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  • Eritrea February 12, 2013

    why do your leader the dictator and HGDF are lying to real Eritrean?? Any real Eritrean can’t be pro HGDF and the dictator and at the same time concerned about our borthers and sisters dying in Egypt. the root of the problem is the HGDF system and the dictator. if you think, any march any where in the world by concerned real Eritrean is nothing to do with HGDF and the dictator, you are not in your right mind or you don’t care about the Eritrean people in Eritrea. You said “false propaganda continue” IS it right to deny Eritrean basic right? to confined them in a shipping container? to deny them proper education? to keep them in an open ended free labor? These issues are not false propaganda but reality to real Eritrean in Eritrea. We Real Eritrean,we don’t need to pretend that HGDF and the dictator have nothting to do with the issues. Because they have to do 100%. Eritrea