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Subject: The Ever-Elusive True Liberation that Eritrea Never Achieved — Part 2

Subject: The Ever-Elusive True Liberation that Eritrea Never Achieved  -- Part 2 Reference: Article by Woldeyesus Ammar: “Religion – Isaias Afeworki’s Eternal Weapon to Divide and Mislead People”  dated   APRIL 8, 2019 Commentary, 10 April 2019 RELIGION is the OPIUM of

Subject: The Ever-Elusive True Liberation that Eritrea Never Achieved  — Part 2

Reference: Article by Woldeyesus Ammar: “Religion – Isaias Afeworki’s Eternal Weapon to Divide and Mislead People”  dated   APRIL 8, 2019

Commentary, 10 April 2019

RELIGION is the OPIUM of Human Beings. Somebody, somewhere, at some distant past said it (I think).  In any case, Mr. Woldeyesus Ammar should be commended for bringing the subject of RELIGION as an “Isaias Afeworki’s Eternal Weapon” to destroy Eritrea, as indeed Issayas said it in a moment of frankness (aided by a glass of Spirit) “ከርእየኩም እዬ   At this moment in time, Eritrea has become ነበረትያ  ነበረት —  way  far behind other countries who – way back in time —  didn’t even have a semblance of modern roads while modern Eritrea enjoyed the relative status of a modern country. Colonialist did it for themselves. The down fall of Eritrea is simply a shattering string of phenomenon – which in the past 27 years is deliberately done as a vengeans of an indigenous person, but twisted by hatred.

Dear Readers: With the above long introductory, let me share with you a short story that I will never forget. I read it (many years back) in an article or so by Mr. Woldeyesus Ammar. If I made a mistake in the details please forgive me as I do not have the source material at hand. In any case, here it is:

I will drop the “Mr.” for the time being!  University Students Woldeyesus and a friend [whose name escapes me] decided to say good-bye to Issayas on his way to join the ገድሊ። (1) The two University Students went to the Bus Station at Merkato,  Addis Ababa, to see him off to the FIELD via a short stop at Asmara.

On their way back after the farewell, the friend said to Woldeyesus the following immortal words: Quote “Issayas will split the ገድሊ into two; if he fails to do so he will be back immediately” Unquote

It was the most insightful forecast, bearing in mind the unwavering belief, deep emotion, singular objectivity and determination of seemingly the ENTIRE population of Eritrea, where ever they may have been. It was a phenomenon of automatic synchronisation of MINDS:  hungry for the singular objective of Liberty.   Indeed, it seemed that not a single person believed that Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch, who was born and nurtured in Eritrea, would meticulously, intently, and with inner hateful gusto BETRAY the entire people of Eritrea? In 1991, Issayas, as a conquering ‘lion’,  was self-elevated to the highest pedestal, seemingly only a few steps below the Heavenly God –The Creator of Humanity.

With the above surreal [with a little drama], it is a shocking wonder of wonders that Eritreans can, and consciously, be divided and support their ‘murderer’!!! It is impossible to fathom any sense of logic in that fact. Only Psychiatrists may attempt to understand, and try to explain, the unexplainable of hypnotism in the Eritrean society.

Dear Eritrean Readers: If it is any consolation, and as a means to keep your sanity intact, you may wish to note that Human History is also full of similar examples. Be that as it is, Eritreans are deeply ‘mixed-up’ [or messed-up] and lost the noble road to Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Equality, and Prosperity. Instead, let us be honest to ourselves, RELIGION [Christian/Moslem animosity] is still the dividing FORCE of Eritrea by Eritreans, wherever they may be. No amount of blind denial is going to wash out our recent and past ugly history emanating out of our fraternal liquidation based on RELIGION.  We can deny and deceive each other of: a) artificial comradery and insidiously playing one against the other; b) intimidation and insulting each other on the Internet; c) artificially, profusely, cajoling our ‘temporary brethren’ to arrive at our respective religious destination; d) establishing of some eighty-ninety so-called opposition groups; and ultimately d) deceiving ourselves that we are all working for the SAME goal.  If we sincerly believe in the cohesiveness of mind and singular objective of Eritreans around the Globe, it would not be a monumental task to change the present dictatorial regime.  The perennial reality of Eritrea of ‘YESTERDAY’, however, still remains for ‘TODAY’ and for never-ending  ‘TOMORROW’

Here is a quote from a concluding sentence from another commentary by  ጽላል፡ ካብ ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኣመሪካ 9 ሚያዝያ 2019 []

Quote: “ ሕጂውን ሕድሪ ስውኣትና  ተቀቢልና  ዘይትጭረም ዘይትድፈር ልኡላዊት መሬትናን ባሕርናን ንደቅናን ደቂ ደቅናን ከነረክብን ክቡር ታሪኽናን መንነትናን ከይጅላሕን ከይማራሳሕን መሃንዚት ከይንብሃልን ንመሰልናን ታሪኽናን ጠጠው ንበል። Unquote.

Admirable advice. I would like to concentrate on the above first four words >>> “ሕጂ ውን ሕድሪ ስውኣትና  ተቀቢልና…” I dare say that the honest appeal rests upon the ideal assumption that the Eritrean Society, after the attainment of Liberation, have one and only one objective, common and applicable to ALL the diverse regions and religions.  Alas, this is a fatal assumption. But let me stress that this is NOT to deny the renowned heroic struggle of “Eritreans” during the long stretch of period from 1961 to 1991.  The inherent question here is to point out the historical fact that “Eritreans’” fought against each other – in tandem with the struggle against the common enemy, Ethiopia. It is an extraordinary phenomenon that a liberation force had to fight the ENEMY and FRATERNAL Opposition at the SAME TIME!!!  It must be a unique historical phenomenon – I stand to be educated, of course. Anyway, what does the strange phenomenon indicate to us [i.e. “ERITREANS]?  In all honesty, I do not wish to ‘spell it out’. The historical sociological reality of Eritrea of the last century and half, is well known to ALL “Eritreans” — unless we are determined to keep on going denying until the future destiny of “Fragmented Eritrea” is physically determined by international entities. It is OUR choice. As the insightful saying of the 30-YEAR WAR ENEMY, ETHIOPIA,  goes.: “ፈረሱም  ይሄው፤ ሜዳውም  ይሄው “  (2)


Humble Recommendation

As we all know, there are multiple Eritrean Groups around the Globe, outside Eritrea, presumably all working for the same GOAL. If so, it would be rational and effective to have ONE GROUP representing all opposition groups around the Globe. It is not a new phenomenon. Eritreans have already proved it to be effective during the 30-year war for Liberation.

If the idea is accepted, an organization (at appropriate central location) could be assigned for the implementation of the idea.  It can be done. It has been done.  If Eritreans are truly a cohesive society [as far as the ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE is concerned] the application of the idea is, as the slang goes, ‘a piece of cake’. If, on the other hand, the idea of ONE LIBERATION FORCE during “PEACEFUL” times [so to say] proved to be unworkable,  it is then a perfect affirmation  that ERITREA  —  with its sociological diverse construction —  was never meant to be a COHESIVE State  for a common benefit of the diversed  people who happened to be accidentally under one umbrela. And the closing question would then gnawing at us:  why did Eritreans  sacrifice precious LIFE of countless Human Beings, in the first place? THE END

Footnote:                                                                                                                                                                                        (1)   By the way, Issyas failed the first-year university exam and consequently he was not about to face the students as a failure. This point is very crucial to rememeber as it is the foundation of Issyass natural characteristic – for good or bad.

(2) Translated as: ‘Here is the Horse; and here is the Field’ with a clear implication  that Eritreans cannot get together to save their Eritrea from an indigenous dictator who made it absolutely clear of  his intention  to turn Eritrea 180 degree out of phase from the ideals of the costly war for Liberation of Eritrea.  With this glaring intention as a background, it is the saddest phenomenon that Eritreans are simply incapable of rising,  beyond their petty parochial matters,  to reach  the “Mountain Top”. What a Tragedy!!!

Review overview
  • k.tewolde April 11, 2019

    ” By the way, Issyas failed the first-year university exam and consequently he was not about to face the students as a failure. This point is very crucial to rememeber as it is the foundation of Issyass natural characteristic – for good or bad.”,>>> rezen summons us to examine the tyrants character flaw,in some countries like India students commit suicide,not this sinister narcissistic character,he made it a life long mission to recapture and make up his failure by making the Eritrean society as his laboratory to mix the lethal ingredients for his ascension to the top and the people graciously gave him the instruments he needed and fitted him with a lab coat,my dear people who I love more than my life never looked the same since. rezen ENOUGH! I am wasted looking back,I am focused what tomorrow will bring and gather the people I lost along the way.A crisp shimmering dawn is coming to our homeland,those familiar Eritrean faces are coming back speaking the language I understand,ready to take back what belongs to them.This time around we don’t need an idol,we don’t need a mascot with a mustache,all we need is us the people,our inner strength,organized,together we can move mountains.Let freedom ring from marsa fatma to embasoira from bailul to mensura, from karora to ras dumeira,from tamarat to mendefera……….let freedom ring!!

  • Hagherawi April 11, 2019

    Omar Al Bashir under house arrest.
    Army in control.
    Iseyas should be next.

    • k.tewolde April 11, 2019

      Good news indeed Hagherawi,I am all choked up.It is time to close all the refugee camps there and head back home.Lets take our country back.