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Ruth’s story: One child refugee’s journey from Eritrea to England – BBC Newsround

 Ruth was 14 when she left her home country of Eritrea in east Africa. She didn't like the way she was being treated, so she embarked on a dangerous journey to the UK. Ruth has been telling

 Ruth was 14 when she left her home country of Eritrea in east Africa.

She didn’t like the way she was being treated, so she embarked on a dangerous journey to the UK.

Ruth has been telling Newsround’s Hayley her story…

Three-thousand children

Three-thousand children arrived in the UK alone last year.

Many of them are migrants or refugees escaping war or devastation in their home countries. They’ve travelled thousands of miles across deserts, mountains and seas.

When they get to the UK they are often tired and afraid.

They are taken by immigration officers or police to a safe place where they are asked lots of questions.

This is so that the people in charge can understand how old the child is, where they have come from and what they will need to keep them healthy and safe.

Leave to remain

If the child is under 17, they are given leave to remain, which means they can stay in the UK and will be looked after until they are old enough to look after themselves.

This often means they are placed with a foster family who look after them as though they are part of their family. They can start going to a local school and they can start to make a life for themselves here in the UK.

Many of the children stay around Kent and Dover in the south of England because that is where they first arrive. In the past year Kent has placed nearly 1,000 children in homes in that area.

I have spoken to 12 children. All of them have come from various countries ranging from Eritrea and Sudan to Syria and Afghanistan.

One of them was Ruth. Like many of the child refugees here, she travelled thousands of miles alone and experienced many difficult things along the way.

Image captionRuth left Eritrea when she was 14

Living in Eritrea

Ruth told me about her life when she was 14. She lived in the countryside in Eritrea. She told me how she often helped her mum by chopping wood and getting water from the river.

Ruth and her mum
Image captionRuth used to help her mum on the family farm in Eritrea

But this was no easy task. The river was a three-hour walk away and carrying a heavy load was very tiring for Ruth.

Ruth’s dad left home many years ago. He was taken to join the army of Eritrea – many poor people are forced to join up against their will.

Ruth has not seen her dad since and doesn’t know where or how he is.

Leaving Eritrea

Talking to Ruth, I could tell she is a brave and strong girl and she didn’t like the way she was treated in Eritrea. She loved going to school but was told she either had to marry someone she didn’t know or join the military.

Ruth crosses the border by foot
Image captionRuth walked to the border with Sudan

She told me she was very afraid of both options so she decided to leave Eritrea and search for a better life in another country.

She left her home in the middle of the night. She couldn’t tell her family she was leaving because she was afraid they would be hurt if anyone from the military found out.

Also she knew they would be upset. So she left in secret with nothing more than the clothes she was wearing. She met up with two friends and they walked towards the border with Sudan.

‘Very scared’

Ruth told me that she was very scared. She was scared of getting caught or being put in prison and hurt.

Ruth hides from hyenas
Image captionRuth had to hide from hyenas in the forests of Ethiopia

One of the scariest parts was when she travelled through the forests of Ethiopia. She could hear hyenas and she had to hide behind trees and just hope that they wouldn’t find her.

Walking over desert

After that, she met many people in camps hidden in the forest. With these people she travelled over the desert to Sudan. It was so hot that many of the people she was walking with died beside her.

Ruth in the desert
Image captionMany people who walked with Ruth in the desert died

Ruth was mostly scared of the Sudanese people. She said they hated her because she was Christian; they would often hurt her and bully her.

Small house in Sudan

Ruth in a small house in Sudan
Image captionWhen she arrived in Sudan, Ruth stayed in a small house with lots of people

In Sudan, Ruth was put into a small house with hundreds of other people. She wasn’t allowed to speak or to go outside. She was beaten and hurt by the people in charge of this house.

On a lorry to Libya

After a month, Ruth was put in a lorry with about 250 other people and sent to Libya. The lorry was piled with people inside and out. There was no room for her to sleep or sit and she was not allowed out – not even to go to the toilet.

Ruth travelled by lorry to Libya
Image captionEventually Ruth managed to board a lorry from Sudan to Libya

She was in the lorry for three weeks and some people died.

Life in a camp

When she got to Libya she was put in a camp. She lost her friends and she said she was very lonely. Without any money, she had little hope of getting out of the camp and every night she cried.

Ruth in a camp in Libya.
Image captionIn Libya, Ruth was taken to a camp by people smugglers – she had no money and couldn’t leave

In this camp, Ruth got one glass of water and one piece of bread to share with a group of people.

The sea

After three months, she finally managed to escape to the coast. She told me how amazed she was to see the sea – it was so big and black with huge fish that she had never seen before.

Ruth travelled by boat from Libya to Italy
Image captionRuth boarded a boat to Italy with many other people

Ruth got on board a boat. It was only about four metres long but held 500 people. This, she said, was when she was most scared.

She thought she would die as she was crushed and had no water on a very long and dangerous journey. Many of the people in the boat did die on that journey.

Luckily, she was eventually rescued by an Italian rescue boat.

Arriving in Italy

But when she got to Italy it was not much better. She was ill and had nowhere to go. She slept on the street in the rain and the cold.

She then managed to get on to a train to France. Here she was taken to a camp where every night she tried to board a lorry to get to the UK.

Ruth tries to get on a lorry heading for England
Image captionWhen she reached France, Ruth tried many times to board a lorry heading for England

But most nights she was caught and taken back to the camp. Then one night she managed to get inside a box in a lorry that was headed to England.

Arriving in England

When she arrived in England she told me she was nervous. It was raining and a police officer found her and asked her lots of questions. But soon after that, things started to look better and she was placed with a foster family, which is where she lives now.

Ruth reached England and found help
Image captionWhen she finally reached England, Ruth found help and was put with a foster family

Ruth now goes to college and church and has many friends. She told me that she still misses her family but she’s glad she isn’t in Eritrea. She now loves studying and wants to be a nurse when she’s older.

Ruth at college
Image captionRuth now goes to college and has many friends, but she still misses her family though

It was very difficult for Ruth to tell me her story. But she’s a strong girl and she wants people to know what thousands of kids like her go through every year to get to safety.

Click on this BBC  link to Watch Ruth’s story of her journey – to protect Ruth’s identity we have changed her name and she is voiced by an actor

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  • Dani amiche July 8, 2016

    Once everything that is worth keeping collectively has been taken away from them, the new generation of Eritrea feels that the only things worth dying for are their naked individual selves – each for himself/herself only.

    • Degen May 31, 2018

      I guess you’re not in Eritrea writing this comment. So as you’re not shut the fuck up.

  • Aster Tesfai July 8, 2016

    Unfortunate and mislead people with such intense determination to continue with the evil-gedli journey that eventually leads to mass suicide. No other people have worked for so long, so hard and with such consistency against their self-interest-again, this remains especially of kebessa Eritrea.
    The colonial aspirations of the evil gedli generation, the one looking back to the Italian colonial past and the other looking across the sea at the savage moslem Arab imperialism for inspiration and emulation. The evil gedli generation’s deep urge to build a colonial Eritrea, a fact that has been camouflaged for so long with overabundance of revolutionary rhetoric, was to be unmasked with the independence (slavery) of the nation.
    For the poor youth however, it took so many crisis to realize that there is nothing in this colonial Eritrea worth having or living for. All they got from it was colonial oppression in its pure unadulterated form, as savage tegadelti found the proper context to fully enforce their colonial aspirations. Soon after, the mass exodus was on a full swing.

    • WoBawzan July 11, 2016

      Aster Tesfai,
      Are you dumb or ilusive. What we have in Eritrea is not colonialism. Do you know what colonialism means. No wonder you can not understand Ghedli. If Ghedli was horrific, there would not be Assenna, because Amanuel is a fruit of Ghedi. Actually Issayas is not.. He was an actor in Ghedli. Issayas is a fruit of arrogant/early feudal influenced/ with an Identity Crisis. Amanuel did not read Machavelli, Issayas did. Amanuel did not deep dive in Leninism/Marxism – Amanuel Assenna did not. He grew up in a cashless & selfless society of resistance. – You can see his resolve,
      Issayas picked few chapter from a book he read written by none but Haile Selassie(I ngana Ethiopia- I know he did read he book, the divide and rule game), Amanuel did not..See his integrity and clarity. Those that fell in Inda- Selassie in Tigray/ Those that roared the tanks to Addi/led by Wodi Ali Forto are Ghedli. Wodi Ali is a fruit of Ghdlii/Issayas is not, He was on a personal ambition hidden with Eritrean power of Ghedli. Please stop your garbage on an honorable history which is not yours.

      Woizero Aster,
      Enjoy this website – It is the fruit of Ghedli, It is Assenna, Iwe Assenna of all Eritreans tha love their Ghedli, past , present and future. Ghedli of Eritreans own this website.


      • Sirak July 11, 2016

        “Balegen sinqut yeferut yimeslewal”, don’t you understand people are just learning to ignore you and not to take you serious? Because you flip flop with so many like Lemlem, WoBawzan, ertra n ertra, to make yourself look more concerned Eritrean when you are just a fake person.
        In short, you don’t have any new idea to share or discuss, even if we are at the opposite end of the spectrum. Nothing except mocking and jeering. The high standard and reputation of Assenna is rapidly and sadly going down to dust bin.
        Wow! what kind of culture you grew up? If the organization you grew up with has this culture but nothing else, it is a big burden for the young generation to de-culturize this alien culture – the PFDJ/GHEDLI culture. I hope you are from the old generation soon to pass.
        When it comes to Ghedli, you over (fake) act like a gatekeeper or herds keeper blocking the knowledge needed to understand and examine our ghedli beyond its goals, Why is my curious question to you? Thirty yrs of blood and death went by the ghedli and still continues while you (who probably lost nothing) cheering it on!!!

        • WoBawzan July 12, 2016

          I know you keep coming with different names but one mission. To destroy the Eritrean struggle. You use one word Ghedli. But you put an adjective before it. “EVIL Ghedli. Then you bring old tactics of Shoan feudal game ARABs want to buy Eritrea. Forget it , it will not work. The dictator actually uses it subtly. Like he tried to give Wodi Ali revolt @ Forto. He made it to seem muslim/Arab backed revolt. But Eritreans know better.
          And yes,and I submit to you Eritrea is in dire straits. But it does not need sadistic comment such us yours to trash and will say it again again, A struggle that knocked the King of Kings, Dictator of Dictator and enabled today’s Ethiopia. I know you do not want to hear it. One more thing this is not a dream. One more chapter in Ghedli. The combined power of Emperor and Dictator of Dictator which DIA will be last chapter. We will pack him with Ginbot 7..

          No, you can not be in Assenna and knock down Ghedli. Assenna is a fruit of our Ghedli, Awae is a fruit of Ghedli, even ofour Ghedli, Radio Erena is a fruit of our Ghedli,
          Elsa Chyrum is a fruit of our Ghedli, Meron is a fruit of our Ghedli, but you are welcome to this website, I know I am dreaming. you see you are trying to create a wedge between the youth and their history, . Issayas has already done enough damage and you want to finish it-. Cut them off from their history.. you can not.. Thanks God there is Assenna. you find dreamers like me. Martin Luther king was a dreamer , Obama is the dream. Our Ghedli were selfless dreamers. Our youth are the dream. But all odds against them including your cheap game of dismantling attempt that will notwork.
          Dont get mad wit Ghedli , I beg you.
          Get mad with Menelik. Seriously!! then I will help you build a superb region including forward going Ethiopia, rescue South Sudan, Recharge kenya etc. But death to feudal chauvinism as lae PM Meles said. Ghedli nTimihti kab suru mihywo iyu.

          • Sirak July 13, 2016

            WoBawzan/nomad saHab gimel
            Yes, I keep coming with different names because I learned my trade from you the sad pathetic liar and a cheat moslem crock of our time. What are you hiding from anyway swollen-head?
            It is really sad that your tiny insect brain cells are only familiar with your savage muslim Arab slave masters and just because you are turned into a zombie by your criminal evil ELF, you are simply assuming that everybody else is like you! What a poor soul.
            You don’t get to tell who can and can’t be in Assenna. If you have collected enough money from the robbing and selling kidneys of poor Eritreans in your Rashaida market then get your own taliban website with full membership to your talibans and get to choose otherwise you don’t own or run the beautiful Assenna.
            Your usual jumbo mumbo unsubstantiated comments can’t be anything but an attempt to confuse. You should not be allowed to dump your unsubstantiated hallucinations here on Assenna. If you have a serious topic to discuss, an argument to make, you are welcome. Otherwise, if your sole motive is just to disrupt and confuse, then stay away and get lost to where ever that you belong or come from in the first place.
            A little bird whispered in my ears that the “non-existent Eritrean opposition” is made up of your kind of rootless opportunist losers individuals, no wonder DIA is having an easy time in Eritrea.
            Rootless WoBawzan is like a hungry wolf whose first attempt to snatch a sheep from a herd resulted in total failure (as with his criminal evil gedli). The shepherd fought the wolf off. The hungry wolf is not stupid (as well trained by Arab slave masters). Next time it put on sheep’s skin and sneeked up to the herd and became one with the herd. With this smart tactic, the wolf (rootless wobawzan) was able to pick and choose a “sibiHti” sheep by avoiding detection. That is exactly this nomad saHab gimel in order to finally Islamize/Arabize poor Eritrea and then declare his backward 7th century sha’ria law on our people.
            Rootless nomad WoBawzan has turned into a wolf in sheep’s skin and picks a fight with those people who are fighting tooth and nail to remove the dictator and the evil culture of gedli.
            Simply, an old generation at a total loss of what it actually wanted. but for people like you it is always Islam, Islam and repaid in your paradise/hell after life with virgins. What a waste you sadly are and our people have to wake up fast of your evil plans and hidden agendas on Eritrea and Eritreans.

          • Sirak July 13, 2016

            Yes indeed, I keep coming with different names as I learnt my trade from you the master of disguises and am trying hard to catch up with the pathetic liar and a cheat of our time.
            Can you come with your identity/nationality disclosure first so that we could take you serious for a change otherwise. you are just the same old.hypocrite and coward. The audacity and ignorance in this comment is just too funny and entertaining.
            Your usual unsubstantiated comments can’t be anything but an attempt to confuse. You should not be allowed to dump your unsubstantiated hallucinations here on Assenna. If you have a serious topic to discuss, an argument to make, you are welcome. Otherwise, if your sole motive is just to disrupt and confuse, then stay away and get lost to where ever that you belong or come from in the first place.
            Furthermore, you don’t get to tell who can or can’t be in Assenna, just be grateful that we are letting you to spew your muslim missions and hidden agendas so far. You are not in a position to order or to tell commentators what to write or not to write. In short, get or join your own taliban websites.
            Rootless WoBawzan is like a hungry wolf whose first attempt to snatch a sheep from a herd resulted in total failure (just as with his criminal evil ELF gedli). The shepherd fought the wolf off. The hungry wolf is not stupid. It’s smart just like the Arab slave masters. Next time it put on sheep’s skin and sneaked up to the herd and became one with the herd. With this smart tactic, the wolf was able to pick and choose a “sibiHti” sheep by avoiding detection.
            The rootless nomad WoBawzan has turned into a wolf in sheep’s skin and picks a fight with those people who are fighting tooth and nail to remove the dictator and the evil culture of gedli. Now, why are you presenting yourself as ultra nationalist exhibiting excessive fake patriotism by advocating and defending gedli? You simply want to Islamize/Arabize our poor Eritrea and then declare your backward evil 7th century sha’ria law and then be rewarded with virgins in your paradise/hell after life.. And what are you hiding from you swollen-head?

      • Aster Tesfai July 12, 2016

        Thank you and I am not W/ro yet but W/t would do fine! Now, are you a kondaf dumb sahab gimel as you’ve been described before or just a verified compuslive liar sheikh Wobawzan?
        If only character assassination would change the horrible reality on the ground. The reality on the ground is poor Eritrea is trapped in it’s own making “independence”, with no way forward while you going on and barking about the super heroism of evil-ghedli.
        Let’s leave Mr A.Eyasu’s Ghedli for the time being and concentrate on your fake Arabic loving and inspired ghedli which should’ve been called “Wobawsan Ghedli’s Circular Journey in Search of the Arabs”. Aren’t you the one with your criminal evil ELF who were burning Eritrea’s languages to walk, talk and pretend as your Arab slave masters and who in return don’t respect or see you as normal humans.
        If there was no distance between the worlds of the “colonizer” and the “colonized” to begin with to justify the revolution, the evil-ghedli generation had to invent it, with all the horrible price the Eritrean people were made to pay to maintain such a fabricated distance.
        In the last five decades, the fight against gravity has been going on relentlessly : with unusual violence needed to straighten the abnormal ghedli. Journey to continue fooling the ordinary people. However, the ghedli identity that has motivated this fight has been losing its appeal fast; there is no doubt that the ghedli is on its last dying days.
        In short, your weird and opportunist dream is about dream that you defer (by force) to others, could it ever be said that you have had a nightmare dream? That is what dreams amount to when the means dethrones the goal to be the end in itself.

        • WoBawzan July 12, 2016

          Woizerit Aster,
          There you go again – as they say little knowledge is danger. Our struggle is beyond 50 years. Even federation was in 1952. which in itself is more than 50 years/ In fact 40 years before that we were resisting Italy. like refusing to change our religion/ no to catholicism. Kept our culture intact.. let me educate you a bit now some 50- 60 years before Federation just before the 1900, your hero Menelik II drew the border.- Ghedli did not . All Ghed did was give us our right to determination -referendum. Yes we are down the cliff as Eritrea. but we define how we climb up the up hill climb. To do that we have to watch people like u who are hell bent to give a final knock out to the youth so that you cut the heroic history that destroyed the feudal emperor the stalinist mad dictator mengistu. The rest you know and you do not like. Too bad you can not erase but distort, you can no re-write history for your sadistic wishes, but the owner of history can not be cheated..

          I have to conclude, welcome to Assenna, the fruit of Ghedli
          Your debate is appreciated.,

          • Aster Tesfai July 13, 2016

            Sheikh al-WoBawzan.
            What a waste of time, all your sad circular/kolel/Enkilil life that you had spent chasing a mirage called evil ghedli or is that also called Jihad, in the language of our savage moslem neighbors across the sea in Arabia? You could have been Africa’s best tailor in the beautiful land of your mother and father, the land of the real Habeshas – Ethiopia where you came from to Eritrea in the first place as a deportee refugee. I hope you find someone reasonable person who will help you to exorcise the demon inside you, also known as evil-ghedli in search of Arabs slave masters.. You’ve still got sometime left to reclaim your real past and make history, instead of living in a futile invented dream that is devouring young Eritreans everywhere. Your opportunist evil-ghedli is also the Eritrean word/version for jihad in your savage moslem Arabs world.
            Sheikh al-WoBawzan, your kind of evil-ghedli opportunist and manipulative generation’s tragic condition can be easily summed up as : “since they don’t know where they have come from (their past), they don’t know where they are now (their present condition); and since they are unaware of their present whereabouts, they don’t know where they are heading to (what the future holds). What a pity, wasteful and disgraceful sick old generation. Last, get off your slave mentality and speak for your own.

      • Tsige July 12, 2016

        WoBawzan, do you really think you are the only chosen defender of the terrible and awful gedli Eritrea? You unashamedly believe that any one who doesn’t believe or support the awful gedli should be stoned! This is how mature and brave you are!! So pathetic and so shameful. Ghedli is not a religion you have to believe or not believe on it.
        You are being so macho that anybody who says anything against gedli should go through you, are you serious and do you see how absurd and weirdo you sound? And you also think by complementing Emma of Assenna that you would get extra protection and freedom to insult innocent commentators! Where are you from anyway and why are you on Eritrean websites and not your Arabs websites?
        You are probably a Rashaidan who is in big profit making business with HGDEFs and doesn’t want the Eritrean misery, destruction and mayhems to end for obvious reasons. Please just get lost to your Rashaida or any other Arabs businesses and leave Eritrean businesses to Eritreans to sort it out for once and for all.

        • Wobawzan July 13, 2016

          Hello Tsige/Aster Tesfai, – same people
          “Why can’t you debate on facts. ALl you talk is evil Ghedli and Arab ,Arab, Rashaida. Ghedli destroyed. eritrean languages “which is a total lie…..I am not machoing to refuse a critique o f Ghedli, Absolutely – but nail down points. why. But to just it is evil no Eritrean will buy that nonsense determined to cut off history. Not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow.. I know it irritates you.

          DIA dismantled what was earned in the liberation struggle now you pose as opposition which you are not. I know you are mad as hell with Ghedli – because it separated Eritrea from .Mama Ethiopia. Don’t you get it is your hero Menelik. I challenge you to prove me wrong He made a deal.with a colonialist and drew a map.. What are we to do Tsige ihtachin, but continue that struggle..Never the less enjoy this wonderful website – the new front led by a fearless son of Gehdli – Amanuel Assenna.

          • zeray July 13, 2016

            “leba leba entebelwo luba luba zbelwo ymeslo”.
            You must be on waiting list for brain transplant but I heard they don’t give brain transplant to idiots like yourself. Why are people taking you serious and wasting their times with someone so much stone head and from the past stone age?
            You are just a useless talkative “Kab beAl Taf beAl af” crock moslem after only one thing that is as instructed by your beasts Arabs to make Eritrea a moslem and an Arab state for their pleasures and convenience. How much are you getting paid for the dirty work? And also forget about all the crap ghedli propaganda you trying to sell to your advantage because simply “temen(snake like yourself) mienti khebdu yikheyid bikhebdu”, describes you precisely.
            Misinformation, denial of truth and manipulation of the past is the hallmark of ghedli & PFDJ/ELF and its minions. You have perfected of disinformation to deceive Eritreans especially by outsiders like yourself.
            The so called liberators that you falsely advocating to your Islam and Arabs advantage, step by step waged a sinister and fatal campaign against all segments of the Eritrean people for over half a century.
            But these are not your problems as you probably have multi Arabs nationality and also properties in the Arab world with all your families and people in a safe and warm Arab countries. You are simply tebelasti crock so don’t try to represent our Eritrea.

          • Tsige July 14, 2016

            Hello WoBawzan/Lemlem, Khalid, ertra n Arebawyan, Khaled, Nsane, Mokie, Hagherawi, Wedi Hagher, – same old moslem crock.. Did you inherit all your cheating and lying from your evil ELF gedli or just family?
            I admire sister Aster Tesfai tremendously but we are not the same, just because you are a filthy liar and a cheat you automatically assume others are liars and cheats like yourself. . I know criminal and corrupt ELF cadres like yourself are allergic to reason or facts.
            It’s been 25 long yrs since evil-ghedli supposedly won and brought us independence. Not true, we are still fighting the Ethiopians. The whole nation’s existence revolves around its unhealthy obsession of your evil-ghedli rulers with Ethiopia.
            If evil-ghedli’s aim was to free Eritrea just from Ethiopia, it failed miserably because Eritrea is still defined by Ethiopia. You don’t have to go far how unfree is Eritrea from Ethiopia; all our youth are enslaved to protect it from Ethiopia. But you probably have a convenient answers for that…. you reset the aim of your evil-ghedli to just UN membership and Eritrea’s miserable existence and its unhealthy obsession to one man. But this is all the script given to you by your savage moslem Arab slave masters.
            Generally when weak and backward slaves like yourself are intoxicated with hate, they draw illogical and hypocritical conclusions about issues and problems. Get real and get medical help soon as it seems you desperately need it.

        • WoBawzan July 13, 2016

          Sirak/Chirak , Tsege, Tsgiutu.

          You call me Sehab Gemel – what is wrong to be Sehab Gemel. Is Sehab Gemel inferior. A human needs the sky, stars and wonders in a universe without clear heart and head unlike the filth in your brain and the stone heart.

          You call me a nomad.. What is wrong with being a nomad? A nomad is one that moves from one pasture, to pasture minding his business, selfless and needing no government with clean soul than rotten feudalistic and racist yours.

          You call me Moslem – it does not matter I am or not. But I will tell you I was either baptized ab Inda Mariam(which you have no clue where it is) or recited my first suraa just a crawl away from the Grande Mosque in Asmara. Eritrea is blessed where it’s Debre Adbarat(DebreTzion)- the spectacular Inda Mariam and obelisque Grand Mosque meters away. – living in peace, respect & harmony.. A quiz for you what is the name of the street that puts Inda maraiamn the left and the Grand Mosque – a street of barely 3-4Meters. I bet you will not know what I just said.
          You can not break this history period. Sorry

          Quiz for you? You are such anti=islam and anti-Arab- let us quiz your Christianity? What is Debre-Adbarat?
          When was Debre – Abarat built? Who built it? You see you will not know it.. Do you hate Egyptians Christians too. Because they are Arabs too.
          If you truly hate Arabs, please rescue your sisters from Dubai.

          Now that I got unders your skin, from the way you ranted insult after insult. let me refresh my challenge and your brain.

          = Why do you hate Ghedli completely?
          – Why don’t you criticize incidents and policies of Ghedli
          – why do you pretend to like Assenna but you deny it is product of Ghedli?
          – why do you put your clothing of a wolf- to another? Is it confession – a sub conscious one.
          -why do hate? Fear and inferiorrity complex? Why?
          Please cleanse yourself of hating anyone leave alone your own people be it moslem/arabs/africans?

          I will insist this is a web-site of the fruit of Gheldi.

          • Tsige July 15, 2016

            Dearest Emma of Assenna,
            Why did you delete my last comment in response to this monster moslem beast by nick-name of sheikh al-wobawzan of Rashaida? Please remain fair and impartial as ever before and allow me to respond again to his second time malicious and spiteful lies about our women in Dubai. This disgusting savage moslem doesn’t belong in our civilized society and Assenna forum.

          • Tsige July 15, 2016

            Wobawzan monster beast of Rashaida,
            Sadly, you’ve sank too deep into the swamp of garbage and savage moslem politics. No reasonable person would sink that low to find tasteless names and accusations. I believe it is highly likely that you are either a clueless and on a coma or simply a savage moslem Arab slave whose loyalty is only to the Arabs and the desert entity called Arabia. But here you try to appear in a nationalist guise and just cut your craps and fake acts. The mind of a dog is really better than yours and I believe that’s why you keep barking always in order to look better than your savage dog.
            I know many moslem women in Asmara, Sudan, Ethiopia and Europe who are in prostitution by disguising themselves and using Christian names just like yourself (using hundred different names) sell their bodies cheaply. May be also they are fed up and frustrated with their savage moslem men who are not loyal to one woman but just like dogs go after any women for nasty habits inherited from their forefathers.
            With regards to your ignorant and arrogant lectures and childish history or general quiz/questions, I would just direct you to go to Libyan deserts or to Afghan talibans and lecture them there and they might appreciate and thank you more warmly. You also mentioned about Churches and Mosques being next to each other in Eritrea, so what, what is the big deal here? There are many Churches & Mosques next to each other in Ethiopia, Kenya Europe, what’s new and big deal or have just woken up to this reality and facts?
            Now, politely and lastly get lost and go pray to your satanic demigod.

    • SENAI February 1, 2018

      Amen Aster

  • Berhe Tensea July 8, 2016

    This is sad story and it explains the harsh realty that Eritrean children are exposed to. We have seen thousands of children crossing to Ethiopia without their parents, and babies getting born on the rough seas..
    Eritrea and its people are in a very deep predicament, and the whole world is bewildered by that.
    The solution is simple and that is to remove the worst enemies of the people / Iseyas and his coward yes men by any means including the use of lethal force.
    Those hungry cowards who are carrying gun also need to use their weapon than to see the people exposed to extreme brutally and savagery day in and day out..
    How can any one accept the image of the worlds MESAKIN, to the land of heroes and hundreds of thousands of selfless martyrs.
    Death to the Kola Tembien snake and his toothless coward puppets..
    We must burn them alive and avenge this , and the other countless crimes.

    • Dani amiche July 9, 2016

      Berhe, Berhe,
      I wonder when you’ll stop goofing! You don’t have to state something you don’t know and try to ameliorate your goofing by “Tembien” !! I think poor damaged for life Berhe, you may need to clean your rusty mind or head just like a car or machine needs engine cleaning and change of oil to function properly. Otherwise, you just becoming a laughing stock.
      But, still in your case, poor Berhe, it may not work at all as you are damaged beyond repairs and hope of normality. Your old boss DIA has to keep you in your old cage of enda Gabir – DerAnto indefinitely for public safety. EmbaH tiraH bel Berhewetay. If you are a serious person engage in real politics not a jumbo-mumbo helowlews all the time boring readers.

  • Adem July 9, 2016

    What a load of rubish. I have teen cousins in Eritrea and they don’t know what this person describes here. So what exactly did a 14 year old not like in Eritrea ? How was she treated and why go through all these troubles to get into the uk? I tell you why, she has a family in the UK who paid her way from her village to The uk. I am not saying she should not have left eritrea, she is free to do what she likes but if telling the truth does not help her immigration case, then she should just shut up. What has become of eritreans?, she could very well be ethiopian or Sudanese anyway. Who is to know. Just say I am an economic refugee, I saw my uncle’s sons on face book having a better life and I wanted some of that and I decided to blackmail my relations in Europe to pay my way to the uk. I left eritrea on a land cruiser driven by criminals who were paid lots of money and I continued paying various criminals all the way to the truck heading to the UK. And by the way I am actually 19, stupid

    • k.tewolde July 11, 2016

      You are 19 Adem,May be you will change your outlook when you become 29.This world is not as aesthetic as it looks in facebook,I am sure you learned that already.A 14 years old Eritrean girl’free to do what she likes’,is this something you learned when got to UK along with the word ‘rubish’,you adjusted pretty quick.The ‘me’ generation,this is one of the reason the tyrant continues to rule unchallenged.

      • k.tewolde July 11, 2016

        By the way,I was only 14 years and half when I joined the liberation struggle VOLUNTARILY and was recruited at 12 to distribute clandestine leaflets in the streets of Asmara,My mom came down to the camp to fetch me and bring me back home,the trainers told me to listen to my mom and come back when I am old enough to make my own decision.I refused.That was then,this is now,A little history lesson,smart lad.,

  • Yodita July 10, 2016

    The old generation of every society are supposed to make life easier and smoother for the next generation.
    But in a crazy country and with mad dogs tegadelti of Eritrea, the old generation of Ghedli have made life a living hell for the new and young generation that they are scattered all over the world taking life threatening big risks just to get out of hell Eritrea and out of the devils tegadelti Eritrea. Why can’t the young live in their own country and with their own families and friends peacefully? These mad so called of Eritrea should disappear to their bushes and leave the people of Eritrea alone to live normally like other people and nations of our world.

    • k.tewolde July 14, 2016

      I agree with you Yodita,but what if they refuse to go away and the grumpy old men keep harassing the young ones?what would you do? elope?drag them and put them in a nursing home?How would you bring about a normal life back home? I am patiently waiting for an answer.

      • Yodita July 14, 2016

        Did they drag and put you in a nursing home because you are one of them awful killers people? If you think you are a hero and that we should treat you with respect because of your past criminal gedili time then you are very wrong and should be kept in a mental hospital instead of in a nursing homes. By the way, I work in a nursing homes in Stockholm – Sweden and if you were to come to my care I would have given your type of poisonous gedili injections. Don’t wait patiently to answer. And who asked you for false sacrifices you fake so called tegadeltis talk or brag about all the time?

        • Yodita July 14, 2016

          please correction and read as : I would have given ‘ you’ your type……

      • Yodita July 14, 2016

        Sorry to answer your last question of ‘How would you bring a normal life back home?’
        My answer to your sarcastic question would be I would have got rid of all your old trouble makers grumpy tegadeltis killers first from Eritrea. Does that answer satisfy you Mr hero tegadal man?

        • k.tewolde July 15, 2016

          Yodita,I assume you must be in your teens or twenties.I understand your resentment towards what you referring as tegadelti. Honestly I am not being sarcastic.You made it look as if the struggle is between the old and the young,instead of the oppressor and the oppressed,aren’t the YPFDJ your age,aren’t the soldiers who shot and killed their brothers recently in Asmara your age,aren’t those conscripts who are humiliating their fathers at gunpoint in training camps to crouch on their hands and knees your age,aren’t the majority armed EDF your age.So what is the complaint?The way you put it, if the problem is the old goons,round them up and put them in karshelli and you can come back home live in peace.If I was Eritrea’s problem,the solution would have been peace of cake.Stop accusing people,you left your problems behind,imagine those who gave everything they had and nothing in return.

  • denait July 11, 2016

    you know what this whole thing specially in underage kids is triying to flee form thier country it is just they are so immature and wants evt to be easy on thier way and makes hard on thier parents. please dont lie it is not that much as u explained hard to live in our country and why dont u watch the other kids why would it be hard only for u and others who think like u please lets think wisely it is our perception of bieng a materialistic thats what taking us to this all hardships u could have said u were harresed or disstructed the way u have lived if u were 25 and above may be but not for u and kids like u please zeykone aynzareb eti haqi eko haqiyu nmntay zeykone nzareb ewae qrub eba.and it is good that u reach there saefly but and for u who write this article please dont learn other kids to try something like this.