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Suspected illegal Eritrean immigrants found in lorry

Six suspected illegal immigrants from Eritrea have been arrested after a lorry driver heard banging coming from the inside of his vehicle. Sussex Police said it set up a rolling road block as a safety precaution

Six suspected illegal immigrants from Eritrea have been arrested after a lorry driver heard banging coming from the inside of his vehicle.

Sussex Police said it set up a rolling road block as a safety precaution on Tuesday on the A27 near Chichester after the driver reported the noises.

The Italian-registered vehicle was stopped at Tangmere and six men, aged between 23 and 29, were arrested on suspicion of illegal entry to the UK.

They are currently being questioned.

A spokesman for the force said: “Concerned that the lorry might be refrigerated, officers moved quickly to get the people out and a rolling road block was put in place on the A27 while this happened in case any attempted to run when released from the vehicle.

“The westbound carriageway was closed for around half an hour.”


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  • Berhe Ghermazion February 19, 2014

    As long as the mad man is in Asmara, Eritreans will leave the country, they will get arested and killed.

  • Asghedom Woldeghiorghis February 19, 2014

    I think the destiny of eritreans for the next 20 years will be like this untile the people of KIRARE AND KEBORO LIKE Mr. Keleta and others will continue to write the name and sure name of ethiopian leaders as the most enemy of eritrean people.
    I think , to be refugi and running away from owen country for eritreans is now a culture. Etitreans are dreamers and they countinue to dream to have better life abroad than at home .
    eritreans started to immigrate in other countries europe and america many years a go, but educstion wise they are zero, compering other people.the people of KIRAR AND KEBERO ARE STILL DREAMING.

  • ahmed saleh February 19, 2014

    A country whose young generation lost hope became a source of mysterious bad news. And
    Eritreans are victims to suffer upon hearing at ongoing such events until the situations back home change for better . To ignore the truth on
    the ground for the last more than ten years left
    us wondering helpless hands tied .

  • luna February 19, 2014

    Is it not a sad reality to identify an entire population with Kirar and keboro? The Lampedusa tragedy where great loss of life had been registered must create a resolve in our mind for resistance to be born out of it.
    It it was not the first tragedy. Many similar tragedies had had happened earlier and nothing will stop it from happening again if we fail to find a lasting answer to our problem.

    Many Eritreans all over the world demonstrated to mourn the loss of life at Lamedusa. In the Rome gathering one religious leader rebuked the crowd by saying that we are mixed-up people at many levels. At its worst, we deny by saying that nothing is happening and life is normal. For far too long, we have remained silent. He added by saying that till we decide to stand for truth tragedy is to continue visiting us over and over again. Such a moment must have been a warning, signaling the final call to action.

    Perishing in the belly of the Mediterranean sea is not a destiny given to us. We are not victims for ever! Let us search for the big picture amid such recurring tragedies. The latest news clip about the six people found hiding inside a lorry to enter UK is sad. Asylum is not a way of life to be chosen. Individuals make this much effort to enter another country unlawfully and with with huge risk. One might wonder by asking, ” Can’t these individuals choose to fight for free Eritrea by staying put, rather than leave their land for an unknown destiny and destination?”

  • Hazhaz February 19, 2014

    Eritreans are abandoning Eritrea in hundreds every month, and Eritrea is heading to a failed-state status. How did this happen?
    The writer and thinker,Yosief Ghebrehiwet, with his penetrating analysis dissects for all to read:

    “The Somalization of Eritrea: Stuck at Its Fluid Stage of Totalitarianism

    The melting down of the nation state Eritrea, as displayed in its institutional, economic, infrastructural, military, political and demographic meltdowns, has now reached its highest level. Even though these meltdowns keep feeding on one another to reach the critical stages they are at, it is the demographic one that is driving the nation to the brink of collapse, in the process hollowing out the army, the labor force, the family, the villages, towns and cities, and eventually the nation itself. Thus, the nation is literally collapsing under its own sheer weight, so much so that it has functionally come to a virtual standstill. For all practical purposes then, Eritrea has become a failed state like Somalia; it is only that, in its case, we have to seek the “Somalization” at the individual level – that is, the meltdowns as reflcted in the daily living conditions of the masses – that being a precondition for the “Somalization” (or fragmentation) of the nation in its geographic sense.

    How has the “Somalized” individual emerged in the Eritrean scene? A generation’s misconstrued conception of modernity (and the lethal metamorphosis that it underwent in mieda), one that factors out its human component to the barest minimum, has been the main reason for the nation’s tragedy. ”

    Full article at:


  • Zufana February 19, 2014

    This is a very sad event and i really feel sorry for the six Eritreans.
    They are also wrong believing that Europe is heaven for immigrants or asylum
    seekers. Many Africans in Europe lead their life working unbearable and exposed
    to isolation, discrimination, prostitution, addiction and crime including suicide.
    The lesson for all is to be mindful in the judgements and actions.

  • luna February 20, 2014

    Some Eritreans can’t contemplate the disintegration of the ‘nation state’ as if it can never happen. Let us not fool ourselves with such baseless denials. If ever, we are afraid of the fracturing of Eritrea let us work starting from today to prevent disintegration from happening.

    Life is precious! At the same time, when we mourn the suffering and death of a few whom we highlight on the websites, equally thousands are losing their life as we talk. Lack of trust is the other enemy eating away on Eritrean psyche. Eritrea has become almost a failed state. The blame falls on the regime which has led the nation creating such a situation. Eritreans as a community can’t be responsible for it. Besides, at every juncture, betrayal by highly placed individual Eritreans has affected the popular movement to falter and claw back abandoning the struggle. A good example for that is what Medrek did against the interest of the majority of Eritreans. Any in-fighting within the opposition camp is good news to the regime. Transparency must be the tool we have to make use of in order to create trust among leadership and all the way down to the rank and file.

  • ተወልደመድህን February 20, 2014

    ኩሉ ወዮ ኢይና ናህና ነገር።ኣብ ኣኤርትራ ሎሚ ዘይኮነ ካብ ግዜ ቃልሲ ጀሚሩ ጣቛ ዘለዎ ኣከያይዳ ኣይረኣናን።ነጻነት ኮይኑ ከኣ ንስዑድያ ምውሓዝ ኣየቋረጹን ኔሮም።ሕጂ ከኣ ብዝከፍ አ መንገዱ ቀጺሉ።ህግደፍ ይኹኑ ሰበሰልጣን መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ከኣ፡ ካብ ቤተሰቦም ምምሕዳር፡ጉዳዮምን ዋኒኖም ምስራሕ ሃሊፎምነዚ ነገርዚ ንምግታእ ዝገበሩዎ ጻዕሪ ኣይረኣናን።ብፍላይ ድሕሪ ኩናት ባድመ ኩሉ መጻኢ ኦድሉ ጸልማት ጥራሕ ኮይኑ ዝተራእዮ፡ኣብ ነቭሱ ምትእምማን ዘይብሉ ወለዶ ስደት መፍትሕ ጸገም’ዩ ወሲዱዎ።ብዘይካኡ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ጸገማቱ ንኸቃልል ንስደት ብውሽጢ ውሽጢ ኣቢሉ ሰሪሑሉ’ዩ።ግን ካብ ቁጽጽር ንላዕሊ ከይዱ።…..ኣብዚ ግን ሓደ ሕቶ ኣሎ።ስደት መፍትሕ ጸገም ኣይኮነን።ኣብ ኤርትራ ተቓውሞ ኣልዒሎም ኔሮም እንተዝኾኑ፡ካብ 360 ዝወሓደ መስዋእቲ ኩነታት ኤርትራ መቐይሮ መምጸአ ኔሩ።ኣቲ ናይ ሎሚ ስደት ትርጉም ዘይብሉ ደቂ 16 ኦኣመት እንታይ ከምዝጸንሖም ከይፈለጡ ዝሰርሕዎ ኢዩ።ዓቕሊ ጽበት እንተኾነ መፍትሕ ኣይኮነን።ኣብዚ ጉዳይ ስደት ኩሉ’ዩ ዝኸስር ዘሎ።ሃገርን ኅብረተሰብን።ዝኾነ ይኹን ወጻኢ ዘሎ ከኣ ንዓ ከም ሃገርካ ካብ ምባል ሃሊፉ እስከ ህዳእ ብሕማቕ መንገዲ ጉኦዞ ኣይትጀምር ዝብል የለን።…….ናይ ኤርትራ ነገር ባዕልና ብባዕልና ኢና ንጣፋእ ዘሎና።እዚ ከኣ ኣባትር ሒዝና ዘይኮነ ድንቁርና ስለዘሎና፡ሃሳብ ጠፊኡና’ዩ።ስለዚ ናይዚ ኩሉ ጸገም ሃንዳስን ጸላኢ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ስሮኣት ህግደፍ’ዩ ቀጺሉ ከኣ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ባዕሉ ናይ ርእሱ ጸላኢ ኢዩ።ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከብርስ ዝደሊ ግዳማዊ ሃይሊ የሎን።እዚ ናይ ህግደፍ ፕሮፖጋንዳ ኢዩ።ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ብምፍላጥ ይኹን ብዘይምፍላጥ ክፍርስ ዝጽዕር ዘሎ ባዕሉ ኤርትራዊ ኢዩ።