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  • mh March 4, 2013

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, thse are not Rashaeda, i am sure 100% those are Saudis, this video could be somewhere in the southern saudi arabia, nowadys there is many problems going on at that area btween saudis and Ethiopians who came illegal through Yemen.

    but still we have to sweep out those creminal arab Rashaeda from our country, but first thing is first, we have to clean our home from this dictator and his generals

    • Ghirmai March 4, 2013

      From where are they mh? Are they from Metaht or kebesa? What do you want to say? If you don’t know rashaida I want to tell you these are rashaida to know them from now. Not generals or Isseyas the Rashaida first!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SABA March 5, 2013

      MH… it does not matter if they are Rashaida or Halayda. For me it really does not matter, i just feel like saving any life as fast as possible.

      Rashayda only attack vulnerable people. They are the worst cowards i ever seen.
      Rashaida and PFDJ is going to be removed. Somewhere we have to start. At least let us give a try instead of empty words.

    • Bahram March 5, 2013

      Rashaida people
      The Rashaida or Rashaayda (also see Bani Rasheed) (Arabic: بني رشيد, الرشايدة) are an Arab tribe populating Eritrea and north-east Sudan.[2] In 1846, many Rashaida migrated from Hejaz in present day Saudi Arabia into what is now Eritrea and north-east Sudan after tribal warfare had broken out in their homeland. The Rashaida (which means refugee) of Sudan and Eritrea live in close proximity with the Beja people. Large numbers of Bani Rasheed are also found on the Arabian Peninsula. They are related to the Banu Abs tribe.[3] The Rashaida are Arabs who kept their traditional dress, culture, customs, camel breeds and religion (Sunni Islam).[4] The racing camel breeds of the Rashaida tribe are prized all over Sudan and the Arabian Peninsula and fetch very high prices. The Rashaida speak Hejazi Arabic.

  • metkel61 March 4, 2013

    dear bro and sisters,
    guys as if we missed the root cause of our all misery,being at home, sudan or sinai.isn’t it wedi medhin berad(pfdj), we are discussing on ways to arm eritreans in sudan to protect them selves, though i do agree with the idea to little extent but it impacts negatively to our youths in particular and our people in general,i feel this gives the sudanese authority to have legal reason to expel ,jail or kill the refugees.the sudanese are fully aware of what is going on eri refugees in its land and sinai.the sudanse are working hand in hand with wedi medhn berad (prime enemy of eri) to extinct eri ppl muslims and chiristians( we r nothing for them).so if we need to bring an end to our misery is to stand up and be one hand to eradicate wedi medhen berad and its organization,only then will our ppl at home and abroad will rest.

  • dekiabat March 4, 2013

    Dear Ghirmai, Abe
    Please research eritrean history. No rashadida are not one of the 9 ethnic group. There were never rashaidans fighters during our independence struggle. They were abducting and stealing Eritreans, Ethiopians and other Africans and trade them to the arab world mainly Saudi arabia. During our struggle they were confined ony in Kassala (kerbelgash) until isias and his henchmen brought them to Eritrea.
    Have you ever seen Rashaida in Asmara or tesseney during Hailesilase or mongustu or Italian time? The reason is that because the chief of the rashaida tribe Isias was not in charge of Eritrea back then. Look at Eritrea now Eritreans are displaced from their homeland while the rashaida, Indians,srilancans,chinese are replacing them as Eritrean ethnic group. Eritrea is now Kosovo or became the land of migrants from everywhere. While our mothers (adetatna koboro yeharma) bitting drams. Any one who say rashaida are Eritreans let him keep them on his house, on his land but not on my land not on my house. Why do not ask the old ELF and EPLF this question.

  • Zhaile March 4, 2013

    I am sad to see this thread die like this without any concrete plan of action.
    The geographical distance is causing us lots of problem but we shall overcome.

    Death to Rashaida, Death to HGDEF

    Still I will contribute to any concrete plan that comes along.

    • SABA March 5, 2013

      Brother Haile, i replied to your email. We will make the move. If we did not even give a try nothing will change. People will change for the good by force, trust me!

      I feel the same like you!

  • Kalighe March 5, 2013

    For those of you who want fight the Rashaida bandits in Sudan, here are a few points to ponder upon:

    1. Let’s stop hollow talk and get realistic. You are not going to leave your job, family etc. and go to die for this cause. It’s easy said than done. Instead, just think what else you can do.

    2. The Rashaida are well armed, most of what they have, were given to them by Higdef when they were fighting against the central government in Sudan. Hence, only a similar force can deal with them.

    3. One main reason why these crimes continue to happen everyday is because these people are part of Higdef business-mafia underworld. If the so-called Eritrean government wanted to stop it, all these criminals would end up in underground prisons in Sahel in a matter of weeks. If Higdef agents can kidnap people from Khartoum while the Sudanese security people look some where else, there is no reason why they cannot go behind Rashaida bandits anywhere in Eastern Sudan.

    4. One effective way to put some pressure on these criminals is, by helping those who would be ready to stop them if they get the means to do so. For instance, the Beni Amer tribes in Sudan, had warned the Rashaida in the past that they cannot tolerate their criminal activities anymore. But these people (the largest group in the area) are sidelined by both governments so they can’t do much unless they get some help (financial, material etc).

    5. Stop insulting Arabs, Muslims .. and start building alliances with forces that can tilt the power balance in favor of those who want peace and combat criminality.

    6. There is no point in arming the refugees, many are there after leaving behind their guns that if they had the will they could have used it against their oppressors in Eritrea.

    7. In the end, don’t forget that Higdef is the main culprit. You can’t fight external enemy while you have a fascist regime at home.

    • SABA March 5, 2013

      Kalighe, reading your comments is only depressing and very negative impact on people who will at least want to give it a try.
      YOu are trying to blame now indirectly our poor brothers and sisters.

      If we dont fight for it, we dont deserve it.
      Which revolution started peacefully and ended with cake and a cup of tea!????

      Somewhere we have to start and will start.. If we made progress, you may be convinced and may the movement.

  • Kalighe March 5, 2013

    “YOu are trying to blame now indirectly our poor brothers and sisters”.


    Dear sista, show me where in my writing I am blaming “indirectly our poor brothers and sisters” ?

    I said the whole thing does not seem to be real, it’s just a hollow talk.
    I have heard some people here saying something that can be translated as: “keltifkum bret akebuluni” or “nikhid netfaayen nezen areb/islam”. Posting some divisive comments are also the usual “ethiopic element or some one who inherited it’s colonial culture”, posing as Eritrean highlander whose main interest is to channel the anger into an internal conflict.
    So, I said stop insults to Arabs and Muslims because it won’t help at all.
    What do you think should say those poor Muslims who are detained by Rashaida bandits ?.
    Do you think it’s appropriate to blame Christians saying: “Iseyas is supported by them …” ?.
    This kind of talk is divisive, and actually far from the current reality in Eritrea where irrespective of their faith all Eritreans are suffering under a godless regime.
    I have been to a war zone some time, and I know for a fact that, not all those who make a lot of noise about bravery end up standing in tranches to face the enemy.

    • Kalashin March 5, 2013

      Dear compatriot. This is not about muslims(has anyone in this thread said so ?). It is about ARABS . The disturbing facts on the ground shows that. From Libya to Egypt to sudan to the Sinai. As for the Rashaida and the bedouins, even by arab standards they are sadistically satanic. We should not be afraid to call a spade a spade. The ARABS (and their hgdef helpers) are our main enemy.

      Let´s not mince words to protect the feelings of some Arabs. If the Egyptians feel insulted they are welcome to show that they mean business by starting to police their border.

      Now for practical matters, what is missing here is having people on the ground in Sudan who can organize. We who live in Europe can not “run an operation” from London or Berlin. But we can contribute money and/or arms!

  • zhaile March 5, 2013


    At this stage one must ponder for all options and see a viable option to execute to end this madness. If Beni Amer are affected then they are an ally
    too. Everybody who is affected should work hand in hand.
    …So who is the contact for the BeniAmer that has a fighting plan?
    …The refugees that are leaving there also should not be discounted. One should look at their suggestions. May be they have a better alternative.
    Establishing some contact with them aand hear what they what they say as solution. At least till they are there in Sudan.

    At the end of the day if any one has a gun will not let himself or members of his family be butchered by rashaida and bedewin.
    Everybody effort should go to empower the individual to diffend him/herself.

  • semere March 7, 2013

    we have to kill all rashaidas and their supporters in eritrea

  • Khalid rashidi December 23, 2013


    First of all.. The people in this video are not rashayda . They are Ethopian which they come to boarders illegals. I am frim rashayda tribe and know that 100% they are not rashayda

  • wedi tesseney May 20, 2014

    The Rashaida is the only ethnic group in Eritrea which didn’t suffer harassment by the Eritrean regime, the reason being, most probably, the unholy marriage of Politics and Crime.

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