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Silent Death of Eritrea

My fellow Eritreans, we have all respected and trusted Isaias Afeworki, but the felling is not mutual. It is slowly becoming evident that we were sleeping with the enemy. My view is that Isaias’s intention

My fellow Eritreans, we have all respected and trusted Isaias Afeworki, but the felling is not mutual. It is slowly becoming evident that we were sleeping with the enemy. My view is that Isaias’s intention is to integrate Eritrea with Ethiopia. Before that happens he has been working to make sure Eritrea is weak economically, and military. Isaias has spoken what his intentions are many times. In 1993, in a news conference in Addis Ababa, when he was asked by a reporter regarding a federation, he replied, “I always said why not to that question. It may take a decade, but you start with economic integration, to a full integration”. In July of this year, when Dr. Abiy comes to Asmara, he told him that he is going to lead us from now on. When he went to Addis, he said anyone who thinks Ethiopians, and Eritreans are not the same people, is one who does not know history. And recently when he went to Gondar, where his grandfather is buried, he told a reporter that he is ready to give his life for Ethiopia. Furthermore, he said that he getting old, but he is comforted for leaving it on Dr. Abiy’s control. Isaias’s plan is to destroy Eritrean nationality by population diffusion. We have been witnessing our young Brothers, and sisters leaving the country by thousands. Ethiopians will slowly move in, and have children from our Eritrean Sisters. After 10-20 years, you will be able to define Eritrean as we know it today. A weak Eritrea will never stand against stronger Ethiopia. We did not fight for our independence for 32 years, and sacrificed over 65,000 Eritreans to be reunited with Ethiopia. If we do nothing to reverse this soon, once Ethiopia stabilizes, it will be too late. We need to be united, and fight for what we have paid dearly. We need to create a united front, and send a strong message to our Arm forces, and our people that we cannot tolerate what is taken place in front of our yes. I cannot comprehend one person can single handedly destroy the country, and the people.  I thought we were better than that? Aren’t we the people who fought with the biggest army in Africa, and won? We need to weak up, and unite against this evil, and bring everyone who committed crime against our people, and country to justice. To Yekealo Brothers, and sisters who were ready to sacrifice for your country, your job is not done yet. To Warsaye your country needs you more than ever, as she is struggling to breath.

Peace and Liberty for Eritrea!

Warsay Adhanom

Review overview
  • rezen November 27, 2018

    I salute Warsay Adhanom for saying it ALL. Practically, there is nothing to add to the background of Eritrea. What is left is ONLY ONE, and ONLY ONE, daring action of questioning OURSELVES as to why WE FAILED to organize ourselves as ONE UNIT to save Eritrea. Surely, if 30-year of Liberation War can be conducted in historically admirable success, surely, we should be able to tackle our simple internal problems without a fuss.

    But let us be frank to OURSELVES. Sadly, I came to the conclusion that WE ERITREANS ARE OUR OWN ENEMIES. I sincerely believe that every Eritrean knows the reason, but not willing to admit openly and take action for the remedy of the ‘problem’. And so, WE ERITREANS [ALL OF US] perpetuate our agony for ever. Psychologically, it is a pure sheer FEAR to face the TRUTH.

    Permit me one more point: Continuing insulting each other and demolishing Issyas Afewerki Abraha Miratch on the Internet for eternity is NOT going to change our route to our demise as a Nation. Let History remember that IT WAS OUR CHOICE – bizarre as it may sound. THE END

    • kaled November 27, 2018

      “why WE FAILED to organize ourselves as ONE UNIT to save Eritrea.”


      If by “WE” you mean we Eritrean people, concerning Iseyas we have never been on the same page. For some of us he was or still is a god, for others he is a devil.
      Now, lately, finally, we are close to coming together, but not yet as “ONE UNIT”. It takes time to restore trust.
      A symptom of a failed State is that people cannot work together because:

      – They are too divided on key issues.
      – They blame each other for damages suffered.
      – They lack a culture of tolerance and inclusion.
      – The tools of the tyranny are still being used by change seekers.
      – Lack of functioning State institutions.
      – Army and security apparatus are controlled by people who share ethnicity, region, religion or ideology. (Ethiopia recently reduced Tigreyan control. A similar problem is paralyzing the EDF ).
      – Lack of solidarity among stake holders (when they killed my people you were clapping hands … sort of mutual accusations).
      – Lack of a charismatic nationalist leadership and a clear cut road map to democracy.
      – Lack of consensus on 1997 constitutional issues.


      – Restore trust through national dialogue.
      – Create consensus on changes need to implement the 1997 constitution.
      – Prepare a draft road map to:democratic governance.
      – Elect or appoint a temporary leadership that has Eritrea’ national interest at heart. A leadership that looks like Eritrea in its diversity and can rally all Eritreans behind the national agenda.
      – Prepare for the worst. (Change in Eritrea is not going to be easy. There are too many variables to consider and risk of a violent change led by some in the military protect themselves or Ethiopian interference in support of Iseyas and his son is very real).

    • woldegabroel November 27, 2018

      I have followed your comments thoroughly for some time. I wonder why you always belittle Eritrea and Eritrans. Do you have issues, like esayas, with Eritreans. No people on earth is perfect. So please stop insulting Eritreans and concentrate on what we should do to topple the evil dictator.

      • woldegabroel November 27, 2018

        Please note, my comment was on Rezene’s comment.

      • kaled November 27, 2018

        ” So please stop insulting Eritreans and concentrate on what we should do to topple the evil dictator.”

        woldegabroel aka Woldegabriwl

        Where are the insults ?

        • Woldegabriel November 28, 2018

          Please note my comment was on Rezene’s comment.I don’t need to quote- unquote or interpret his assertions. I recommend you to revisit his comment again. We all understand that we are at a cross-road where we must unite our efforts and embolden our people and refrain from insinuating otherwise.

    • rezen November 28, 2018

      Addendum to my first commentary
      This is a note to my above-mentioned commentary. It is based on a Book that I am reading (*)
      During the long and tedious discussion at the United Nations in 1949, in connection with the question of what to do with the Italian colonies, an extraordinary historical decision was made. The Italian colonies in question were Eritrea, Libya and Somalia

      With respect to the fate of Libya and Somalia the desire of the Western block was crashed because of ONE vote from a tiny country called Haiti, whose Chief Representative deliberately and ingeniously, taking all the risks, voted AGAINST the Western proposal in DIRECT CONTRADICTION TO THE SPECIFIC DIRECTIVE GIVEN TO HIM BY THE PRESIDENT OF HIS COUNTRY!!! It was the most daring act. The General Assembly — with one vote short than the required criteria — had no choice but to refer the matter to the next annual General Assembly. It was the most devastating moment for Italy and sadness for the Western powers.

      As to the question of Eritrea, the General Assembly voted – by overwhelming majority – that the lowland of western Eritrea be part and parcel of Sudan and the rest of Eritrea to join Ethiopia. However – and this is a mysterious action – at the end, the General Assembly decided to refer the ENTIRE package [i.e. Eritrea, Libya and Somalia] to the next General Assembly!!! The rest, as the cliché goes, is HISTORY.
      (*) “ በቀዳማዊ ኃይለሥላሴ ዘመነ መንግስት የኤርትራ ጉዳይ 1941 1963 ዘውዴ ረታ (2000) ሁለተኛ ዕትም “

      • kaled November 28, 2018

        “As to the question of Eritrea, the General Assembly voted – by overwhelming majority – that the lowland of western Eritrea be part and parcel of Sudan and the rest of Eritrea to join Ethiopia. However – and this is a mysterious action – at the end, the General Assembly decided to refer the ENTIRE package [i.e. Eritrea, Libya and Somalia] to the next General Assembly!!! ”


        Although Ethiopia and its new master the US, wanted Eritrea to be split into two, Eritreans, including Unionists were against this.
        The US foreign policy makers, of the time, in particular the Allen brothers, did not hide their intention to sacrifice Eritrea to make the king happy because it was in the interest of US to do so. The king was an important pawn in US policy for Africa.

    • Asmara Eritrea November 29, 2018

      The point missed in the above excellent article is that we do not need an army to liberate Eritrea from Isaias. We only need one brave Eritrean with the right tools to take out Isaias. That person will go down in history as the liberator of Eritrea. Eritrea can then be ruled by an Eritrean who knows and understands the pain of his people. If I have to choose between two evils, I would rather have an Eritrean dictator.

      The time has come for Eritrea to be ruled by an Eritrean. Only when that happens will Eritrea be free.

      Eritrea forever, death to dictatorship (especially a foreign one).

  • aditekelezan November 27, 2018

    As everybody knows how I feel about the gedli that was executed by jebha & shaibiya. While that is in it’s place ,if it is my fellow citzens think it is not to late to salvage what is left of gedli’s Eritrea , I believe this short article correctly describes the long time intentions of President Isaias & alarms the urgency of the situation. There is nothing to add really to the reality on the ground. I hope our people in Eritrea make a brave & realistic choice & that should be the aim.

  • k.tewolde November 27, 2018

    Folks,it is like the mosaic on the wall some of us saw the final picture with the first stroke of the brush and some took us awhile until the picture came to life,oh yes,change is coming in a big way,as a matter of fact very soon,we might not like it but it is inevitable,the only way to predict that change is for us to be the driving force of that change as one unit,otherwise we have to accept the package that was delivered in our door.God knows what we gonna to see when we open that package.

    • Danilo November 27, 2018

      Well said brother K. Tewolde, striking picture of us is always ours no matter how hard or easy to read. Any out door package will not be received because we have enough pandoro to surprise those internal and external enemies.

  • Simon G. November 28, 2018

    It is about time to openly say:
    1. We are a bunch of idiots. Why? When the country is losing its independence, slowly, we are talking about nonsense things. It is time to take action not complain.
    2. We are coward people. Why? Well, one guy and few of his evil men are destroying us. We are running out of the country rather than defending it. Is that because we have been from one colony to another?
    3. We don’t know each other, that well. Most people don’t think there are other Eritreans, just 20km outside of their circles. Forget this Hade hzbi Hade libi nonsense.
    4. We are (or became) so disrespectful people. Why? We don’t respect elders, relatives, countrymen, etc. Without these and more, how are going to be united. Families can’t even united, let alone villages/towns/districts/country.
    5. We are losers. Why? We became a bunch of whiners and soon we are heading to be Gypsies, if we don’t take our acts together.

    If we don’t recognize these by now, the end result is will be not in favor of us (to politely put it).
    It is about time to treat HGDF as a colonizer. There is nothing in their blood to say they are Eritreans. If they were, they would act as one.

    I pledge, from now on, I won’t talk about the problem but the solution. We have discussed to death about our problems.
    Let’s focus on the solution. Enough complaining, my country girly men!

    • Genet Original November 30, 2018

      Simon G
      well said! I agree we are idiots and now we are the bigot losers in the world. I agree HGDFites are invaders. Most oppositions are not serious and not outraged enough. For the last 20 years, oppositions have been playing kiddy soccer. Have you notice kids playing soccer? They tend to chase the ball frantically not knowing what to do with it.

  • Hagherawi November 28, 2018

    “Enough complaining, my country girly men!”

    Simon G.

    Brother, if we were led by girls instead by a rootless ‘wedi khomarit’, this country would not be where it’s now.

    • Genet Original November 30, 2018

      Thanks Brother.
      You made my day!!!!!

  • Simon G. November 28, 2018

    Brother Hagherawi,
    Agree but girls are completely different than *Girly men 🙂
    Stay positive and let’s direct our energy on solution.
    * I borrowed this term form Schwarzenegger btw.

  • Sariam bereket November 28, 2018

    ኣሕዋት ኣብ ውዱአ ጉዳይ ንዝቲ ከይንህሉ የሕስበን:: ንዓይ ዝመስለኒ ኤርትራን ህዋሓትን ኣብ ትሕቲ ዶክቶር ኣብይ መግዛእቲ ወድቀን እየን ::ንሕና ካኣ ከምቀደምና sovereignty ኣይትንከፍን እዩ ንብል ኣለና ::

    ሕጂ ኮይኑ ተሪፉ ምስ ትግራዎት ኮንና ምጥምጣም እዩ::

    • Genet Original November 30, 2018

      Sariam b
      You are Ethiopian and you have been in charge of Ethiopia for the past 27 years. How can you be with us Eritreans, when you realized you lost control of power. How come you didn’t say this 20 years ago? How come you didn’t say what you are saying now, when young Eritrean were dying in the sea. You were living your life as Ethiopian doing God knows what. You couldn’t even be able to give Eritrean opposition a name recognition. You liked how things were going. Eritrean people were put down like never before by DIA and his yes men. TPLF and its people liked what they saw and continued to enjoy their lives as Ethiopians as rightfully they are. Believe me I am not happy about what is happening to you. For some reason I am actually sad for you and your people, even though you didn’t feel sorry or didn’t have a heart for me and my people. Therefore, I don’t think we need each others anymore. It is too late. We Eritreans need to figure things out first by ourselves. Therefore, Eritreans say thanks, but no thank you.

      “In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” (Martin Luther King,Jr)