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Subject: SAVING THE SEEMINGLY UNSAVEABLE ERITREA PREAMBLE Like anyone else, I wrote quite a few commentaries about Eritrea. In that process, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I repeated myself, over and over, here and there. With



Like anyone else, I wrote quite a few commentaries about Eritrea. In that process, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I repeated myself, over and over, here and there. With that excuse, therefore, I hope Readers would tolerate my repetition.


‘By hook or by crook’,  Eritrea MUST maintain what it has achieved out of 30-YEAR WAR for LIBERATION. There cannot be – there should NEVER be – lingering ‘ifs and buts’ about it. It is therefore blasphemy to simply assume that the horrendous sacrifice made by Eritrean blood and destruction of a country was for nothing or, to put it precisely, to simply surrender Eritrea to the very country that it fought against to achieve INDEPENDENCE and ownership of Eritrea. Such a statement does NOT assume (or infer) what the FUTURE may be with respect to Eritrea’s future with neighbouring countries >>> in particular, for example, with Ethiopia.

Let us be very clear on one cardinal fact: Eritreans are not Angels. We have our own deep sociological problems that we are UNABLE to find a solution thereupon for seemingly time immemorial. But those problems are OUR OWN and it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to solve for the benefit to OURSELVES. Eritrea MUST stand on its own feet, under any circumstances. On the opposite side of the scale, our external relationship is something else. Period

It would be a fatal assumption that the inherent sociological problem of Eritrea would vanish by other entities. It will never be!!! What it can happen, however, is the reversal of  the outcome of the 30-year struggle to the era of 1960’s and earlier when Eritrea was under, and part and parcel of, an UNDERDEVELOPED country. That would be a trajic example of ‘Classical TRAGEDY’.  By the way, putting it in such a stark comparison may perhaps make some quarters itchiy.  Let it be. After all – not a very long period of time — it was historical TRUTH that Eritreans contributed immensely to the develolment of Ethiopia in all sectors of economy.  With that historical fact on the background, let us now press the button to ’Fast Foreward’ and discuss about OUR OWN problems and essential steps that we have to take in harmony with the goal of the 30-year war of Liberation, as well as taking top-prority action in the face of the extraordinary revelation of the greatest Houdini Act that paralized Eritrea.

THE SELF-APPOINTED PRESIDENT                                                                                                                                                In September 1991, Eritrea became an Independent country and recognized as one of the Members of the United Nations Organization and Specialized Agencies. It is historical fact that the self-appointed president of Eritrea has no concern – and never had  – for Eritrea but only for his own long held agenda. Simply put, it was NOT for the benefit of Eritrea. Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch has never revealed his agenda when he joined and established his own EPLF. He was (and still) the most secretive person on Earth (1). Eritrea then became a tandem Warfield not only against Ethiopia but also against ITSELF (ELF and EPLF).  After the extraordinary defeat of both ELF and Ethiopia, Issayasas unleashed the major part of his long-held revenge and became the absolute Dictator of Eritrea.  He then started ‘to show us’, step by step, bringing down Eritrea to the lowest level of socioeconomic as well as political system. In his own words to a comrade: “ከርእየኩም  እየ”። Indeed, we Eritreans at large are witness as well as  victims to his cruelety. Perhps the next Actor may very well be his eldest Son who is, in fact, being groomed for that post. It would not be inconceivable if divided Eritreans accept it, with murur but without a fight

Where were his finest chosen selected comrade in arm for 30 long years while the country was being destroyed by their colleague? Indeed, where were the famous gallant freedom fighters when the country that they themselves brought to freedom and liberty was being ruined?  And where were all the reknowned supremely educated Eritreans while a single first-year college drop out was ruining Eritrea?  And what happened to the well-known Eritrean ‘character’ when their own country was colonized by a single mortal being? Speaking for myself, frankly, sincerely, honestly, I DON’T KNOW.

What I witnessed on the other hand — like everyone else — is the most dramatic scheme of action by one human being who orchestrated a plan to capture eleven of his top-most comrades at 03:00 hours, in the middle of the night, to disappear for ever.  Shockingly and surprisingly, the world-famous Eritrean Fighters were simply paralyzed in quietness. Let Eritrean history be the judge on their strange behaviour. And needless to say, the general public too followed suit and kept quiet, though in full alert to hear and to gossip. That was about twenty (20) years ago – and only the hypnotised-enabler-Eritreans know the where about of those gallant Eritreans who paid the ultimate price of their Life to Liberate Eritrea – who never had an inkling who Issayas Afewerki was.  Amazing!  In the absence of logical reasoning, one tends to believe that Eritreans — MYSTERIOUSLY — are destined to be WANDERERS on the Globe.

If the above line is too harsh, just try to explain the squablings of migrants Eritreans insulting each other on the Internet throughout the Globe, deceivably for apparently one objective {which is far off from the TRUTH].  We all know our sociological weakness.  And Issayas knew it perfectly, and used it effectively, thus ultimately satisfaying his life long-hatched  scheme for a REVENGE.

I am forced to repeat my favorite question: WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?



(1)  During the Liberation War, a curious and incisive “14 y/o boy soldier (freedom fighter) said …in training camp some moons ago ”this person is not one of us,he doesn’t behave like us…”

Wow!   k.tewolde, for a 14-year old insightful ‘freedom fighter’, I salute you and willing to TRIPLE  my share of the expense for our promised  lunch [i.e. you and I and now with the memory of that smart  14-year old kid]  at a selected Restaurant in  Asmara!!! I hope we make it.  What a joy of a meeting that would be for two internet friends that never saw each other. Honestly, I would consider it as one of my pleasurable gifts in Life.  If not, Dear k. tewolde, as one of our string of colonial masters of fity years put it: ‘E cosi la vita’. It is our consolation!!! But What a Life!!! And that makes Eritrea (seemingly) the eternal example of Classical TRAGEDY.  Is that really what WE ERITREANS deserve?   The field is wide open for us to prove it otherwise and get a FREE ERITREA, at last.

Review overview
  • Hagherawi March 13, 2019

    “Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch has never revealed his agenda when he joined and established his own EPLF. He was (and still) the most secretive person on Earth”


    እሰያስ ባዕሉ ፥ “ኣነ ንስለያ ተላእኸ መጺየ” ዘይበለ ዲዩ ምስጥረኛ ዝገብሮ ?
    እቲ ሓቂ እዚ እዪ ፥ ብኣፍልጦን ተሓባባርነት ብጾቶ እዩ ኣብ ስልጣን ጸኒሑ ። ንበይኑ ንኽውስን ብጾቱ ንዝሃቡዎ ዕድል ተጠቂሙ ፥ ዋላ ንዖኦም ኣብ ዝስዕብ መድረኽ ብኻሎኦት ሓደስቲ እንዳ ተከአ ፥ ኣብዚ ሕጂ ዘለዎ መድረኽ በጺሑ።
    ስለዚ ፥ እሰያስ ቀደም እንታይ ገይሩ ፥ ወይ ሕጂ እንታይ ይገብር ኣሎ ፥ ንቡዙሓት ኣብ ከባቢኡ ዝነበሩ ፥ ዘለዉ ፥ ደቂ ሃገር ቡሩህ እዪ።
    ስለዚ ፥ መን ሊእኹዎ ኣይኮነን እቲ ዓቢ ሕቶ ፥ ስለምንታይ ንበይኑ ክውስን ዕድል ተዋሂቡዎ ።
    ካብ መን ብምታይ ስለ ዝበልጽ እዪ ፥ ንበይኑ ፥ ደስ ከም ዝበሎ ክገብር ብቀጻሊ ዕድላት ክወሃቦ ጸኒሑ ? ፥ ወይስ ንኹሉ ኣታሊሉ ፥ ብዘይ ድልየት ብጾቱ ፥ ብሓይሊ ኣብ ስልጣን ን40+ ዓመታት ኣሎ ?
    ሓቂ ዶ ትደልዪ ? እስያስ ሓይሉ ኣብ ዓሙቅ ኣፍሉጦ ናይ ኤርትራዊያን ገለ ዱኹም ሸነኻት ዝተመስረተ እዩ። ነተን ኣብ ኩላህና ምህላወን ዝፈልጠን ድኽመታት ፥ ከመይ ይጥቀመለን ይፈልጥ እዪ።
    ሕጂ ዳርጋ ኩላህና ኣብ ደገ ከም ንሰፍር ገሩና ኸሎ ፥ ከራኻኹቡለይ እዮም ዝብል ሽቅላ ዘሎዎ ፈጺሙ ኣይመስልን። ምኽንያቱ ፥ እቲ ንሱ ንዓመታት ከሳውሮ ዝጸንሐ ፥ ናይ ኣውራጃ ፥ ሃይማኖት ሕማማት ፥ ብጣዕሚ ኣጥቂዑና ከም ዘሎ ስለ ዝፈልጥ ፥ ሓቢሮም ክመጹ እዮም ዝብል ሻቅላ የቡሉን።
    እሰያስ ሓይሉ ኣብ ድኽመትና እዩ።
    ንሕና ሓቢርና ፥ ብሓደ ድምጺ ፥ ነዚ ሰላይ ኣብ መስከረም ኣደባባይ ስቀሉዎ ክሳብ ንብል ፥ ንሱ ኣሎ።

    • Haben March 14, 2019


  • Aba thimmer March 13, 2019

    ሚስጢር ኣሰያስ ኣብ ዕሽነትናን ፍልልየትናን ነይሩን ኣሎን።ንሱ ጥራሕ ግን ኣይኮነን ።ገና ከምኡ መስልትን እከያትን እውን ነይሮምን ኣሎዉን።ንሕና ኤርትራውያን ( the little bird already wisperd the fact in 1973 even though called “MENKAI “but never heard ) ዘይ ተረድኣና ኣንተሃልዩ ፡ እታ ” ንቅሓት ዘይ ተዓደለት ልቢ፡ ንምስራሕ ተንኮል ዘርክባ የለን ” እንዳ ፈለጥና ካን ኩሉ ግዜ ተገሪህና ምባል ግዜ ዝሓለፎ ብሙኹዋኑ ፡ኦ.ኦ.ኦ….ብዓል በትሪ እንሄ ተመን ኣብ እግርኻ።

  • Awet March 13, 2019

    Please!!Please!! Isayas Afecherki has no special power from God!!! He is simply expoliting our differences and weak sides!!!!!! Awrajawunet without ERITREA will have no meaning!!!!! Let’s stand together to overcome this tragedy and save our country and preserve our sovereingty!!!!! Time is running out!! Let’s Unite!! “Betri ab edka, Temen ab egrika ” the choices are ours!!!!!!

    • Deglel March 13, 2019

      Bojbaj coward Awet aka hagherawi aka Aba thimmer, can you be a man enough to be the first bojbaj coward chicken to use the “Betri ab shivering edka zelo” then? You are the poisonous rootless Temen

      • Aba thimmer March 13, 2019

        deglel ወዲ ኾማሪት shut-up! go to debretsion or tesfatsion per up date.

      • Haben March 14, 2019

        This is not your area go to Ethiopia because this site is for Eritreans only, when I say Eritreans- ERITREANS BY ORIGIN. Genito

    • Danilo March 13, 2019

      Dear Awet, you raised good appeal to harbour every genial Eritrean national for heaven sake to be on duty.

  • Awet March 13, 2019

    Deglel!!! My comments do not apply to You!!! As you are not an Eritrean brother!! Go to your relatives Amharas or Tembiens!!! You must be fathered by one if the retreating and humiliated Ethiopian armies!!! So you should be ignored!!!

  • k.tewolde March 14, 2019

    rezen,it was not clairvoyance nor genius,it was simply a dark vibe,a young boys pristine instinct like the ones with similar age group or younger who are fleeing the country today,evil is evil,it is repulsive,it ate us yesterday and it continues to eat the young ones today,the sad thing is,the people continue to offer their offspring as a sacrifice to the beast.Kids are brutally honest,if they tell you they don’t like someone,trust them! Indeed like you said, it is classical tragedy in the form self consumption.Haw rezen my heart bleeds for this nation everyday like it did decades ago, someone took us to the market and sold us like a herd of goats for a chunk of change.