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The contradictory saga of the sinner: Nizghi Kiflu Vs. Solomon Habtom

To Samson Solomon and the rest of the family: Ajoka Samson and Ajokum; stay strong and trust in your God and you will see the result of this extraordinary crime very soon on the sinners in

To Samson Solomon and the rest of the family: Ajoka Samson and Ajokum; stay strong and trust in your God and you will see the result of this extraordinary crime very soon on the sinners in Asmara. They may appear safe for now fooling themselves as if they were winners but you will be surprised about how fast they loose their ground and perish. Please stay calm and coherent because life must go on. Let the causes of the tragedy suffer the consequence of their spiritual decadence and trust me that they are going through it one way or another at this point in time needless to say it is permanent, something they will continue paying even after they die. They sure have taken your father’s body but they cannot touch his essence which is in absolute peace now, needless to say that he has freed himself from their verdict through the grace of dying. I advice you to give your father peace of rest, the opportunity to enjoy his absolute freedom by accepting the reality and letting go. Give him serenity by doing what he always wanted you to do and don’t disappoint him by hurting yourself more than necessary. Things happen for a reason after all and I am sure something special will come to your life out of the tragedy. I dearly love and care for you, son! Please remember that crisis is the mother of transformation; use the unfortunate opportunity for your spiritual development and contact me at, so that we can grief the tragedy together with joy but never with sorrow; and pass my greetings and condolence to your beautiful sister and the rest of the family!!

Any human being can lie and abuse others on the cover of professional or national obligation but nature is perfect as it is with full capacity to effortlessly respond without the assistance of supernatural force. The result, however, becomes extremely troublesome with God’s involvement in any human contradiction. The ordinary human nature is the only entity that fails to understand this reality and keeps on swimming in the cosmos depending on individualistic outlook of life until it confronts the unforgiving snag of the truth at a point in the journey.

In so saying, an eluded mind has a problem with truth and rationality and does not know how to consistently manage events. As the person keeps on going sticking to the ego-mind refusing to surrender to spirituality, the perishable body becomes more dominant than the everlasting essence and ego takes total control reducing one to a waste basket of emotions. One tries to correct a mistake by committing another and the mind becomes more obscure as mistakes pile up reaching a saturation point where it becomes impossible to reverse or realize what is going on. Actions then become anarchic and hasty forcing one to accumulate layers of sin crippling one’s capacity to live a normal life in any situation. The person loses the ability to distinguish the right from the wrong and thoughts arrive one after another at a speed and intensity beyond the processing capacity of the mind. Each thought stays with its associated sub-thoughts and specific emotional energy clouding or suffocating the mind and the body suffers with a strong resultant or collective emotion of all the thoughts entertained in the mind literally crippling the commonsense beyond repair. At this point in the dilemma, ego celebrates its successful performance in destroying the person while the essence or inner self helplessly looks from distance effectively weakened by the uncontrollable dynamics in the body that becomes vulnerable to sleeplessness, restlessness, high blood pressure, irregular pattern of breathing, sweating, fear, anger, nervousness, depression, hatred, revenge, regret, stress and sadness beyond the scope of its resistance.

In Buddhism, the law of karma, states that “for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first”. Karma is the law of “moral causation”, the price tag of any intention or action or the cause and effect of any action, meaning that people naturally harvest what ever they sow. One cannot avoid confronting the karma of his/her deeds no matter what. Even revenge from a victim is not necessary for a sinner to suffer the outcome of his/her sins. Karma takes care of everything for it is the most effectiverevenge without reaction because a human being pays in terms of emotions not only for everything he/she does but also for what one thinks. Intention by itself, therefore, encapsulates karma within, let alone with action. This is the nature of human beings that no amount of self-deception, money and power can neutralize or defy. You may not believe what I am saying but I am absolutely sure in my spiritual analysis. That is why I choose to be careful about what I think and do with all my defects in place, at least as much as I can. The laws of nature and karma are beyond the control of a human being, the reason eastern spiritualists use total awareness not to hurt anyone including ants and other small animals while walking. They respect and value the meaning of life and they know the only power that has the authority on any life on the planet is nature itself, be it God, creator, Allah or else immaterial.

You see, life is universal, a continuous derivative of the infinite cosmos for we are interdependent in this existence. One wasted life is, therefore, one damage too many for the human race. Unfortunately, ordinary human beings think they can waste lives and stay peaceful. They undermine the value of their own lives by depreciating human life. They do not respect nature as given by the supreme power and they gravitate to the interest of the impermanent body instead of their essence. That misplaced identification (with the temporary body) then puts them under the control of Self-Ego, the catalyst that disparages life with endless emotional suffering the awakened spiritualists call SAMSARA “[endless] cycle of aimless drifting, wandering or mundane [tedious] existence”.

Respect for every life is harmonic substance; guarantee for comfort, peaceful coexistence. I cannot imagine the extent of suffering the wicked Eritrean President is undergoing at this point in his evil life where everything has become late and irreversible. He may pretend healthy and peaceful but reality asserts the opposite because no person in his caliber of sinfulness can avoid SAMSARA, the natural consequence of choosing to be one like him. Simply speaking he cannot help being in hell alive and it will only get worse.

The contradictory and terrified life of Isaias Afwerki is so visible to any spiritually conscious person that no symptom or another form of revelation is necessary to visualize. Jesus, Holy Mohammad, Buddha, and others such as our native spiritual teachers, Dalai lama, Krishna, Maharaji, Papaji and all Zen masters in history clearly and identically taught this to the human race.

Checkout how he handled Naizghi Kiflu’s episode, for instance. The gentleman was a free individual that legally left Eritrea for treatment at his blessing. He was in harmony with the regime and passed in England but was denied a resting place in Eritrea for whatever reason it might have been. This is how a confused and troubled mind operates. So scared, it tends to punish everything including the dead failing to differentiate the body from the essence. It assumes of hurting the person’s perished body that already separated from the essence (real self) like a dog trying to attack the statue or the image of another dog thinking it was real. It diminishes itself to animalistic state of consciousness. Such a sick mind seeks gratification from killing parents and rendering their children circumstantial orphans (the Sherifos, Petros Solomons, etc.). Its concept of revenge transcends into generations ahead in this compulsive narcissism or psychological perversion while the extent of self inflicted suffering unconsciously approaches exponential dimensions only definably by mathematical approximations.

At least we know that Veteran individuals of the struggle are supposed to rest in what they call Cemetery of the Martyrs which Mr. Naizghi deserved with flying colors (vis-à-vis his normal relationship with the dictator) but could not even secure a burial spot anywhere in Eritrea. In the flip of the coin, veteran fighter Solomon Habtom was in custody for undefined offense to the Isaias regime until the time of his death. Consistent to the norm, he should have been buried in undefined spot in the country with no further explanation but they ended up resting him in the Martyrs’ Cemetery. The dictator thinks he was doing the family a favor but can you understand this insanity? Can you really comprehend Isaias punishing the remains of an obedient servant (Naizghi’s) through the act of negation and glorifying the dead body of someone considered a threat (Solomon’s) through the act of acceptance? The two episodes to me are reflections of the president’s deteriorating state of mind from ARROGANCE to FEAR. In Naizghi’s case, his arrogant state of mind was “I can do whatever I want and they cannot do anything about it” and in Solomon’s case, his terrified state of mind was, ”what a mess, how can I fool the people now so that nothing happens to me

One more thing is crystal clear, however: the unhealthy essence of the president that lost his mind because of uncontrollable ego and confusion, a damaged and scared entity that can no longer rationalize reality; one that creates enemies out of nothing and constantly lives working against himself!! You are talking about an unconscious individual that goes out of his way scavenging for anything to inflict extreme suffering to humanity and himself!! And then he dies!

In the other side of the fence, can you understand the collective insanity of the opposition groups that keep on going divided and refusing to unite through dialog because of chronic attachment to the ego-mind that tells them a story about how great they individually were and that they were the only solution to the problems of the Eritrean people? Yet without any progress or effect to the society! The effect of ego is the same on every human being because of pseudo-natural arrangement or distorted understanding of the real self but I think the dictator’s exceptional mindset is also contagious as well demonstrated in the opposition groups that live fooling themselves of having the capacity of bringing everlasting solution to the Eritrean problem divided into more than hundred groups. And then they die!! God save Eritrea from the two complementary sides of extreme ego-centrism!!


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Review overview
  • k.tewolde August 26, 2017

    Beautiful Fitsum,Indeed,most of the elements leading the opposition parties are the alter ego of the tyrant,that is why they failed to challenge him time and time again.Despite an overwhelming dissent from the masses and a ripe and succulent social and political opportunity,they continue to cannibalize each other giving the enemy another room to breath.They are inflicting as much havoc to the people as the tyrant himself. Like you said this nation needs a divine intervention, a good Karma to sort out the evil and restore peace,sanity.harmony,love,good spirituality……..above all rule of law. On the current direction,it is headed for self consumption and eventual take over by opportune foreign bystanders all over again.

  • Beraki T. August 26, 2017

    Indeed brother F.Abraham, you correctly said it: “things in life happen for a reason after all and I am sure something special will come to our lives out of the tragedies”. Indeed, we all just need more patience and tolerances.

  • Sol August 27, 2017

    The irony is that many people are still worshipping such a a maniac dictator

  • Keshi Mars August 27, 2017

    Hello Fitsum, well I was not to write unless it has to be written by some one. Put your funny Karma in your cabin and next when you have something to write about, come clean and write about the real thing. Enough with that kind of stupidity.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! August 27, 2017

      Keshi Mars , Is that necessary ?
      I guess nicknames become a favorite tool for destructive comments . Why ?
      I hope brother Futsum learned well to
      ignore suspicious elements in this forum .

      • sami August 28, 2017

        We have heard your conspiracy ‘suspicious elements’ bullshit ELF moslem crap.
        Were you born under suspicious circumstances?
        Were you also deported/expelled from Ethiopia to Eritrea for suspicious elements?
        You are simply a dumped garbage from the barbaric Arab world to our Eritrea.
        Why don’t you freaking lecture or ask your stinking Saho moslem crock “WHY” he uses/deceives Assenna readers with multi nicknames like Sol, amanuel, andom, Kalighe, Aba thimmer, Mohammed, Khalid, Wedi Hagher (rootless Yemeni nomad).
        Cut your double standard “muwirizay” or more like aregit mushmush moslem shiTara!

        • sami August 28, 2017

          Your Saho dead brain snake cousin is so ashamed of his Mohammed moslem names that he has also been using “Kidane” as his latest nickname. Why???? Please enlighten us with your brilliant/magic conspiracy theories.

          • AHMED SALEH !!! August 28, 2017

            Mr. unknown with multiple identity crisis .
            Since I am proud pure Eritrean I have nothing to hide . My Saho ethnicity and my Moslem name is enough proof of
            my blueblood Eritrean identity . That is why I do not have any
            issue with my proud Eritrean societies from all region and
            ethnicity .
            An arrogant person do not deserve to get attention because nobody gain by reasoning with conscientious stupid people .
            Unfortunately your ignorance disturb forum readers especially
            from the writing that shows your education level .
            Does the saying ‘ kab muhro aemuro” ring into your ears ?

      • sami August 28, 2017

        With your poor old dementia disease you are sadly shitting not from your damaged fagnatura abeed/slave ass but “biafika kitHarie gemirka” aregit mushmush gerewegna.
        Pure, what the freaking is “Pure”?? You are not even a “Pure Arab” but a pure Arab slave dog.
        You fought a mercenary opportunist banditry/shefatus fight to get evil savage moslem Arab identity and Arab language with barbaric Sharia law in Eritrea.
        Wedi Halima aregit mushmush Arab dog slave/abeed go and fool your rootless ignorant illegal moslem immigrants about your evil alien taliban missions.
        Your type of moslem shit cancers are our main INTERNAL & EXTERNAL ENEMIES.
        Once we get rid of DIA your stinking savage moslem Arab identity/language would be destroyed/eliminated all together from our beautiful and “PURE” Eritrea so start packing your dusty and stinking nomad’s belongings as your days are very numbered. Simply get a proper medication for your stinking dementia.

        • Danilo August 28, 2017

          Signora ለተጭዪዮን ፡you seem to stick with one name “sami ” i’è good but you failed how much you are payed by DIA to dived the un divisible society. ወየንቲ’ውን ዘድሕኗኪ ከይመስለኪ ውጺ ካብታ ጸባብ ክሽነ።

          • sami August 29, 2017

            Wedi FaTima mushmush Akar saHab gimel, very funny indeed your pathetic childish moslem gimmicks.
            Next time try to amuse/entertain your savage evil barbarian moslem Arab slave masters and your fascist Italian slave masters who made big/massive holes in your Halal asses by kicking you so hard with their sharp “Koyo” chamas/shoes.
            Now, back to the great brave “Weyenti” with their other EPLF brave Christian brothers who chased you all the way to your stinking Sudan with your camel tails behind your legs and your wetting jelebiyas. History will repeat itself soon and it won’t just be to the Sudan or your Yemen……
            Don’t try to punch above your cockroach weight but keep crawling in your savage evil moslem Arab deserts for mating.

          • sami August 29, 2017

            addition: it won’t just be to the Sudan or to your Yemen but to your evil moslem hell graves to roast for ever.

      • DaYo August 31, 2017

        Blue blood my behind. You are a useless muslim terrorist.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! August 29, 2017

    Any way , let’s hope our brothers and sisters in Houston and surrounding survive this horrific
    hurricane incidents . It is sad to loose everything
    you earned in your life .

    • DaYo August 31, 2017

      A black man that worships an arab’s god. You are a disgrace to yourself. You and everyone like you. We don’t want nothing to do with anything that came forth from an arab. Eritrea for Eritreans. Your place is somewhere in the arab world, you slave.

  • geladios August 30, 2017

    People like Sami to distract out our attention from well written, Mr. Fezum beautiful, and very educational the main point… But not wise at all. I don’t think this gentleman or lady is Eritrean at all. No way, don’t you have something good thing to say. I am very proud of Mr. Ahmed Salih comments every time every time he does. He deserves our respect. Sam who ever you are. Don’t dare to insult our heroes with your stupid spoiled mind. please keep it for yourself.

  • Simon G August 31, 2017

    Brother Festum,
    Great article!
    ዝኣመነ ብሴፍ: ዝኸሓደ ብሴፍ: ኣብ ትሕቲ መግዛእቲ ህግደፍ!