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Shock as engineer of Ethiopia’s GERD project is found dead

Local media in Ethiopia have reported that the engineer in charge of the country’s flagship electricity project has been found dead in the capital Addis Ababa on Thursday morning. The body of Simegnew Bekele was found

Local media in Ethiopia have reported that the engineer in charge of the country’s flagship electricity project has been found dead in the capital Addis Ababa on Thursday morning.

The body of Simegnew Bekele was found in his car parked at Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square. Reports indicate that police have opened investigations into the possible cause of death.

He was head of the team constructing the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD). The project is set to become Africa’s largest hydro dam with a capacity of 6,450 MW when completed.

A journalist Getachew Shiferaw quoted police sources as saying Simegnew’s body has been take to St. Paul’s Hospital for autopsy. Ethiopians have been expressing shock and sadness at the incident.

May 2018 death of Dangote top official, security headcahes

Ethiopia despite the breeze of a new political order which is expanding the political space is also facing security headaches in parts of the country. It has led the United States to openly call for the need to maintain the peace in these delicate times.

A series of arsons have been recorded in a number of prisons across the country whiles there is a bulging humanitarian crisis in the face of displacements from communal conflicts in some areas.

The most high-profile death till date occured in May 2018 when the authorities set of to investigate the circumstances under which the country manager of Dangote cement was killed by unknown assailants.

At a time when the country was still under a state of emergency, the Command Post in charge of security said Deep Kamara was killed along with two other individuals in the attack.

The Command Post at the time said it wasy hunting for the attackers and called on the local community to cooperate with security forces to help apprehend the criminals.

The Dangote cement plant, the largest in Ethiopia, is located in the Oromiya regional state, less than 90km from the capital, Addis Ababa.

About the GERD project

Ethiopia had stated earlier this year that the project was going well and expected to start partial test power generation soon. It is a major part of a massive energy infrastructure project the Ethiopian government is undertaking which aims to see the country’s power generation capacity increase from the current 4,280 MW to 17,300 MW by 2020.

The Ethiopian government has embarked on massive energy projects across the country with a view to succeeding in its plans to make the East African country a light industry hub in Africa and a middle-income economy by 2025.

GERD, whose construction started in April 2011, is being built at a cost of 4.7 billion U.S. dollars, fully financed from domestic resources and is expected to have a reservoir with a total of 74 billion cubic meters of water upon completion.

The hydro dam, which is being built on Blue Nile river 40 km from Sudanese border, has been billed as a landmark project signalling Ethiopia’s renaissance.

It has however been the center of a dragging diplomatic standoff between Ethiopia and Sudan on one hand and Egypt on the other hand. Egypt fears the $4.7 billion dam, that the Horn of Africa nation is building on the Nile, will reduce a water supply vital for its 84 million people, who mostly live in the Nile valley and delta.

Review overview
  • Yitbarekh July 26, 2018

    Egypt must have used its lowland evil muslim mercenaries to carry out this savage killing.
    These cheap and savage Arab slave dogs of lowland filthy muslims would do anything to please Egypt.
    Snake Abiy Ahmed and his sold out criminal Oromo groups would be next to be eliminated from Ethiopia.
    ROT the ROOTLESS CANCEROUS Muslim Arab slave dogs & their deKalu ELF mendef korakur in vicious Islam HELL.
    RIP highly respected, loved and admired brother/wendim Engineer Simegnew Bekele. RIP.
    Once completed GERD would be named after the great leader Meles Zenawi and kibur Engineer Simegnew Bekele.

    • Michael Tesfamariam July 26, 2018

      I don’t think rational to blame Arabs though they are highly likelybehind this vicious crime. My deep anger and frustration is not with Arabs, but with this little irresponsible and treacherous PM Abey Ahmed. In just less than a year since Abey Ahmed was crowned as PM, this is the second major crime to have been perpetrated. Amahara and Oromo Muslims are now motivated and empowered like never before to engage in terrorism and vandalism against Christian, and they get easily get with it. Let’s not direct outrage against Arabs or other foreign enemies, they are doing everything possible to advance Thierry own interests. Our anger and outrage must be directed at the very leaders who have been appointed to.defend and protect the wellbeing and security of their citizens.

      • Amanuel July 28, 2018

        Mr tesariam
        The most confused or rather the most twisted weyane know the facts or may be not. The killer of SIMEGNEW is clearly weyane looters. Mesobo and Metec we’re the sole supplier to GERD. NO BIDING PROCESS was required b/s these big companies are owned by Sinhat Nega, About Tsehaye, Sium Mesfin, Meles/Azeb in the name of TPLF. NOW after 6 years (a year longer than planned) it is only 70% complete and all money is gone. He was to give official interview and was to expose what happened. Too bad for him the Metec people silenced him. This is fact. Gonder and Addis are already protesting against Ken jiboch. I doubt you do not know who they are referring to. Have worrisome knight b/s you will not accept reality and continue spewing your anger. You are filled with anger and that is what you give and spew.

        • Lol2 July 28, 2018

          Any reasonable person would point fingers at
          Semere russom the butcher of Khartoum who moved to addis and the good engineer happen to die on same week; as you also stated the weyane link. Corruption – but no ! Its the Arabs, broken heart and angry minds are never reasonable. Not a good year to be an agame.

          • Deglel July 29, 2018

            The Lion of agame has been screwing you upside down and all you do is bend wider for more of the same drilling/screwing you up! Make sure your savagely drilled up ass is called after the Lion of Agamino!! Why have you suddenly deserted your old Arab lovers???

    • Ageb July 26, 2018

      You’re really a very sick person to sprout such hateful insults towards Muslims particularly that of Eritrea and Ethiopia.. I wouldn’t come to your level mocking your ethnic or religious beliefs – I, therefore admonish the admin of this site for allowing a. Vile and xenophobic attacks.

      • Michael Tesfamariam July 26, 2018

        Do you think I am in Eritrea where i can be denied from expressing my views about any subject? You are perfectly reflecting your paranoid and terrified mind set and intolerant nature of behaviour toward freedom of speech. If you often visit this forum you may have read my comments which are very provocative and offensive to some weak and thin-skinned people like you who don’t bother about their nationhood but stomach buffers. Who knows if you were pumped from behind by Arabs or Amhara. That could be the reason that is spinning your head when your my comments. Lazy!

  • meretse July 26, 2018

    My condolence to his family and Ethiopia as a nation. The engineer was found dead prior giving a speech re the progress of the GERAD. Unfortunately, it is hard not think his death has nothing do with politics. From start the project had/have many enemies– from within and outside. Let’s put Egypt aside for a while. As for me blame the people who protested first “not on my backyard”, and we all know where their base was until medemer came up.
    Anyways it is like “the unlucky bird gets blind on the of September” for Ethiopia. Very sad day.

    • Dawit July 26, 2018

      meretse, the unlucky bird may get blinded during the rich season of September but unfortunately you are blinded throughout the year due to your criminal murderous Jebha past.

      • meretse July 26, 2018

        NO, No, No. As usual you got it wrong. For your information my eyes were opened on the month of September. Sorry for not posting the date and the year. I can not put the whole information for it’s my birthday. But if u insist you will celebrate birthday while you are there I would be more than happy to tell you.

        • Dawit July 26, 2018

          I didn’t think you had any sense of humor as a Jebha criminal murderer beast but now I must give you a bit of credit/admiration for your pleasant humor. No, NO, definitely NOT, I wouldn’t want to celebrate the birthday of a criminal murderer Jebha monster. Btw, did you need a major Jebha surgery to open up your ELF bandit/shifta eyes??? But, if you insist on making me happy then just tell me the birth date, month and year of the Agazian nation?

    • AHMED SALEH !!! July 26, 2018

      Selam meretse
      Since he was project
      manager , it is possible
      they want to silence him from secrets of
      mismanagement cases.
      We heard a huge amount of money has
      been disappeared in their financial dept .

      • Michael Tesfamariam July 27, 2018

        You are now searching an excuse that could be used to justify the crime that has been committed in Ethiopia by your Muslim brothers? Stop it now!

      • meretse July 27, 2018

        Selam brother Ahmed Saleh
        Right now there are a lot of speculations.
        But whatever the reason it is absolutely wrong to gun down an outstanding engineer like him. It is not only a loss to Ethiopia but also to the continent

        • Simon G. July 28, 2018

          Has Semere Russom started his job yet. Since we are talking about possibilities:
          DIA could have taken this as assignment from his friends top North.
          DIA has also a grudge of Civil Engineering and Engineers.
          Just saying.

      • Amanuel July 27, 2018

        It is obvious. The sole supplier of cement to the multibillion project was mesobo one of TPLF metec companies and was awarded without bid. He was to give explanation about the project officially in few days. No question they silenced him. Metec comprises many companies all owned by powerful TPLF old guards like HIMBOL, RED SEA, etc owned by iseyas/yemane/Kisha in the name of HGDF.

  • Michael Tesfamariam July 26, 2018

    This is the job of Saudi and Egypt with full collaboration of Abey Ahmed in order to thwart Meles’s legacy. In Ethiopia, given its deep ethnic and tribal divisions, it is always easy for Arabs or others to conspire with Amhara and Oromo to murder any VIP who believes in his Christian and national values. You may think most Amhara are Christian and wouldn’t be cajoled into committing any sort of crime against their own nation. But, hitstory has proven again and again that Amhara are the most desperate and selfish ethic group in Ethiopia to bribe against their own people and country. When Emp Yohannes of Tigray was engaged in series of battles against Arab invasions, it was Amhara’s emperors who were serving as useful idiots and provided everything to defeat Emp Yohannes. Amhara and Nigerians have similar attitude toward their national and human dignities, both are characterised by treachery and individualism.
    The marker of this engineer is just the beginning of the Islamization project which was planned and designed by Arabs and Wetern Europeans. This a perfect season for Arabs and Western capitalists, they have now one despot in Eritrea too, who is ready to compromise the country’s national security and sovereignty in order to save himself and his family, and one Muslim stooge in Ethiopia, who cares about his own religion than his national identity. After all, Muslims do not believe in national dignity but their religion.

    • Dawit July 26, 2018

      Brother Michael, you nailed it to the point. Brother Yitbarekh, I absolutely agree with you too.
      As to meretse fallacious assertion, he was simply declaring his pledge of allegiance to the gang of murderous Jebha team as well as to the backward criminal Oromo groups and the nefTegna/Amara, Ginbot 7 monster beasts. DIA won’t save snake Abiy Ahmed from his imminent death.

      • Michael Tesfamariam July 26, 2018

        You are right, this is a perfect situation for Oromo to do whatever they wish to do as long as the country is stirred by a fanatic Muslim extrmesist leader who is heavily backed by rich and filthy Arabs. The sad thing is, just like Ethiopia, Eritrea is now on the verge of losing its sovereignty to Arabs indirectly through Ethiopia. Most Eritreans were not aware of Issais’s long designed plot against Eritreans to let country free fall and become engulfed with ungovernable sectarian clashes from within in order to diminish the ability of the people to hold him and his cronies accountable for the crimes he has committed over the past 45 years.

    • Haben July 26, 2018

      Hi Michael Tesfamariam,

      I always enjoy reading your intake; though, I might not agree with some of your views.

      According to the Amhara, Emp Yohannes was the most treacherous emp in Ethiopian’s history. He had let the British in though the backdoor; in return he was rewarded with the highest price-‘King’.

      As the saying goes “history is written by a victor”. Emp Yohannes was largely forgotten during Amhara’s empires, but got a new lease of life since 90s.

      The history of ‘Habesha’ people has been synonymous with land of treachery.

      • Michael Tesfamariam July 26, 2018

        Thank you for the complement and it is always a good idea to engage in a debate with people whom you don’t often agree with, this is one way to boost your knowledge and develope your ability to tolerate people from diverse views and opinions. Unfortunately, Eritreans are not accustomed to debate and accept disagreement, we always shouting and yelling at people who we don’t agree with.

        As to your point, well i always find it embarrassing experience whenever I come to debate about some contentious subjects like this given the fact that we don’t have documented evidences, a large volumes of our history are always narrated orally without any tangible evidence. That is why our history always varies depending on who you talk to. But with regard to Emp Yohannes, I think he is the only brave and very determined emperor from the north ever written about, he is still believed to be responsible for the survival of Christian communities in Nothern part of Ethiopia including today’s Eritrea. There are a couple of books written by foreign historians I would recommend you to read. And both authors agree Yohanned was the most consequential leader in the north who had effectively protected the region after Arabs tried to flock into the region from all directions. In contrast, Amhara led by King Minelik, was collaborating with Egyptians to defeat Yohannes so he could take control of the norther region. Yohannes was betrayed several times in different occasions during his struggle against Arabs. That is why there is extremely small portion of Muslims today in Tigray.
        Today, however, not just Amhara region, but the whole Ethiopia and Eritrea are at risk of being swept by the wave Islamic interventionists. As you may well be aware of what is happening in Eritrea and Ethiopia today, Issais and Abey Ahmed are now forming unholy alliance to merge the two countries and hand them over to Arabs. I believe this going to happen in the coming years. This is the only sensible strategy for Issais to leave the public confused so he can easily manage to escape from being punished for the crimes has been perpetrating ever since he dropped out from his course and chose to join ELF. That is my take so far, and I am here to entertain if are able to come up with any different valid argument.

        • Debish July 27, 2018

          Let me correct you again Mr fake historian, King Menelik was not
          collaborating with the Egyptians to defeat your Emperor Yohannes,
          crafty traitor Menelik was actually collaborating with Dirbush/Sudanese.
          When are going to answer my question about your Emperor Yohannes
          betraying and forcing him (Emperor Tewdros) to commit suicide? But I agree with about the Muslims in Tigray being small and that is thanks to king Yohannes. And why do you think your Emperor Yohannes and his strong clever General Alula aba Nega allowed so many Muslims in our Eritrea if they were really protecting the region and the Christian communities from the Arabs? The Muslims we have in Eritrea came during that era. Sorry but I only meant to put a short question to you but got carried away without realizing it!

          • Misghina July 27, 2018

            But the Dirbush/Sudanese people were under Egyptian and British rule (as Egypt was also under British colony) when they were fighting against King Yohannes and Egyptians as rebels and as freedom fighters for their independence.
            Indeed, the Jeberti Muslims we have today in Eritrea did come during that era but they were expelled/forced to leave from Tigray – Ethiopia by King Yohannes and other Ethiopian rulers at the time. Indeed again, their only language was Tigray – tigrigna.

        • Haben July 27, 2018

          Hi Michael Tesfamariam,

          Ditto with the first paragraph.

          I am fiercely against censorship in any kind of form.

          I am sure you have come across people in this site, who is pleading to the site’s owner to introduce censorship. Some sites, including ‘Awate,’ employ a terrible AI called ‘DISGUS’. It is a form of censorship by stealthy.

          It is our God’s given rights to express our views within the boundary of rule of law, no matter how offensive and unpalatable might be to others.

          I understand lots of people use offensive and vulgar language, but this should not be a justification for censorship. We can simply ignore them

          • Getachew Desta Ammanuel July 28, 2018

            Hi Haben,
            Yes U’re right when You say censorship is not good. but these sites are made to make our peoples pledge for freedom in a very crucial time of our history. At this time we can’t afford to be in war between Eritreans due to Religion or Ethnicity. There is a proverb in our country “Atsmis Atsmi zeyblas Atsmi tsebr”. So removing comments that can hurt our unity and integrity can managed accordingly. Because democracy has it’s boundaries. Thank You

          • Deglel July 29, 2018

            Garbagechew, which country is your country then, is it anywhere on our humanly Earth or on evil savage’s muslim Mars??? Next time don’t talk too much nonsense from your filthy Mars ass! Make sure you clean it up properly before you open it up to the public.

    • Debish July 26, 2018

      If you know the history of Ethiopia really well then it was your Emperor Yohannes
      who conspired with the invading British army to overthrow Emperor Tewdros of Gondar.

    • Debish July 26, 2018

      my comment is addressed and posted to Michael Tesfamariam
      who is acting falsely as a knowlegable historian of Ethiopia.

  • meretse July 26, 2018

    Aye Africa, no wonder its brain drains. Even engineers could not live safe in their homes.

    • Dawit July 26, 2018

      Ayte Meretse, inded, only cowards and criminal hypocrites remain safe in their fox holes & cages. African Engineers and other professionals are not privileged to hide in western countries with crooks/criminal welfare benefits. Don’t you think we are living in an unjust world where your type old Jebha criminal murderers enjoy life when they should really be roasting in jails???

  • meretse July 26, 2018

    Quote: …..we are living in unjust world”. Keytefeleka haqi tezarbka.
    Yes, unfortunately we are living in your world. Re: bdp invitation- No invitation ,and celebrate my birthday without invitation pls

    • Mesfin July 26, 2018

      Meretse, since we are all invited to your BDP, what’s on the menu and are drinks free on z house?

      • meretse July 27, 2018

        Dear Mesfun,
        I can’t tell you wahat is on the menu. It is a surprise yet it is a combination which everyone enjoys. But I can tell how the party is decorated — seti on the floor and with Noah’s green olive branches hanging everywhere where. Please tell your that Noah too is ELF leader/member.
        Entelkumo eta hatyat nabakum ‘ya

        • meretse July 27, 2018

          Correction: pls tell your friends noy to say Noah too is ELF member.

  • Hagos July 26, 2018

    This is probably the hand of the Arab Egyptian security branch – the Muhabarat. The people of Ethiopia and Ethiopia will even work harder to build the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD). No Arab will stop this grand project that will one day light a small 40 watt light bulb in a every Ethiopian village and beyond.
    This is not new, the Arab Egyptian Muslims have been trying to instigate chaos, civil war and invasion to Ethiopia for many centuries, you need to remember Gundet. Godagudi, GuraE, Degoli, Emkulu … Koatit to name the few.
    The great people of Ethiopia need to calm down and focus on building the the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD).

    Love and peace to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    • Deglel July 26, 2018

      Indeed, Mr Hagos, NO bastard Arab will ever stop this grand/Kudos project from completing.
      The bastard muslim Arabs may have killed or got rid of one brilliant/dynamic Engineer but
      mama Ethiopia has so many highly skilled/talented Engineers already working on the unique project day and night. Mother Ethiopia would be producing many new Scientists and Engineers soon.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! July 26, 2018

    As usual comments that does make a sense become common in this
    forum .
    Excuses to blame Arabs can”t save Ethiopian stability?
    Yesterday you guys used to accuse
    Eritrea , Amhara and Oromon people on civilian unrest inside Ethiopia .
    Either way Ethiopia has lost very important person but I am sure nobody will stop the project .

    Now go ahead to spew poisonous
    words of filthy mouth .

    • AHMED SALEH !!! July 26, 2018

      Correction : pls read as , comments that does not make ………………………….

    • Michael Tesfamariam July 27, 2018

      Could you please detach your little head from your religion for a moment and try to say a couple of things about the fact that Abey Ahmed Shek Bilanden is doing everything he can to ignite religious driven sectarian tensions in Ethiopia and beyond? What bullock!

      • AHMED SALEH !!! July 27, 2018

        Bin laden is not an
        Eritrean , idiot .

        • Deglel July 27, 2018

          You too ignorant idiot moslem mercenary, you are not bloody Eritrean either.
          You should be shot in your thick brick head and killed instantly like your
          taliban/mujahadeen mentor Bin Laden and thrown to the pacific ocean to
          be shredded by evil sharks. The most ignorant talkative asshole, get lost.

  • rezen July 28, 2018

    Subject: Shock as engineer of Ethiopia’s GERD project is found dead

    :Out of thirty-six (36) commentaries how many are strictly relevant to the above subject?
    We seem to be drifting to our own TRAGEDY. As the saying goes: WE CANNOT HELP IT — IT IS IN OUR NATURE >>> cultivated by one hundred thirty (130) years of SERVITUDE under foreign and indigenous masters. ፈቲና አይኮንናን _ አብ ደምና አትዩ እዩ ። አይ አይ አይ ጥራይ እዩ ተሪፉና።