited, our sons butchered by the Bodouins our daughters raped by GAngs and you talk about a so-called meeting

  • Cicero-paradiso November 4, 2011

    They are indeed outdated, worse than the evil in Eritrea.

  • Barentu November 5, 2011

    This is taken from CNN. Egypt has become the center of organ theft and trafficking in the Arab world. The majority of the Eritrean prisoners under the Egyptian Beduines are victims of this theft. Very few Eritreans are arriving to Israel alive. Most of the Eritreans who are still in Beduine prisons do not know that even after paying money they are killed for body parts later.
    ” According to rights groups, refugees — from places like Ethiopia, Eritrea or Sudan — are enslaved and tortured and the women raped if they cannot come up with the large sums of money the Bedouin try to extort from them and their families to smuggle them into Israel.
    But Hamdy Al-Azazy, head of New Generation Foundation, has photos showing corpses with distinctive scars in the abdominal area….
    Al-Azazy says the organs are taken from refugees while they are still alive. “The organs are not useful if they’re dead. They drug them first and remove their organs, then leave them to die and dump them in a deep dry well along with hundreds of bodies.”

    He says he was once taken to the area where the bodies are dumped after the organ removal process. He says he believes corrupt Egyptian doctors are working with the Bedouins, coming to Sinai with mobile hospital units to perform the operations to remove especially corneas, livers and kidneys….
    Who is responsible Egypt or Isarel?

  • ECCO November 5, 2011

    So who made them to be lik this, isn’t the crazy guy in Asmara, talking about westerners and UN……. kill this mini Gadafy and let our people take rest, specially our youth.