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Sudan armed Libyan rebels, says President Bashir

By James Copnall BBC News, Khartoum Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir says his country gave military support to the Libyan rebels who overthrew Col Muammar Gaddafi. In a speech broadcast live on state television, Mr Bashir said the

By James Copnall BBC News, Khartoum

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir says his country gave military support to the Libyan rebels who overthrew Col Muammar Gaddafi.

In a speech broadcast live on state television, Mr Bashir said the move was in response to Col Gaddafi’s support for Sudanese rebels three years ago.

Sudan and Libya have had a complicated and frequently antagonistic relationship for many years.

Libya was declared liberated on Sunday, two days after Col Gaddafi’s death.
‘Opportunity to reciprocate’

President Bashir said the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), a Darfuri rebel group, had attacked Khartoum three years ago using Libyan trucks, equipment, arms, ammunition and money.

He said God had given Sudan a chance to respond, by sending arms, ammunition and humanitarian support to the Libyan revolutionaries.

“Our God, high and exalted, from above the seven skies, gave us the opportunity to reciprocate the visit,” he said.

“The forces which entered Tripoli, part of their arms and capabilities, were 100% Sudanese,” he told the crowd.

His speech was well received by a large crowd in the eastern Sudanese town of Kassala.

JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim lived for some time in southern Libya.

Now he is back in Darfur, in western Sudan, where an eight-year-old civil war continues.

Mr Bashir’s remarks show a desire to forge firm links with Libya’s new government.

But the easy availability of weapons in Libya, and that country’s porous border with Darfur, are also of great concern to the Sudanese authorities


Review overview
  • akeletei October 27, 2011

    Fascist Shabiya will definitely swallow the bitter bill for punishing and denigrating our citizens. Dumb wedi afom actively interfered in the internal affairs of our neighbours, now Sudan is telling him bluntly in the face that he will be made to pay in revenge.
    You reap what you sow, anta kondaf agame!

  • Barentu October 28, 2011

    Issaias’ biggest threat is not Meles. It is Omar al Beshir. al Beshir never ever forgets the people who had stabbed him. He has a complete wild animals instinct. al Beshir will never rest until he has Issaias’ body dragged like Ghaddafi.
    Just watch, you will see who gets whom first.
    It is a dog-eat-dog world.

    • Saba January 6, 2014

      In this case, i dont mind to cooperate with this fat-ass Bashir… As long as those dumbest slave-minded eritrean biests arent removed we cannot change at all ERITREA…

      The good thing with Isayas is.. that he made anyone and everyone hating him… I know from iranian sites they hate him, i know from israeli forums they feel disgusted by him, i know from all arab channels isayas is well hated by them, i know from china they cant trust this dog, at least but at least he is a lonely bastard who needs to be toppled asap!!!

  • truly, Truly i say to you October 28, 2011

    Brother Temesgen, in some points despite I have different view than yours, i can´t tell how i miss you very. Your optimistic,positive and very diplomatic approach that you have towards Ethiopian regime, specially your positive assertion about both people blood relation my eighth somehow is acceptable and undeniable, but not to leave all without critic. Because I very well know how the vast majority of the oppositions Ethioians, even most of the ruling party members how they still thinking and dreaming to reverse the Eritrea independence, if that not possible, we know how they sabotaging to get Port Asab as it their own. I even don´t think that they happy because of the mining boom, and they like to see a peaceful prosperous independent Eritrea ,or they have interest to resolve border issue peacefully. Anyway we all together have one common enemy isayas the dictator, that makes us all one in common .I wish you success and all the best. Hopefully you come back healthy.

  • Ali October 28, 2011

    You should not and better not mess with Shaebia. Issayas Afworki is not a puppet, but a fighter who pushed the enamey, out of Eitrea. He is the commander in chief and the commander is in control whether you like it or not. Again, don’t mess with Eritrea’s favorite son, Issays. My prayer every night is, shaebia today, shaebia tomorrow, sheabia forever. Thank God my prayer have been answered for the last 40 years.

    • Maazza October 29, 2011


      Your prayers for the last 40 years have condemned people to die in prison, to die at the Sinai and Sahara deserts and the Mediterranean. They have condemned Eritreans who served their country with all their force and youth to rot in containers. They have made the hardworking Eritrean people in towns line up for a ration of a piece of bread per person per day in shame and humiliation. Your prayers of the last 40 years have deprived the Eritrean people their Constitution, rule of law, a democratic system and education, health and development. I just wonder what you have been praying for the last 40 years!! It looks like you were praying for what you are personally getting out of an oppressive and tyrannical rule like the one we have in Eritrea. For you this system is great and you pray for it to continue ‘ad infinitum’. To me you appear to be a really selfish egocentric person who has no ears and eyes for the reality surrounding his country simply because he is personally gaining from it. You are much worse than Isayas and mark my words you will pay for it. The Allah you are praying to for the last 40 years is against deaths, imprisonment, hunger, tyranny, and absence of rule of law. Isayas Afeworki is not a puppet (as you say), he is a MONSTER.

      • Zekhtam Eritrawi October 29, 2011


        I couldn’t have put it any better. It was rather interesting to note with a resigned look of course when a guy in the audience (in New York) finished asking Isaias a question if he sleeps like an average person given his rather tight schedule running the country. Isaias would give the audience a rare glimpse to his incredibly shadowy and secretive life where the rest of us are left to speculate. When Isaias said, he sleeps on average eight or nine hours a day, one couldn’t help but wonder if Isaias actually fits into the profile of a classic psychopath and a sociopath where they are completely devoid of any emotions, empathy where Isaias enjoys a cozy and sound sleep when he finished killing people for the last forty years or so, rendered wives widows, children of former high government officials orphans, mothers and fathers of journalists childless, and the unaccounted for Eritrean youths who had died in the high seas and in the vast deserts as well. Sadly enough, Eritrea doesn’t not only have a psychopath in a leader, but his followers as well.

  • Barentu October 29, 2011

    Part 1,
    Are all political changes good? No! Not in the Islamic world!
    Was Libya better off with Col. Gaddafi? Only time will tell. When the Shah of Iran was deposed, the Iranians celebrated for months. What did they get back? A devil incarnate Islamist theocratic mulah in the name of Ayatolah Khomeini. What is his trade mark legacy? A Fatwa that forces every Iranian woman to wear an ugly black sack “keretsit” from head to toe.
    Back to the Horn of Africa: when the Somali’s Ziad Barre was deposed the nave Somalis also celebrated but what did they get twenty years of misery with lots of supplements “moqshish” such as stoning to death, chopping arms and legs, starvation …
    When the PM Sadiq al Mahdi of Sudan was deposed, the fools in Sudan also danced in their streets? What did they get? A twin devil by the name of Turabi-Beshir who not only chopped more arms but also burned more villages and killed millions in the name of Islam. … 2

  • Barentu October 29, 2011

    Part 2,
    How can I forget the mother of all miseries called Afghanistan? When the Soviet backed government of Najibulah was deposed with the support of of the USA and the Arab petro dollar, even the Americans celebrated as the Afghans and the Arabs did. What did they get? I have no space to list their misery, suffice to say they got lots of moqshish in the name of Taliban and al Qaeda. If there is a place on earth for the devil to choose as his head quarters, it would be Afghanistan. What did our American friends get for all their investments against Najibulah? The 9/11 and a ten year intervention and and quagmire that is still raging like a wild fire.
    The list goes on and on. Egypt and Yemen will not fare better, so will Libya. I will leave Tunisia as “metsananI” to the most optimists. The fear is that will they fare more stable and democratic than another miserable place known as Iraq which also had celebrated Sadam’s downfall? History and time is on my side.

  • Barentu October 29, 2011

    I read this in the Facebook link of one of my friends who lives in the USA:
    They call it the Arab spring, but these days it’s looking more and more like a fall backwards. Tunisia has elected an Islamist party to lead a new coalition government. In Egypt, Coptic Christians have been targeted and killed, while a Muslim man recently received a three-year sentence for mocking Islam on his Facebook page. And in his first major address to the Libyan people, the interim head of state, former Gaddafi justice minister Mustafa Abdul Jalil, declared: “As a Muslim country, we have adopted the Islamic Sharia as the main source of law. Accordingly, any law that contradicts Islamic principles with the Islamic Sharia is ineffective legally.”

    Jalil went on to reassure Western politicians that the new government’s interpretation of Sharia will be “moderate.” But that moderation already includes the lifting of a ban on polygamy, and permitting a man to take additional wives without asking his first wife for consent. In addition, there are disquieting reports that women married to Gaddafi supporters are being raped as “punishment” for their men’s allegiance.

  • Haqi tezareb October 30, 2011

    Compare the story below to your current shame in your identity, languages, heritage and your shameful deaths in the hands of the freaking Arabs. The coward Arabs despise you so much they are harvesting your organs alive.
    Compare to your Habesha ancestors who defended themeselves from the savage Arabs for centuries and centuries.
    Read, the young Zerai Deres. Does this ring a bell in your lazy minds?
    On May 21, 1937, in Rome, Italy was celebrating its fourth anniversary of the proclamation of the Italian Empire. The celebratory parade was attended by Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and King Victor Emmanuel III. Thousands of subjects from Italy’s African colonies marched during the parade. Among them was a young Eritrean man named Zerai Deres. He was carrying the sword to salute the King, the Führer, and Il Duce, at the grandstand. As the parade marched past the Vittorio Emanuele monument, Zerai Deres looked up and saw the golden Lion of Judah, the symbol of the ancient monarchy, to which his ancestors had long owed allegiance, erected as a war booty in the heart of Rome. The shock was too great for him, and he drew his sword and with it he slew five fascist guards[1], as well as wounding others, before he himself was killed[2] on the spot in a hail of gunshots.

  • Kokhob November 8, 2011

    some people have got some phobia type problems in facing changes. change is just the nature of nature and should be accepted but use it for world peace advantage.The world is looking for peace and is no more able to accommodate dictators. the wave is not going to stop till the word becomes clean of those dirty groups like PFDJ. be modern and think of other human beings who are suffering around you including you own relatives.

  • COMEBESHTATO November 11, 2011

    omar al besher in kasala suden said to wedi afewerki on his face (WE HELP LIBIYAN REBELS).that means wait, your time is coming.this agame he dont pay atention on besher speach he juest clape his hand and smile and go home .i beat you he understand when he get home.too let.INCOMING……sheeeeeeee.