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Slain Eritrean woman mourned

HUNDREDS of mourners gathered in downtown Winnipeg on Sunday night to pay their last respects to a woman slain last week. As many as 300 members of Winnipeg's Eritrean community filled the Medhanie Alem Church on

HUNDREDS of mourners gathered in downtown Winnipeg on Sunday night to pay their last respects to a woman slain last week.

As many as 300 members of Winnipeg’s Eritrean community filled the Medhanie Alem Church on Edmonton Street to sing hymns and pray in memory of Alche Fsehaye Kidane. The 34-year-old woman died Jan. 23 after suffering grievous injuries in an alleged assault.

The packed, standing-room-only gathering also offered a chance for community members to contribute to a fund to help return Kidane’s body to her family in Eritrea.

Kidane was still a newcomer to Canada, having only arrived here last August after being sponsored to immigrate by a cousin.

Last week, Lambros Kyriakakos, president of Eritrean Community In Winnipeg Inc., said members of his community have been working together to support Kidane’s family since her death.

Her husband Teklu Tesfamichael Mebrahtu, 32, has been charged with second-degree murder.

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Winnipeg Free Press

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  • Dan Nomav January 30, 2012

    I am very sorry to hear the tragic death of Alecha.

  • weldu January 30, 2012

    I feel sorry for her death but I do not rule out she was innocent, too. May be she was trying to throw him out, or he caught her cheating or it was an accident….ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH!

    • Senait January 30, 2012

      Don’t you have the decency to let her rest in peace? How cruel can you be to suggest and accuse her of anything in her death? Shame on you!

    • Yordanos!! February 1, 2012

      I wonder what kind of a person you are!!!!!! How could you say that??????????? Don’t you have a sister or a daughter?????? Shame on you to suggest this in a dead person!!!Yes only God know what hapen that night!! But no one has a rigth to kill any one!!! We all are Gods children!! I know Alesha all my life I grow up in her love!! She was a loving & Caring person like a mother & a sister to every one in the village (Adi Genu))!! Alecha you will be missing by every one how loves you & adore you!! It is a very hard & a huge loss for your family & your Frined!!!! May your Soul Rest In Peace!!! May the family find comfort in knowing Alecha is with God,” Sinat nimulue sidrabiten fetewtan metabitan!! Love yordanos Besrat

      • concerned Eeritreawi February 1, 2012

        It is a terrible thing to say to or about a dead person in our culture or any other culture. You cannot even say that in private let alone a medium like this. I just feel sorry for you and your demeanor. AS for her RIP and condolence to her family and friends.

  • Haki January 30, 2012

    Weldu why do you think ‘this way leave that 4 the envestegeters
    just say god bless your sou.
    Fekrti haftena goita ab hikfu yekebelki nati ghebenegna kaha gubu meksatu yehbo.

  • weldu January 30, 2012

    He might be aggressive in nature, arrogant, and stupid. May be she caught him red-handed while digging somebody else`s mine…who knows …. Just feel sorry for her lost life. She was beautiful indeed that may be he was jealousy? who knows..blood brings blood…

    • Ahmed saleh January 30, 2012

      A family destroyed, one dead one will rot in prison. I hope there are not children in between them, imagine the side effect on to those innocent kids. It is very shocking news to the Eritrean society. Pls writing irresponsible comments on these kinds of situations is against our culture. Keep in mind, there are families, friends and other loved ones who are in sorrow and disbeleif at this moment. Be sensitive stop saying
      nonsense ideas, just pray for them and for yourself. These things can happen to anyone
      Careful do not take life for granted.

      • weldu January 30, 2012

        I agree with you Ahmed. Accept my apology. I do not know these days I have developed negativity…I dont know the reason yet. Sorry again.

        • Ahmed saleh January 30, 2012

          It is okay Weldu hawey, we are humans and sometimes we get emotional. But to accept our mistakes shows our personality. I praise your honesty to apologize to your friends in ASSENNA. Thanks, Respect.

    • concerned Eeritreawi February 1, 2012

      You do not seem to understand, why don’t you keep your judgments to yourself. This is not a good time for your comments or are you making politics of her death? Please have some respect to the dead.

  • guest 1 January 30, 2012

    In fact it is really hard to blame before the investigation is final. Her spouse is actually accused of second degree murder, that means it is not premeditated but kind of emotional. Who ever the cause of this accident , of course he is responsible for the murder of the his wife.

    But I think it is high time for the public of Habesha, to discuss the issue of relationship, domestic violence, marriage and divorce with respect to the law of their host country. It should be understood that killing of your spouse is not common at our home, so why men are turned into killing their spouse in West. It is common back home if there is disagreement between married couples , usually the woman step out to her relatives for some time and the husband sends elders to resolve the issue of their disagreement , but here both of them have no any where to go. As a result the man has to step out as a rule , and this made the man as if he lost his masculine or manhood, and do not know how to control his emotion as a result he will turn into crime. In our culture also we are not accustomed to resolve our difference through negotiation particularly when it comes with our partners.
    The other very important issue is our women should understand the culture and the mind set of their country men not the rule of their host country.They should also be soft and treat their spouse appropriately if not they should come out of their relationship fast to avoid domestic violence.

  • Abnet Tesfai January 30, 2012

    one of the main reasons that makes people to talk emotionally and to give their assumed infers is lack of concrete evidences of the causes of an incident.
    here in this accident only the two couples know the cause of the conflict and death more than any other person. even the police officers may not get all the real data or all information why the accident has happened. because one of the actors of the conflict has already passed away.
    at least it is better to remain patient till we get truth and and reliable information from the concern body. here, why it is important to know the the source of the conflict which caused to our sister’s death is that to know how conflicts arise and how could have been prevented with out losing precious life. because we don’t want an other tragedy any more.
    the incidence was internecine. the couples were hurt. though the ladies life has passed away, it is not hard to imagine how miserably life would for her husband.
    the cause of the conflict may be from the lady or from the man or from both of them. regardless the source of the conflict, it was lose for any body. therefore let us pray for both victims and god may forbid us from that incidence.

  • hadgu February 2, 2012

    aye beal hadgu…I am speechless. R.I.P shikorina haftey intay keyterfeki bijeka wurdet sidet:(

  • hadege February 2, 2012

    soryyy ,Iwrote hadgu instead hadege———I repeat it again AYE BEAL HADGU I am speechless R.I.P shikorina haftey intaykeyterfeki bjeka wurdet sidet 🙁