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The Eritrean Embassy in Saudi Arabia forced all Eritrean passport holders to sign on a letter it produced to discredit the COI report.

  The Eritrean Embassy in Saudi Arabia forced all Eritrean passport holders in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jezan, Abha and Khemis Mushait to sign on a standard letter produced by the regime to discredit the UN Commission


The Eritrean Embassy in Saudi Arabia forced all Eritrean passport holders in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jezan, Abha and Khemis Mushait to sign on a standard letter produced by the regime to discredit the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea report, and thwart the ongoing work of the commission on the same mandate.

Students from the Eritrean community in Riyadh and Jeddah were also ordered to fill the form in order to make the number look big.

Eyewitnesses told that most Eritreans in Saudi Arabia are frustrated for being blackmailed by the Eritrean Embassy.

Almost all of them couldn’t refuse to sign on the letter because they are afraid they will be denied consular service including passports.

The Eritreans who are disgusted by the shameless and illegal act of the dictatorial regime are urging the international community to open its eyes and see the injustice for itself.

The Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea was established by the Human Rights Council through resolution 26/24 of 27 June 2014 to investigate all alleged violations of human rights in Eritrea, as outlined in the reports of the Special Rapporteur on human rights in Eritrea.

The Commission presented its first report to the Human Rights Council on 23 June 2015.

The Human Rights Council extended the Commission’s mandate for one year to June 2016 and mandated the Commission to investigate systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights in Eritrea with a view to ensuring full accountability, including where these violations may amount to crimes against humanity.

In line with its revised mandate, the investigation and documentation of possible crimes against humanity in Eritrea will be at the core of the Commission’s work during the second term. In addition, it will investigate and document developments with regard to the human rights situation in Eritrea since the finalisation of the Commission’s first report.

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Review overview
  • Berhane January 20, 2016

    Ewayyyyy anta ezi seraki mengisti du kebhal woys ewala ewala dema hegis dima woreket abazihu dema fermu yibelalo. Ane zegermenie etom nezi zetegberu ke eko temelesu adekum kibehalu kelewu ne europan american dekomen genzeben nay hizbin hijeom meguyayom eyu. Anti Eritrea meas eyu mekeraki zeweda kon.

  • Berhe Tensea January 20, 2016

    Betray HabuniZehmko Aleni Eyu Negheru. This is unbelievable, the victim, the abused and the forced to leave his homeland is asked to hide the crimes of his tormentor.
    By signing this form the refugees are supposed to give up their chances of asylum in the West and at the same time vindicating the criminal or the dictator and his toothless bandit like officials.
    The COI is staffed, by intelligent professionals and will not be swayed by this cheap tactic.
    The dictator that have changed Eritrea to the largest prison in the world must pay for crimes against the Eritrean people.
    Every refugees in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Israel MUST aware of this evil intent and resist and oppose it,
    Assena, the people friendly website also has to educate the refugees and warn people to stand against this illegal act strongly.

  • Zeray January 20, 2016

    Eritrean government human rights violation does not need words to explain. Sahara desert is speaking out of those whose remains that are scattered in its sun scorched sands, Mediterranean sea is speaking out of those who drowned in its deep belly, Sinai desert speaks volumes of the atrocities and cruel suffering due to human harvesting. All those mentioned happened simply because the Eritrean people were driven from their own country as chased by the devil. Inside the country the prisons are echoing the torture and the loud cries of those who were put in jail inhumanly. In all this justice is silent. Words are not needed anymore because the mere sufferings and the pain speaks out loud and clear every day. There is no convincing one way or the other just open your ears and eyes and be honest to yourself and decide what is good for you and your family.

  • Amanuel January 20, 2016

    If the Eritean regiem is claim that asylum seekers are deciving the seystem. The regiem should have taken accountability and accpebt when the eourbian government attempt to remove Eritreans from their country. I will give a tangible evidence. The United Kingdom only removed one Erotrean in the past 15 years a leady by the name Mesesret Resom. I strongly believe that if the Eritrean regiem take accountability the problem in Eritrea will be resolved. If the regiem believed that the grounds Eritrean asylum seekers claim is incorrect, the grounds are as follows
    1. Indefinit national service
    2. Illegally departed from the country
    3. No freedom if religion freedom of expressing
    5. No court of law
    6. Threat from individuals access to prisoners
    8. No multiparty system market economy


  • Musa Ali January 21, 2016

    Coercing eritreans to sign a letter through intimidation is gross violation of rights that the coi is investigating. So we must do every thing to expose this violation to be added into the list of violations by recording as many victims as we can and presenting to all agencies including the coi itself. The Eritreans in the Saudi and elsewhere should also be educated that regardless of their opinion they have the right to get consular services. If denied, they need to know that, they are violated and the only way to restore it is by standing up against the criminal gangs who are being investigated. These criminal gangs are few in number and know that they will be brought to justice abroad or in Eritrea for the crimes they have commited. They are desperate and will try every thing to avoid justice and divide Eritreans and create chaos in the country. Kulu feshiluwom eyu. Politically feshilom eyom. Bkuteba feshilom eyom. Bmahberawi nabra feshilom eyom. Zifeshele dima nkulu Klikim tirah eyu zixier.

  • abrham January 21, 2016

    atum sebat not not nimntai gin bzaebae higdf trai afna neblih?eza nai higdef form kab tizrgah ab assenna darga 5-8gizie bztefelaleye aresti keriba alla.Abzen hasabat dima lily 30ritotat keriben.kulen gin bizaeba nai higdef chikanen nai hizbi himketin trai.etom tekawemti tibehaluke: nibaelika amanueln gujlekanke:etomabfekedo adi alena tiblu mahberatin nai deleyti fithi terneftinke:hiji do aikonen eti men mikuankum tereyulu gizie?hijido aikonen eti eritrawi hilna ziserhalu humot?kemzeytimlsuley yifelitye miknyatu limus seb bzaeba kiblo zelewo ember bzaeba kigebro zelewo enthatitkayo afu zeykone eti limsetu eyu melsu.emokedea selemawi selfi dina kingebir hijike?higdef kea neti natkum Derek sieli an tveri amstiu niformna zidgif selfi elu uitkemelu.

  • abrham January 21, 2016

    Hiji zedli liki kemti higdef zigebro zelo wefri bwegenka wefri migbaryu.bibret ferihnas bpiron wereketin kea kinferih?eti nai alem UN chenafir bet-sthfetat nakum yikeri mesleni.AMANUEL mish tmali tmali ninai wedibakaro udet zeybestho nimshfanin nimimlaen udet jemairka neika:kabnai sheu gin hiji adlikana aema ezi hizbi amarasti aziu sienu neza form dem endateamo kimelayu sheu nab zeiwestalu mekera koatuyu.slezi nihji nikun bejakum

  • abrham January 21, 2016

    I hope everyone who is reading my comments is aware of my point.I know we have so many sitizens who can be guarantee our mission in the glob but SO SILENT.please guys as the people is being punishing with what he has been Silent yesterday:God is swing who is hiding his feelings then he is going tucome with phase to you even.

  • aus 17 January 22, 2016

    A dead brain, is naturally when it’s declared by a doctor. can we say a dead mind olso when the brain refuses heaps of truth, evidences and survives on negation like the Higdefites and blind supporters?
    The Commission has verfied the truth that every sane person can see, documented by an Eye witnesses, traces on their bodies of torture, and bruises nothing but criminal actions. Yet higdefites dare to call their supporters “country loing”, really? Can we not call them ISAYAS Loving! IS it so confusing between Eritrea and ISAYAS?
    How would they reason fake to those thousands fleeing the country – not loving their country!Thousands in prisons not loving, thousands in diaspora not loving Eritrea…
    The Commission has full right and full truth to diclose the barbaric regime who lost every respect of humanity and human values.