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Tesfalem Arefayne – Korchach – Bitow | ቢቶው – New Eritrean Music 2020 – (Official Audio)

Review overview
  • rezen May 23, 2020

    For what it is worth, I shade my tears for the tragic phenomenon that Eritreans have to go through insidious enemy after the extraordinary victorious achievement of LIBERTY. Indeed, it is CLASSICAL TRAGEDY.

  • BITEW May 26, 2020

    The New video will have more impact on the ground
    Very powerful song
    It will push someone to soul searching and act accordingly

  • rezen May 27, 2020

    The Unlucky Eritrea.

    Eritrea has gone through thirty-years of war against Ethiopia to liberate Eritrea. In tandem, Eritrea also fought AGAINST ITSELF in the middle of the war against Ethiopia under the banner of ELF and EPLF. Please Note the given names: the only difference is in the alphabet capital letter”P” representing PEOPLE as if the ELF was a strange unique entity WITHOUT PEOPLE!!!!!.

    But In hindsight, we can see the inherent, hidden, animosity between ‘ERITREANS’, based on various, sociological factors such as religion, region, racial etc as hinderance to the age-old dream of FREE INDEPENDENT ERITREA. even in political independence, as recognized by the United Nations, Eritrea does NOT seem to be ONE ENTITY for ONE COMMON GOAL Take the multitude of Eritrean political parties (80 to 90), safely situated in tranquil free countries abroad, ALL claiming to be aligned for the same objective!!! If so, it is the greatest Houdini Deceptive Act!!! In such fully deceptive atmosphere, one is forced to conclude— looking at it in hindsight — that the self-appointed president is a person, fully laded with hatered, revenge and dedication to the total destruction of a country based on his personal hatred towards the people and country. THERE IS NO RETURNING BACK FROM THAT DISASTER. And so ERITREA became, and will live as, a tool for the satisfaxction of a deranged personality To the satisfaction of a DECEIVED, MANIPULATED, COLONIZED ENTITY it may be a consolation to remember that such a phenomenon is not only restricted to poor Eritrea but also Historical Facts through out World History.

    Like any other World History, Eritrea lost countless dedicated Eritreans who sacrificed their precious LIFE for Liberty, Democracy, Equality, Economic Productivity and solid relationship with wold brotherhood in dignity. Can Eritrea survive such a down fall and be a FREE, INDEPENDENT and ECONOMIC FLOURISHING COUNTRY, for the benefit of its own people????? Let EVERY ERITREAN ANSWER THAT QUESTION TO THYSELF.